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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the title, TERUMAH. The IVRI transliteration TERUMAH carries with it the idea of a RAISED UP PORTION. In particular the reference to TERUMAH, i.e. a raised up portion, has to do with the contributions that were prescribed by the Holy Blessed One of Yisrael, Blessed be His Name, to construct the Tabernacle, its vessels and the priestly garments.

It is essential to our understanding of the relevance of these instructions for this PRESENT TIME, some FOUNDATIONAL TRUTHS that have been made reference to in some of the preceding DEVAR TOROT. In particular the principle that we occupy a UNIVERSE of BECOMING. It has been noted that CREATION is the PRODUCT of HASHEM calling HIMSELF into BEING. In other words, HE IS THE WORD that HE SPOKE and came into BEING. This can be described as the ONE (ECHAD) G-d becoming the MANY. Thus at the ESSENCE of ALL EXISTENCE is HASHEM, Blessed be His Name.

Because the ESSENCE of ALL CREATION is HASHEM, the indication is that HIDDEN within ALL EXISTENCE is UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. This CONCEALED STATE of G-d, that is, UNLIMITED POTENTIAL has been predetermined to be REVEALED, its is written, “Bless is His glorious NAME forever, and may all the earth be filled with His glory. Amen and Amen.” (Psalm 72:19) The glory of G-d may be delineated as the VISIBLE manifestation of HIS INVISIBLE ATTRIBUTES. Thus the MIZMOR discloses that the ESSENCE that is HIDDEN within CREATION is destined to come into MANIFESTATION.

The instructions that were given to the NAVI Moshe concerning the TABERNACLE, ITS VESSELS AND THE PRIESTLY GARMENTS have to do with the UNFOLDMENT of the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is HIDDEN within INANIMATE CREATION, yea, following the INSTRUCTIONS gave rise to the MANIFESTATION of the SHECHINAH. In other words, they were ESOTERIC INSTRUCTIONS that had been given to the MYSTIC to UNFOLD the GLORY of HASHEM. Indeed this discloses the concept that we are responsible for bringing HEAVEN TO EARTH!

We are living in the SEASON that the NAVI DANIEL described as KNOWLEDGE INCREASING (READ DANIEL 12:4). The INCREASE of KNOWLEDGE is that of TECHNOLOGY. WHILE the INCREASE of TECHNOLOGY MAY offer some CREATURE COMFORTS, the abuse thereof gives rise to destruction. As Jews we have the CORPORATE PURPOSE of being TIKKUN OLAM, that is, repairers of the WORLD. An aspect of this preparation is achieved by EMPLOYING ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE to UNFOLD the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is HID within EXISTENCE to MANIFEST the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL in ALL.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT MISHPATIM by contemplating the instructions given to the NAVI MOSHE in the establishment of the BRIT (covenant) between HASHEM and BENI YISRAEL. The instructions disclosed that the NAVI MOSHE was to approach HASHEM alone, and the people were not to go up with him. No doubt, this was based upon their request, it is written, “They said to Moses, You speak to us and we shall hear; let God not speak to us lest we die.” (Exodus 20:16) It is evident from this request that BENEI YISRAEL lacked the MOTIVATION to pursue TRUTH, yea, the desire to experience the FREEDOM that is the result of the PURSUIT, but there was a lack of an IMPETUS that would cause them to SEEK TRUTH regardless to the PRICE.

The NAVI MALACHI discloses that this event is destined to repeat itself, he wrote, “Behold, I am sending My messenger, and he will clear a path before Me; suddenly the Lord Whom you seek will come to His Sanctuary, and the messenger of the covenant for whom you yearn, behold he comes, says HASHEM, Master of Legions.” (Malachi 3:1) In this prophetic utterance, it is disclosed that just as the NAVI MOSHE came as a messenger of the BRIT, there will be another MESSENGER of the BRIT that will come. It goes on to reveal that the coming of the MESSENGER of the BRIT is yearned for. No doubt, this is based upon the lack of an IMPETUS to pursue TRUTH among BENEI YISRAEL. Once again it is not that there is not a desire for TRUTH, but rather the tremendous sacrifice which is required to experience an EPIPHANY is not there. Could it be that the PURSUIT of that which is known outweighs that which is UNKNOWN? Now is the TIME for NEW REVELATION that will give rise to the experience of MAXIMIZING the HIDDEN UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is LATENT WITHIN and MAKE a QUANTUM LEAP into LIFE WITHOUT END.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue with focusing upon the PARASHAT MISHPATIM. As previously suggested in this series, MISHPATIM which may be described as civil law is viewed in the HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS as COSMIC LAW. In other words, these LAWS aid the INDIVIDUAL in making an ascension that engenders the manifestation of the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is latent within.

