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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the PARASHAT is VAYECHI. The IVRI transliteration VAYECHI is a term indicative of the word “LIVED.” It is employed to describe the unfoldment of the TIME that our PATRIARCH YAACOB experienced in MITZRAYIM before his transition into the UPPER WORLDS. Without a doubt, his experience was one of EXPANSION. Yea, the GOAL of CREATION is to come into a CONSCIOUS UNION with G-d and actualize the UNION into BEING.
CHAYIM  may be perceived from two PERSPECTIVES. Those perspectives unfold either as AGING or SELF-IMPROVEMENT. Both perspectives commence with SUFFERING. AGING is the perpetuation of the SUFFERING, whereas SELF-IMPROVEMENT is purposed to CEASE from SUFFERING. While both approaches will eventually engender the GOAL of CREATION, SELF-IMPROVEMENT as opposed to AGING is like being on FAST-TRACK.

It is evident that the purpose of the CREATOR in allowing CREATION to experience SUFFERING is to aid those who are UNDERGOING the human conscious experience to have a SHARE in the PROCESS. SHARING in the process is what is EXEMPLIFIED in the life of our PATRIARCH YAACOB. His desire not to be buried in MITZRAYIM is indicative of the CONCEPT of making the ASCENSION into the HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS by undergoing the CORRECTION. The CORRECTION is the pursuit of SELF-IMPROVEMENT through TRANSFORMATION. The TRANSFORMATION is the product of ECHAD changing QUALITIES within YAACOB through the DESIRE for SPIRITUALITY. The DESIRE for SPIRITUALITY is developed by responding to SUFFERING with a DESIRE for the SPIRIT. This response gives rise to both the EXPANSION of the DESIRE for SPIRITUALITY and the response of the SUPERNAL, which is a DESIRE to bestow HIMSELF upon all.

On the other hand, the PROCESS of AGING is an approach whereas the SUFFERING that is experienced is REACTED to. The REACTION is one of a desire for something that is CORPOREAL in nature to relieve the SUFFERING. The nature of the SUPERNAL is to BESTOW CORPOREAL IMAGES in this case, i.e. only temporary SOLUTIONS. These temporary SOLUTIONS are fleeting. The fleeting of these SOLUTIONS give rise to the DEVELOPMENT of a DESIRE for SPIRITUALITY.

As aforementioned both are pathways to reaching the GOAL of CREATION, only one is quicker than the OTHER. The PATH demonstrated by our PATRIARCH YAACOB was one of SELF-IMPROVEMENT which will prove to move at LIGHT SPEED.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION on the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the PARASHAT is VAYIGASH. The IVRI transliteration VAYIGASH may be interpreted into the ENGLISH term APPROACH. The portion commences with the SCENARIO of YAHUDAH approaching YOSEF to plead the case of BENYAMIM who was accused of stealing his (YOSEF) goblet. This accusation was false because YOSEF had the GOBLET planted within BENYAMIM’S possessions. From the SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE of MISHKAHN DAVID, we are able to see in this SCENARIO that the MANAGEMENT of the SUPERNAL that gives rise to the UNFOLDMENT of ECHAD’S PREDETERMINED plan to create MAN in His likeness and image.

The pleading of BENYAMIM’S case by YAHUDAH discloses that a PROCESS had been set in motion that would enable his transformation from a RECEIVER into a BESTOWER. Like all of those who undergo the human conscious experience, YAHUDAH was created a RECEIVER. As a receiver, he is opposite of the CREATOR, whose nature is to BESTOW. As aforementioned, the GOAL of CREATION is ONE with G-d, that is, to be a visible manifestation of His image and likeness. The series of events that had been predetermined by ECHAD along with the INFORMATION that was within YAHUDAH gave rise to pleading a case in which he would pay for the CRIME. In other words, he underwent a process that transformed his INTENTION into that of SACRIFICING HIMSELF for the liberation of another. The willingness to SACRIFICE himself is indicative of his INTENTION transforming into that of BESTOWAL.

Likewise the UPPER FORCES within the HOLY of HOLIES, that is, PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS, manages our lives to bring about a TRANSFORMATION of our INTENTION from EGOISM to that of being ONE WITH ECHAD.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. The focus of this treatise is upon the CHAG CHANUKAH. CHANUKAH is the IVRI transliteration for the term DEDICATION. The celebration of this CHAG is based upon our victory over HELLENISM and the RE-DEDICATION of the TEMPLE. The IDEOLOGICAL APPROACH of HELLENISM had given rise to the DEFILEMENT of the TEMPLE. From the perspective of MISHKAHN DAVID, the TEMPLE is the product of SUPERNAL INSTRUCTION that TRANSFORMS a COLLECTIVE into a HABITATION of ECHAD. The HABITATION is the MANIFESTATION of the CONCEALED aspect of ECHAD.

