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Saturday, September 11, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is VAYEILECH meaning and went.
•    In Malachi, it says that the hearts of the fathers would return to the sons and the sons to the fathers. It is not talking about biological fathers but spiritual fathers. In II Kings, Elisha calls Eliyahu father when he is taken up in a chariot of fire. Elisha is then able to do the same thing that Eliyahu did - part the water. Spiritual fathers leave a spiritual inheritance. The return of the father is referring to the greater and mightier nation that was promised to Moshe. They will have the faculty/gifting of Moshe. This is the authority that removes the curtain that is hiding OLAM HABA. It is the instructions that are inherited from the father to the children then embodied to receive the faculty. We return to the Book, Torah.
•    Perfection cannot create imperfection. In creation the goal is to have a visible field of unlimited potential. From the field of invisible unlimited potential, a contraction took place that created a hollow in which creation takes place. The farther from the Endless Light the more solid, opposite of the Creator. It looks imperfect, but at the center is perfection. Creation is not finished; we are completing it. Everything seen in contrast has to ascend up and become a visible manifestation. In the constriction is the physical body which is memory. It has both evil inclination and good inclination. There are 4 aspects. 1. The lowest level - it is dormant, in the subconscious, like a baby. 2. Extended - The environment causes the good and bad inclinations to come out. When you react to blows, your environment controls you; happy, sad, anger, etc. 3. Control - When you start to cross over the barrier. When you receive a blow, you control the inclinations; respond and not react. You control the inclinations that are within you. It is based on Stillness. 4. Elimination of Yetzer Hara (evil inclination) and only have good, delight, no evil. You no longer are under blessings and curses. In Extended and Control, you still experience blessing and curses. Use introspection to control what is in you. Dominate what is in you, not what is external to you. Keep controlling until you transform. Perfection is then in the physical body - immortality.
•    HITPASHTUT is the development of Godliness. Adam Rishon is one Soul comprised of many souls. When we fell below the barrier, a shattering took place, like puzzle pieces. Soul mates were broken up. In the story of Noach, it says the sons of God married the daughters of men and they had children. This went against what was before the shattering. It brought contention. The daughters of men had a negative influence on the sons of God. They were not soul mates. Moshe sees that Israel will stray after other gods after they enter the Land. In other words, they would have interfaith marriages. In Ezra it says, “You have been unfaithful and taken alien wives.” The Creator told them to divorce their alien wives. They then move into the correction properly. Spirituality can be destroyed by being connected to someone you are not supposed to be with. Reach the high level of consciousness by being with your soul mate. In G’MAR TIKKUN we come back together into our primeval state.


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Friday, September 03, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is NITZAVIM meaning standing.
  In Bet development there are 4 exiles that deal with governments/culture that are mortal in nature. Culture is social behavior based on knowledge and belief in common in a group of people. This is an external influence. Because of this, it is necessary to renew the Covenant. There will be a change in culture to that which is immortal. Daniel saw the 4th beast wage war against the holy ones and prevailed until Atik Yomim (ascension). We defeat the beast by ascension. Our weapons are patience, wisdom and judgment. We destroy the mortal culture, controlling influence; it is the enemy. Those assimilated into it must be converted. The Covenant must be renewed because of the influence on the physical body.
•    Warfare is against culture. We have to liberate ourselves - recognize the enemy and fight against it. Every generation should have renewed the Covenant, moved away from cultural influence into the influence of TORAH. There is an impetus in us to search for truth, to return to TORAH, His Voice, then He returns us home. The Voice is before the zavah (army). It is all about the Voice. You don’t hear the Voice for yourself because of identification with the ego. The Voice comes from Binah. To learn to hear the Voice, you need to practice discrimination. 1) a blow/vibration comes i.e., a word, dream, etc.; 2) the vibration becomes a current (meaning) in the body; 3) the current hits the screen and becomes knowledge. This happens very quickly. Meaning comes before the picture. Recognize vibrations, currents and how your mind works. Be patient and take your time to discriminate. This is how to tell whether your dream is one of clarity or karmic. You don’t want to guess, you want to be clear. You start out listening to a Voice outside of you (your teacher). Mishkahn David teaches you how to hear for yourself.
•    The Creator’s Voice is what we follow in doing Mitzvot. The Voice has no words, it is not heard. It is a vibration. Practice discrimination in meditation. Attention - focus, then move to contemplation where questions and meaning come about what you are meditating on. Concentration - you become what you meditate on. The blow from the object (vibration) travels as a current in mental waves. The current is the meaning which then formulates in the mind as knowledge.
•    Above the barrier is Root Language - the different Names of God. The Sefirot are qualities of God; they are light not words. Words are below the barrier - Branch Language. Words are combinations of letters that are the Names of God. Vibrations above become words. The meaning comes before the word/form. Understand how to get to the answer that is within you.
•    Sefer Torah has stories that are combinations and arrangements of the qualities of the Creator. They are different combinations and arrangement of lights that form words that made the stories. We are OHR AYIN (endless light) that shines through the lens of Malchut - letters that produce stories. Your life is the same thing. In body are memories that go through the lens and makes your stories. We want our stories to be like the Creator. The memories within (letters) have to be corrected. Get rid of memory and change the story to reach the Goal of Creation. You create your own stories.  

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