The creation of FREEWILL within the human conscious experience came into being as a result of ADAM and EVE partaking of the TREE of  the KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and BAD, yea, their WILL could only be FREE by choosing to DEPART from the WILL of HASHEM. The departure from the WILL of HASHEM not only gave rise to the LIBERATION of their VOLITION, but also to falling below MAKSOM or the barrier. The falling below MAKSOM gave birth to INDIVIDUALITY, i.e. the EGO or a false perception of ONESELF. In other words, they descended into IGNORANCE giving rise to the EXPERIENCE of DESTRUCTION. This was necessary in the UNIVERSE of BECOMING, for it had been predetermined that HASHEM would manifest HIMSELF in form, and one of those manifestations is FREEWILL or VOLITION. As aforementioned, the VOLITION came with the PRICE of DESTRUCTION in order for HASHEM to manifest HIMSELF in FORM, the STATE of DESTRUCTION, i.e., DEATH, has to be overcome and BECOME IMMORTALITY. Thus the goal for those who are undergoing the human conscious experience in a UNIVERSE of BECOMING is to BECOME IMMORTAL.

As aforementioned, MISHPATIM or civil law, that is, COSMIC in nature, is purposed to aid in birthing UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is latent within. MISHPATIM are laws that when observed by a group of INDIVIDUALS transforms their actions into that of a COLLECTIVE WHOLE. It is ascension into the CORPORATE CONSCIOUSNESS of the COLLECTIVE WHOLE that dissolves the EGO, that is, the false identification with LIMITATION. As the individual makes the ASCENSION back into the COLLECTIVE WHOLE, the perspective is changed and the KNOWLEDGE of HASHEM is experienced giving rise to the TRANSFORMATION of MIND and BODY into the ETERNAL IMMORTAL STATE.

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Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT MISHPATIM by placing our ATTENTION upon the relation of the Creator to Creation. It is evident from the scenario written by the NAVI MOSHE in BERESHIT (Genesis) chapter one, that Creation is the product of HASHEM speaking Himself into EXISTENCE. No doubt the reasoning behind this mechanic is to CREATE a UNIVERSE of BECOMING. In other words, the COSMOS would begin with G-d concealed in FORM and through MOVEMENT, He would become REVEALED. Thus in a UNIVERSE of BECOMING, the INVISIBLE ATTRIBUTES of HASHEM will unfold then infold giving rise to the manifestation of His GLORY, yea, the GLORY of G-d is the manifestation of His INVISIBLE ATTRIBUTES in form.

To provide an atmosphere that would be conducive to the CONCEALED state of G-d becoming REVEALED, He created within HIMSELF SPACE and TIME. SPACE is that which is STILL and CHANGELESS, while on the other hand, TIME is the MOVEMENT in SPACE. HASHEM as the CONSCIOUSNESS of TIME and SPACE, in order to fulfill His Plan, would have to create MOVEMENT that would manifest His glory in the forms that He spoke into EXISTENCE. To do so, He employed MISHPATIM, or ORDINANCES.

MISHPATIM are civil laws that are destined to MOVE the forms both INDIVIDUALLY and COLLECTIVELY in an upward direction that will maximize the POTENTIAL that is HIDDEN WITHIN the forms. Thus the civil laws themselves are COSMIC in nature that are purposed to aid the UNIVERSE in BECOMING. The violation of these LAWS have an ADVERSE EFFECT. This is to suggest they HINDER the PROCESS of BECOMING. For this reason, HASHEM will send NEVIIM to aid with the INTERPRETATION THEREOF that is relevant to the SEASON in the MOVEMENT of TIME. The NEVIIM are sent by HASHEM to aid the Jewish People along with TRUTH SEEKERS in entering into the MOVEMENT in SPACE that will give rise to the experience of CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT when observed in harmony with the REVELATIONS of the MYSTERIES found in MISHPATIM.