As suggested, HELLENISM is an IDEOLOGICAL CONCEPT that hinders the TRANSFORMATION of the COLLECTIVE. The story of CHANUKAH is one that discloses the TENACITY of the MACCABEES in defeating the CONCEPT that undermines the TRANSFORMATION. Likewise, the HOST SOULS of the COLLECTIVE are challenged by IDEOLOGICAL CONCEPTS that hinder the MAXIMIZING of the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is CONCEALED within. The hinderance of the MAXIMIZING of the CONCEALED SUPERNAL POTENTIAL is what gives rise to the CONTINUANCE of SUFFERING IN OLAM.


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Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION on the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the PARASHAT is MIKEITZ. The IVRI transliteration MIKEITZ expresses the idea “AT THE END.” It is important to NOTE that from the HIGHER PERSPECTIVE, the END of a THING is the BEGINNING of something else. From this PERSPECTIVE, we are able to discern that within CREATION, a process is occurring. The process is one of IMPROVEMENT. In other words, we are in a UNIVERSE of BECOMING. The END of A THING in REALITY is the beginning of something BETTER. Thus the process is one of EVOLUTION. The EVOLUTION in the UNIVERSE of BECOMING is CONCEALED aspects of G-d becoming REVEALED. The process will continue until all of CREATION will be the MANIFEST GLORY of G-d, that is, it will be ONE with ECHAD. 

The PARASHAT MIKEITZ is a disclosure of the MECHANICS in which the PROCESS of the UNIVERSE BECOMING ONE WITH G-d is occurring. The OCCURRENCE is the product of the MANAGEMENT of the SPIRITUAL WORLD over the CORPOREAL world. The UPPER FORCES are employing a predetermined pressure, such as the famine in EGYPT, to aid in the positioning of the HOST SOULS in relation to the INDIVIDUAL SOULS to create SYSTEMS. These systems have been predetermined by ECHAD to MAXIMIZE the POTENTIAL of the COLLECTIVE SOUL. The MAXIMIZING of the POTENTIAL of the COLLECTIVE SOUL will manifest as KNOWLEDGE, EXISTENCE and BLISS.

Just as Joseph had to be positioned to preserve the Jewish people, the EGYPTIANS and the rest of the world that had been affected by the famine, likewise, the HOST SOULS will be positioned in order to make the EVOLUTIONARY STEP. The CHALLENGES that we face on the planet are designed to position the HOST SOULS in order to complete the world of ATZILUT. The completion of this world will be the result of the COLLECTIVE SOUL MAXIMIZING its POTENTIAL under the MANAGEMENT of the SPIRITUAL WORLD as revealed by the HOST SOULS. Indeed the time has come where the HOST SOULS will arise and SHINE that the GLORY of ECHAD may be revealed in the ALL.

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Friday, December 08, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION on the title of the PORTION. The title of the PARASHAT is VAYEISHEV. The IVRI transliteration VAYEISHEV can be interpreted to mean “SETTLED.”

The PARASHAT commences with a focus upon our PATRIARCH YAACOB settling in the land of CANAAN. From the PERSPECTIVE of the Holy of Holies in the CONCEPT of MISHKAHN DAVID, YAACOB’S settling in CANAAN is descriptive of the ATTAINMENT of A CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD with the GOAL of ACTUALIZATION. The ACTUALIZATION of the ATTAINMENT is destined to give rise to the CONCEALED aspects of ECHAD being REVEALED. The REVELATION will set in motion the PROCESS of ECHAD’S GLORY filling the earth.

The ATTAINMENT that YAACOB had ASCENDED INTO was the product of learning how to EMBRACE what is SEEMINGLY NEGATIVE EVENTS. This is ESSENTIAL in our ASCENSION, for ALL that occurs with us in receiving from ECHAD is of INFINITE BLESSINGS, yea, because ECHAD’S nature is one that is of bestowal, and that which He bestows is of HIMSELF, He is continuously pouring out BLESSINGS UPON US. Our experience of DUALITY causes us to accept what we SENSE as GOOD from HIM, and REJECT what we SENSE as BAD. SINCE the ONLY THING that the CREATOR is capable of GIVING is BLESSINGS, the rejection of what is SENSED as BAD is rejecting what is INTENDED for GOOD. The rejection is what CAUSES THE SUFFERING and the HINDERANCE of the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is LATENT within. Once the lesson is learned by YAACOB, the EVENTS that have been predetermined to occur, commence that he might EMBRACE THEM and be BLESSED.

These EVENTS are a PART of what is termed the RESHIMO. The purpose of the RESHIMO is to create PRESSURE that is EXTERNAL with the INTENT of being responded to by the SUPERNAL that is hidden within. It works like a COMPUTER PROGRAM designed to ACCESS the DATA that is within. This process has been PREDETERMINED by ECHAD that we might both REALIZE and ACTUALIZE our CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD. Indeed it is ordained to GUARANTEE that the GOAL of CREATION might be made MANIFEST.

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