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Monday, February 20, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the TITLE THEREFORE. The title is MISHPATIM. The IVRI (Hebrew) transliteration MISHPATIM may be interpreted into the ENGLISH TERM ORDINANCES. In particular the PARASHAT MISHPATIM is a revelation of CIVIL LAW that is destined to guide the MOVEMENT of the Jewish PEOPLE.

Torah is the CONSTITUTION GIVEN by HASHEM to guide AM YISRAEL (the nation of ISRAEL) in its UNFOLDMENT of BECOMING a GREAT NATION. Thus the ORDINANCES, COMMANDMENTS and DECREES that are written in TORAH are not just PURPOSED to GOVERN, but also to aid in the MAXIMIZING of the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is hidden both on INDIVIDUAL and CORPORATE LEVELS. What makes this CONSTITUTION UNIQUE is that it is not an expression of the separation of CHURCH and STATE, but rather the MARRIAGE of the CONCEPTS.

Without a doubt, TORAH discloses that the COURTROOM and the TABERNACLE are equal in AUTHORITY. This concept aids in understanding the MISHPATIM, CHUKIM and MITZVOT that are therein from the perspective of G-d, yea, they are destined to be viewed from different levels of CONSCIOUSNESS.

Many of the things that are WRITTEN WITHIN seem to be JURASSIC or outdated. In REALITY this is not TRUE, but rather, we are to LOOK at them at the HIGHER LEVELS of  CONSCIOUSNESS. Indeed they are PRINCIPLE in nature, i.e. basic truth in which all other TRUTH is to be based upon. Thus they are to be perceived in harmony with what is RELEVANT at the TIME, for the human conscious experience is UNDERGOING the PROCESS of EVOLUTION in a UNIVERSE of BECOMING.

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Friday, February 17, 2017

YISRO Part 5

Shalom, Shalom. In our final focus upon the PARASHAT YISRO, we are moved to place our attention upon following DIVINE INSTRUCTIONS revealed to the NAVI MOSHE, it is written, “An Altar of earth shall you make for Me, and you shall slaughter near it your burnt-offerings and your peace offerings, your flocks and your herd, wherever I permit My Name to be mentioned I shall come to you and bless you. And when you make for Me an Altar of stones, do not build them hewn, for you will have raised your sword over it and desecrated it. You shall not ascend My Altar on steps, so that your nakedness will not be uncovered upon it.” (DEUTERONOMY 20:21-23) The question IS, HOW ARE THESE INSTRUCTIONS RELEVANT TO WORSHIP TODAY?

Worship may be viewed as a way of connecting to that WHICH is ADORED. Giving obeisance to something that is REGARDED WITH THE FEAR of DESTRUCTION may appear to be WORSHIP, but in reality is OPPRESSION. WORSHIP is destined to be MOTIVATED by ADORATION in order to manifest its PURPOSE. The PURPOSE is to come into UNION with that which is WORSHIPED.
All who undergo the human conscious experience is what is termed SOUL. The SOUL is the product of the Holy BLESSED ONE OF YISRAEL blowing HIMSELF into DUST, that is, a BODY. Thus the SOUL of every individual is a part of ONE SOUL who has BECOME MANY. The NAVI saw a TIME in which the MANY would become ONE, it is written, “HaShem will be the King over all the land; on that day HASHEM will be ONE and HIS NAME WILL BE ONE.” (Zechariah 14:9) As aforementioned, the MANY will become ONE. WORSHIP is purposed to aid the return of the MANY to the ONE.


The NATURE OF THE ALTAR is to be of earth, thus the physical body is PRINCIPLED. THE PLACE OF SACRIFICE is SYNONYMOUS to that which is in the SPHERE of AUTHORITY of the PHYSICAL BODY and the ASCENSION is into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. The INSTRUCTIONS reveal that ASCENSION into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS is to occur in the PHYSICAL BODY by making TREMENDOUS SACRIFICE that does not give rise to MIND MUTILATION but rearranging the priorities of the MIND.

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YISRO Part 4

Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT YISRO by contemplating the PURPOSE of the giving of ESERET HA DEVARIM at MT. SINAI as HASHEM spoke to the NAVI Moshe and BENEI YISRAEL, who was in his SPHERE of AUTHORITY, was to WITNESS.

As aforementioned in the previous writings, there is DIVINE PROTOCOL that must be established so that those who occupy the LOWER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS can experience communication with G-d. We are in a universe of BECOMING in which G-d who is CONCEALED is destined to be REVEALED. The unfoldment of the CONCEALED aspects of G-d are effected by the movement in SPACE and TIME. MOVEMENT in SPACE and TIME can either give rise to the UNFOLDMENT of the CONCEALED state or the INFOLDMENT of that which is REVEALED. Therefore instructions on the MOVEMENT that will give rise to the UNFOLDMENT of that which is CONCEALED is PARAMOUNT to those who desire to MAXIMIZE their POTENTIAL. No doubt this is the PURPOSE of the GIVING of ESERET HA DEVARIM, that is, that BENEI YISRAEL may MAXIMIZE the POTENTIAL that is LATENT within both on the INDIVIDUAL and CORPORATE LEVELS, yea, in the UNIVERSE of BECOMING everything is destined to move in a direction in which the GLORY of G-d, i.e., His REVEALED STATE, is made manifest.

The ESERET HA DEVARIM discloses that to MAXIMIZE one’s potential or that of a CORPORATE GROUP, MOVEMENT must be in harmony with RESPECT to G-d and those who are undergoing the HUMAN CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE. In other words, MOVEMENT must create UNITY. HASHEM is One and we are LIVING in the SEASON in which His NAME is ONE. MOVEMENT towards experiencing ONENESS with the COSMOS is what will engender ASCENSION far beyond TIME and SPACE where there is pure consciousness that when focused upon will transform the SHEAVES of the SOUL into that which will manifest DIVINITY. The MANIFESTATION of the DIVINITY in the HUMAN CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE is TRUTH and IMMORTALITY, yea, we become that which we focus upon.

To keep ESERET HA DEVARIM requires that one maintain focus through the practice of INTROSPECTION. The maintenance of FOCUS will cause the TRUTH of ONE’S BEING to shine brighter and brighter until it begins to manifest in the SHEAVES of the SOUL. Indeed the MYSTIC comes to INSPIRE the people to make this JOURNEY, even as the NAVI MOSHE was instructed to BRING BENEI YISRAEL in His SPHERE of AUTHORITY, that they might receive instructions on how to MAXIMIZE their POTENTIAL.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

YISRO Part 3

Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus on the PARASHAT YISRO by contemplating the instructions given by HASHEM to the NAVI Moshe concerning the PREPARATION to be made for the RECEIVING of TORAH. The concept that preparations were to be made before the receiving of TORAH by BENEI YISRAEL reveals that the NATURE thereof is of DIVINE ORIGIN. Since these instructions were given to MOSHE, this also discloses the NAVI to be as a MYSTIC. The term MYSTIC is descriptive of one who professes to undergo profound spiritual experiences. As aforementioned, the NAVI MOSHE professes to BENEI YISRAEL, that he had received instructions on the preparation that was needful in the receiving of TORAH.

MYSTICISM is belief in the possibility of attaining direct communication with G-d or knowledge of spiritual TRUTHS. A MYSTIC may be looked upon as a TRUTH SEEKER. While as Jews we do not recognize PROPHETS outside of YISRAEL with the exception of BALAAM, it is evident that there are MYSTICS of other TRADITIONS. In other words, there are those who in PURSUIT of TRUTH ascend into CONSCIOUS LEVELS that gave rise to their followers deifying them. The DEIFICATION of these TRUTH SEEKERS have been based upon the MANIFESTATIONS of their experiences of ENLIGHTENMENT. The NAVI MOSHE himself ascended into such a HIGH CONSCIOUS STATE OF ENLIGHTENMENT that HASHEM declared “the people will also believe in you forever.” (Exodus 19:9b) To aid BENEI YISRAEL to engage with the experience of MYSTICISM, HASHEM gave MOSHE instructions on how to prepare for it.

The instructions that are given disclose what should be done in the outset of an individual or a corporate body who desires to PURSUE TRUTH. What was given would not permit them to ascend into the HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS obtained by the NAVI MOSHE, but to put them in the PROXIMITY of where MYSTICISM could be experienced, yea, the PROXIMITY was within the SPHERE of AUTHORITY of the MYSTIC. Their experience was based upon their RELATIONSHIP with the MYSTIC, the NAVI MOSHE. They were destined to benefit from the ENLIGHTENMENT experienced by the TRUTH SEEKER, MOSHE REBEYNU.

This experience is relevant to that of the Jewish people in this SEASON. It is confirmed in the REVELATION of the NAVI MOSHE who wrote, “A prophet from your midst, from your brethren, like me, shall HASHEM, your God, establish for you - to him shall you hearken. According to all that you asked of HASHEM, your God, in Horeb on the day of the congregation, saying, I can no longer hear the voice of HASHEM, my God, and this great fire I can no longer see, so that I shall not die. Then HASHEM said to me: They have done well in what they have said. I will establish a prophet for them from among their brethren, like you, and I will place My words in his mouth; He shall speak to them everything that I will command him.” (DEUTERONOMY 18:15-17) MYSTICS are sent to every generation to aid in the ascension into a CONSCIOUS UNION with G-d. The attainment of ENLIGHTENMENT experienced by the MYSTIC is for the benefit of ALL. Yea, when you are READY the MYSTIC TEACHER will be revealed to you.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

YISRO Part 2

Shalom, Shalom. We continue our FOCUS on the PARASHAT YISRO by contemplating the DEVARIM of HASHEM declaring, “And now, if you hearken well to My voice and observe My covenant, you shall be to Me the most beloved treasure of all peoples, for Mine is the entire world. You shall be to Me a kingdom of ministers and a holy nation. These are the words that you shall speak to the Children of Israel.” (EXODUS 19:5,6) In this passage of TORAH, it is disclosed that OBEDIENCE TO THE WORD OF G-D and THE OBSERVANCE OF THE COVENANT GIVEN TO THE NAVI MOSHE will give rise to a people MERITING BEING FAVORED BY G-D above other NATIONS and TRANSFORMATION into a NATIONAL PRIESTHOOD and a HOLY NATION. In other words, actions in harmony with the COSMOS gives rise to the UNFOLDMENT of UNLIMITED POTENTIAL both INDIVIDUALLY and Corporately.

To aid BENEI YISRAEL in receiving the instructions in discerning the instructions that engender actions in harmony with ENERGY of the COSMOS, HASHEM sent the NAVI MOSHE, it is written, “HaShem said to Moses, Behold! I come to you in the thickness of the cloud so that the people will hear as I speak to you, and they will also believe in you forever.” (EXODUS 19:9) Not only was it revealed to the NAVI MOSHE that he would be the INSTRUMENT by which the people would hear G-d, but also that it would cause them to BELIEVE IN HIM. In other words, HASHEM employs ENLIGHTENED ONES to INSPIRE others to PURSUE HIM.

ENLIGHTENMENT is a state that is reached by PURSUING TRUTH. ENLIGHTENMENT is not an ABSOLUTE, but rather entrance into a STATE OF CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT as a result of an EPIPHANY. This STATE OF CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT UNFOLDS from the CONSCIOUSNESS of the TRUTH of One’s BEING, yea, there is DIVINITY, i.e., unlimited POTENTIAL that is LATENT WITHIN all who undergo the HUMAN CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE. Those who exhaust themselves in the PURSUIT OF TRUTH, MAKING that TREMENDOUS SACRIFICE of all are destined to experience the ENERGY of the COSMOS propelling them into the STATE OF ENLIGHTENMENT, Not for SELFISH PURPOSE, but rather to INSPIRE the PURSUIT of G-d in all, yea, the belief of the people in MOSHE FOREVER was not for the DEIFYING of his character, but rather to stimulate the PURSUIT of OTHERS.

Within each generation, HASHEM sends HIS SERVANTS those who PURSUE TRUTH by making TREMENDOUS SACRIFICES until ENLIGHTENMENT is reached to inspire a people to be the BEST they CAN BE. 

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Sunday, February 12, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. This week’s Torah PORTION is termed YISRO. YISRO is the father of the NAVI MOSHE’S wife Zipporah. YISRO is a priest of MIDIAN who doubtlessly had a profound affect on MOSHE’S perspective of SPIRITUALITY. In this portion, he is seen in the outset as rejoining the family of MOSHE after the LIBERATION of BENEI YISRAEL. After being royally received by AM (nation) YISRAEL, he observes the system that MOSHE had set up to counsel the people and advises him on how to set up SPIRITUAL PROTOCOL that would effectively administer HALACHA.

The foundational approach for effectively administering HALACHA within a CORPORATE BODY must be one that will create and maintain unity. The CORPORATE BODY must be exposed to DEVARIM (words) and GEBURAH (judgment), that is, the SAME in order to be UNIFIED. The failure to administer the SAME DEVARIM and GEBURAH will give rise to DIVISION and ultimately the DESTRUCTION of the CORPORATE BODY.

DIVISION may be described as the dividing of a VISION. The VISION for BENEI YISRAEL is to become a GREAT NATION. Thus when DEVARIM and GEBURAH is in opposition within a CORPORATE BODY, the destruction of the VISION is inevitable. With HALACHA coming from one SOURCE, the VISION will unfold; on the other hand, opposing VIEWS, while providing an atmosphere for LEARNING, will hinder the UNFOLDMENT of the VISION. MOSHE alone giving HALACHIC DECISIONS could maintain the UNITY, but the number of people that needed the counsel would soon wear him out. The instructions on how to establish SPIRITUAL PROTOCOL from YISRO would enable MOSHE in an effective way of administering HALACHIC decisions that would maintain UNITY.

The counsel of YISRO was for MOSHE to DUPLICATE HIMSELF. The process of DUPLICATION REQUIRED that he would select a group of potential leaders that would meet certain qualifications. Once the selection was made, then to teach them DECREES, TEACHINGS and THE PATH TO GO AND THE DEEDS TO DO, and to place these LEADERS over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens, appointing them to judge the people at all times bringing only HARD MATTERS to HIM. In other words, to establish PROTOCOL.

What transformed the PROTOCOL into SPIRITUAL PROTOCOL is what occurred in NUMBERS 11:16,17,24,25. “HASHEM said to Moses, Gather to Me seventy men from the elders of Israel, whom you know to be the elders of the people and its officers; take them to the Tent of Meeting and have them stand there with you. I will descend and speak with you there, and I will increase some of the spirit that is upon you and place it upon them, and they shall bear the burden of the people with you, and you shall not bear alone. Moses left and spoke the words of HASHEM to the people; and he gathered seventy men from among the elders of the people and had them stand around the Tent. HASHEM descended in a cloud and spoke to him, and He increased some of the spirit that was upon him and gave it to the seventy men, the elders; when the spirit rested uno the, they prophesied, but did not do so again.” In this passage of Torah, we are told that HASHEM increased the RUWACH that was on MOSHE and then placed it upon THEM. Therefore the HALACHIC decisions that they would make would not simply rest on SCHOLARSHIP but also on ONE SPIRIT. This would give rise to the administration of the SAME DEVARIM and GEBURAH.

Likewise we as Jewish People must strive to not only employ SCHOLARSHIP in making HALACHIC decisions, but also to be CONSCIOUS of the RUWACH. This will aid in the UNFOLDMENT of the VISION of BECOMING A GREAT NATION.

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Shalom, Shalom. Our final focus on the PARASHAT BESHALACH is a revelation disclosing the challenges faced by BENEI YISRAEL once liberated from OPPRESSION. As previously suggested, with FREEDOM comes RESPONSIBILITY. Under oppression, challenges are often met by REACTION. REACTION is EGOTISTICAL in nature, thus providing only a TEMPORARY FIX to CHALLENGE thus meriting its return. The challenges faced by BENEI YISRAEL in their NEW FOUND FREEDOM had to do with SURVIVAL. The adversaries that they faced were THIRST and WARFARE.

Although BENEI YISRAEL had been liberated from the OPPRESSION of MITZRAYIM, where they were DEPENDENT upon their OPPRESSORS, the destruction of the YOKE that was upon their NECKS did not give rise to elevating them out of the state of DEPENDENCY. Just as FREEDOM can only be experienced by KNOWING a FREE MAN, the embodiment thereof comes about through KNOWING a FREE MAN, it is written, “And by a prophet HASHEM brought Israel up from EGYPT, and through a prophet they were ‘safeguarded.’” (Hosea 12:14) The safeguarding that is spoken of in this passage is experienced by the LEADING and the TEACHINGS of the NAVI, i.e., THE FREE MAN.

The LEADING and TEACHINGS of the NAVI are destined to aid the PROTEGE in making an ASCENSION. The ASCENSION is elevation from the STATE of DEPENDENCY to INDEPENDENCY and finally INTERDEPENDENCY. In other words, the goal of the NAVI for the PROTEGE is to become like HIM and even BETTER, yea, the attainments of the NAVI are to be done by the PROTEGE and SURPASSED. The NAVI MOSHE stood in an ELEVATED place raising his STAFF where it could be seen by YAHOSHUA and the army of BENEI YISRAEL in the fight against the AMALEKITES, they would prevail. On the other hand, when they were unable to behold the NAVI MOSHE in the STANCE of VICTORY, the AMALEKITES PREVAILED. Indeed the POSTURE of the NAVI MOSHE had a profound EFFECT on BENEI YISRAEL in the STATE of DEPENDENCY. Thus the goal of the NAVI MOSHE was to aid them in ascending out of the STATE of DEPENDENCY into that which He had obtained which was INTERDEPENDENCY. Likewise it must be the goal of LEADERS to DUPLICATE THEMSELVES IN THEIR PROTEGES WITH THE IDEA OF THEM SURPASSING. 

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Saturday, February 11, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT BESHALACH by placing our ATTENTION on the LIBERATOR MOSHE leading “BENEI YISRAEL” to the Wilderness of Sin. After experiencing DELIVERANCE from the OPPRESSION of MITZRAYIM, to maintain their FREEDOM, BENEI YISRAEL must LEARN to be RESPONSIBLE. RESPONSIBILITY may be described as the manifestation of SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS in the EVENTS that ONE UNDERGOES.

The CHALLENGE that BENEI YISRAEL faced in the WILDERNESS of SIN was HUNGER, it is written, “The Children of Israel said to them, “If only we had died by the hand of HASHEM in the land of Egypt, as we sat by the pot of meat, when we ate bread to satiety, for you have taken us out to this Wilderness to kill this entire congregation by famine.” (Exodus 16:3) This EVENT was not something that took place without cause, to the contrary, G-d is the CAUSE, it is written, “He afflicted you and let you hunger, then He fed you the manna that you did not know, nor did your forefathers know, in order to make you know that not by bread alone does man live.” (Deuteronomy 8:3) In this passage of TORAH, it is disclosed that HASHEM was the Cause of the HUNGER that BENEI YISRAEL experienced in order to TEACH them TRUTH. The TRUTH is that HASHEM is SUPPLY.

HASHEM is the CONSCIOUSNESS of ALL SENTIENT BEING, yea, He is the SOUL of every INDIVIDUAL. He is the SOUL of everyone who is UNDERGOING the HUMAN CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE, but yet this EMET is CONCEALED, therefore, He PREDETERMINES EVENTS to aid in being REVEALED. The PREDETERMINED EVENT of BENEI YISRAEL undergoing HUNGER in the WILDERNESS of SIN was to REVEAL HASHEM as SUPPLY. Since the SOULS of those who are undergoing the HUMAN CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE are INDIVIDUALIZED ASPECTS of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS, it, too, is SUPPLY. The challenges that we undergo are destined to REVEAL different attributes of the DIVINE that are LATENT WITHIN. Like our ancestors, we are undergoing challenges designed to cause us to discover the POTENTIAL within and manifest it in TIME.

As aforementioned, G-d is teaching HIS CHILDREN to be RESPONSIBLE, that is, to see the POTENTIAL that we POSSESS within and to MANIFEST it in CHALLENGE. As we continue in this lifestyle of RESPONSIBILITY, the GOAL is to unfold LIFE WITHOUT END. Indeed we are not to LIVE by BREAD ALONE, BUT BY EVERYTHING THAT EMANATES FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD.

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Thursday, February 09, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT BESHALACH by contemplating “The Song of the Sea” sung by the NAVI MOSHE and BENEI YISRAEL after the DIVINE DESTRUCTION of the army of PHARAOH being drowned in the SEA of REEDS. The HARMONIC RESPONSE of SINGING to HASHEM will prove to be a MECHANIC employed by the NEVIIM (prophets) to experience the revelations of G-d.

PROPHECY may be described as a revelation of the FINISHED WORKS of G-d, yea, HASHEM finishes a CREATED THING first, then squeezes it down into SEED FORM and appoints a period in TIME and SPACE when it is to begin its UNFOLDMENT. This EMET is illustrated in the following passage found in TORAH. It is written, “These are the products of the heavens and the earth when they were created on the day that HASHEM God made earth and heaven - now all the tress of the field were not yet on the earth and all the herb of the field had not yet sprouted…” (Genesis 1:4,5a) In this disclosure, it is revealed that G-d created the TREES and the HERBS first, then squeezed them down into SEED FORM before they SPROUTED. Thus HASHEM finishes a THING FIRST, squeezes it down into SEED FORM and appoints a PLACE and TIME when it is to SPROUT, i.e. begin its UNFOLDMENT. A PROPHECY is a revelation of a FINISHED WORK of G-d that is about to begin its UNFOLDMENT in a PREDETERMINED PLACE and TIME.

As aforementioned, the SONG that was SUNG to HASHEM proves to be a MECHANIC that is employed in order to enable the SEER (prophet) to behold a finished WORK of G-d. As NAVI Moshe and BENEI YISRAEL SUNG to HASHEM concerning the VICTORY over the army of PHARAOH, new LYRICS came to them disclosing what would occur in the FUTURE concerning the chieftains of EDOM, the power of MOAB and the dwellers of CANAAN.  Indeed the future of these NATIONS were FINISHED WORKS that would occur in a PREDETERMINED PLACE at a PREDETERMINED TIME. The REVELATION of these FINISHED WORKS had to be SEEN as well as ANNOUNCED for it is written, “For the Lord HASHEM/ELOHIM will not do anything unless He has revealed His secret to His servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7) There is a NEW SONG in the air, disclosing the FINISHED WORK of LIFE without END, about to BEGIN.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. As we continue our focus on the PARASHAT termed BESHALACH, we are inspired to focus upon the PRINCIPLE that the LIBERATION of the SOUL commences with IT’S true IDENTIFICATION. Just as BENEI YISRAEL had to be FREED from the OPPRESSION of MITZRAYIM before unfolding the GREATNESS that is LATENT WITHIN, we must be LIBERATED from the CHAINS of ERRONEOUS IDENTIFICATION before manifesting the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is hidden within.

This EMET can be seen in the illustration that after leaving MITZRAYIM, once our ancestors became AWARE that PHARAOH pursued them, they became filled with FEAR. The experience of FEAR was INDICATIVE that they were not CONSCIOUS of the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL OF THE SOUL. In other words, by not KNOWING WHO THEY WERE, gave rise to the experience of PERISHING, yea, the PROMISE is “I will bless those who bless you, and him who curses you I will curse…” (Genesis 12:3a) Under the OPPRESSION of MITZRAYIM, they had LOST SIGHT OF WHO THEY ARE and LIKEWISE there are many who exist in the OPPRESSION of the NARROW PLACE of the MIND suffering because of LOST IDENTIFICATION.

We are made in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of the Holy Blessed One of Yisrael. That IMAGE and LIKENESS is ETERNAL, yet we die like MEN. No doubt we are held in the CHAINS of THIS OPPRESSION by the ERRONEOUS CONCEPTS WE EMPLOY to DEFINE OURSELVES. Thus the initial experiences of our LIBERATION must include the return to TRUE IDENTIFICATION.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. This week’s TORAH PORTION is termed BESHALACH. The IVRI transliteration BESHALACH carries with it the idea of SENDING OUT.  The opening of the TORAH PORTION is descriptive of PHARAOH SENDING OUT BENEI YISRAEL after the plague of the death of the firstborn. The LIBERATION of a people from OPPRESSION is destined to be followed by submission to a HIGHER AUTHORITY. In this case the HIGHER AUTHORITY is HASHEM. With new found freedom comes responsibility. Responsibility is developed through the experience of CHALLENGE.

The CHALLENGES are developed by the higher authority to aid those who are LIBERATED to RESPOND to challenge rather than to REACT. A RESPONSE is that which flows from UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is LATENT WITHIN. In our portion, the HIGHER AUTHORITY had predetermined that rather than BENEI YISRAEL being led by way of the land of the Philistines, where warfare would be the Challenge, He turned them inward, the way of the WILDERNESS, where they would encounter a GREATER RESISTANCE. ENCOUNTERING A GREATER RESISTANCE would give rise to the TENDENCY to RESPOND rather than REACT.

Likewise as we experience LIBERATION from living in the NARROW PLACE of LIMITED THINKING, we are not led down the path of LEAST RESISTANCE, but the challenges become greater. These greater challenges cultivate the TENDENCY to go deeper into the ESSENCE of one’s BEING and through RESPONSIBILITY, we manifest the unlimited POTENTIAL that is LATENT WITHIN engaging A LIFE WITHOUT END.

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