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Saturday, May 29, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is BEHA'ALOTCHA which means when you kindle.
•    The focus from the ROOT deals with perception. Perception is a modification of the mind. The modifications of the mind are correct perception, incorrect perception, dreaming, deep sleep and imagination/fancy. We want to experience correct perception which is result of purity - complete peace, no activity. To have Correct Perception, you must define things in harmony with YECHIDAH.
•    It begins with instructions concerning the lighting of the Menorah. The concept of the Menorah deals with HISHTALSHELUT or Causal Development. Causal Development when we are dealing with OHR (light) is under the administration of Aharon. It is the development of HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH (Supreme Thought/Goal of Creation). The 5 senses block us from seeing this development. On the PARTZUF, Aaron is at HOD (glory). HOD is where we begin the manifestation of the Light Body.  
•    There are 7 Lights in the Menorah. It begins with OHR AYIN - Pure Soul Consciousness. 2. OHR NE ETZAL - Radiating Light is the first appearance of Light. 3. OHR CHOCHMAH - the reason/purpose for everything. 4/5. OHR MAKIF produces the RESHIMO/pressure on the right and left side in order to become a visible manifestation of the center Light. 6. OHR CHASADIM - the middle light column or spirituality. The 7th Light is OHR CHOZER is reflected Light that is below the barrier. These Lights around us produce the experiences we need to fulfill the Goal of Creation, inform us concerning purpose and are a reflection of who we really are. These Lights are to be arrange into One Light. Mental experience is the blocking of Light. Below the barrier (the 5 senses), the Light is blocked.
 •    MISHKAHN DAVID is created through the consciousness of the KOHANIM. Protection is our ascension into G-dhood. MISHKAHN DAVID aids in the disclosure of those steps into G-dhood.
•    Levi deals with intellectual information. They are overseen by the KOHANIM who are spiritual. Levi goes through initiation so they won’t be destroyed. Intellectual information has to be absorbed by those who are coming in.  
•    Pesach is located at HOD. It represents Glory - knowledge of the manifestation of ECHAD in us. This knowledge is described as omniscience. Putting yourself in harmony with it will give rise to the mind at stillness, causes the BEGED to become manifestation. We are to reflect what is above. Memory stops the reflection of Higher Levels of the mind where the solution is. Don’t live in the past. Identify with the Creator and not the Creature. You can reach high states in the mind, but the mind is affected by memory. Anything moving in the mind is egotistical. Discern the difference between the Creature and Creator. Calmness/Stillness puts you in position of being G-d. Events come so you can be calm and be G-d.  
•    Focus on the Truth of our Being. We are 2 components: BEGED (finite) and NESHAMAH (Infinite). NESHAMAH is still, it doesn’t move. In the Soul, no movement occurs. The BEGED moves within the Soul. Look within (Introspection) and connect to the Truth of Being - that which is stillness. Discriminate between the Truth of Being and that which is being transformed. We all share One Soul - It doesn’t move. Movement is with the BEGED. RUACH gives us the sense of motion. The purpose of movement is so the hidden potential within will manifest itself.
•    When the cloud lifted from the Tabernacle, the camp would move. Movement to the right location with the RESHIMO that is needful to unfold potential.  Instructions comes from ECHAD about location. Blows/pressure will come wherever you are. If you are in the wrong location they will hinder you; in the right location, they will unfold potential.
•    Base decisions on Stillness of the Higher Levels. Hit Stillness in the Higher Levels of Consciousness and the solution will appear in consciousness.


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Saturday, May 22, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is NASSO which means to take.
•    The worlds of ASSYAH, YETZIRAH and BERIAH have 3 qualities. These qualities are found in Bereshith1:2: Astonishing - TOHU, chaos, affinity and aversion; Empty - BOHU, equilibrium, balance; Darkness - KHOSHEK, stillness. Everything in Creation has these 3 MIDDOT in different combinations. The 5 senses are different combinations of these qualities.
•    We need to discern between intellectual and spiritual. Intellectual is instinctive and reasoning. Spiritual understands the methods to ascend and maintain. Intellectual instruction is to be overseen by those who are spiritual. The intellectual person can administer intellectual instruction under supervision of someone spiritual. Intellect doesn’t change anything. Intellectual information is necessary but there must be something higher to fulfill the Goal of Creation. This realm is to be transformed.  
•    There is but one Life and that one Life is what we term G-d. There is nothing but G-d. Understanding this changes our perspective.  
•    The something that we view is nature. What we experience around us is nature. It is transient; it has a beginning and end. Our experience is mental. What we sense is temporary in nature. Our ability to sense came after the Fall. It was the beginning of suffering. Suffering comes from sensing nature, opposites. Clinging to one end of the spectrum is clinging to the opposite end. If you keep the Law to receive the blessings (rewards), you also receive the punishment. You need to rise above it into the Truth of Being.
•    Cycles (circles) have no beginning. We complete a cycle from understanding purpose. We go from education to administration into counseling. Complete the cycle and jump to the next cycle.
•    Whenever God does something, before moving to the next cycle, He looks back to see if what He did could be improved. He has the spirit of excellence. If your life is not one where there is improvement going on, you are not in harmony with the one Life/G-d. Improvement is not knowledge. It must move to experience. Just saying you are one with G-d is still being in degeneration. Look for improvement on the inside. It is not physical or corporeal. Improvement is measured by how long you stay in the Upper Levels of Consciousness. Each day you should stay longer.  
•    Mishkahn David has 3 courts. The 1st court and the 3rd court are similar: there is no thought. But there is a  very distinct difference. The 1st court is dull. You don’t bring anything out, no sharpness. You remain the same as before going into that state - place of no thought in meditation.  
•    Life is intense, moves with a spirit of excellence. We come out of it into body consciousness. We are trying to transform the physical body. If you really come into contact with it, it is the spirit of excellence. It pushes outward. This is not knowledge.
•    It is called treachery against ECHAD. It is treachery to be like this: to be in a state of dullness and say it is G-d.  

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Saturday, May 15, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is BAMIDBAR which means in the wilderness.
•    It begins with taking a census. The census reveals that a generation comes and a generation goes, it is the same generation. We travel in groups.  
•    In cycles (reincarnation), we accumulate karma, both good and bad, which are needed in our development. The TIKKUMIN (corrections) are made by choice. Events come as opportunities to ascend. We can experience the event as G-d or ego, Stillness or pain/pleasure. What is required is a response. Ascend out of egoism and into Life.
•    Purposes are predetermined before the constriction, eternal in nature and never change but expanded.  Predetermined events aid in the development of purpose. We have both an individual purpose and a corporate purpose. Personal purpose is the elevated qualities of the Creator that we are. When we choose to move in harmony with the MIDDOT (qualities), we fulfill individual purpose. When we move in harmony with the group, we fulfill corporate purpose. This group of a little more than 600,000 will come together for the corporate purpose of aiding the sons of Adam in making the ascension.
•    Levi is responsible for aiding in the ingathering. They will raise up MISHKAHN DAVID. When it is raised up, Israel will come into It’s inheritance. MISHKAHN DAVID is made up of 3 courts: subconscious, body consciousness (MOCHIN), and Pure Soul Consciousness (NESHAMAH). Ascending into CHAYAH and YECHIDAH there is the sensitivity of G-d in everything we experience.
•    There are different grades of instructing: KOHEN GADOL, KOHANIM, LEVITES. The instructions are not to be changed; they are to be embodied.
•    There is protocol in corporate purpose. We are to do things in a corporate way which moves in a certain consciousness. Protocol is to work in harmony with the Principle of Mechanical Action (KONENEYUT). This causes Eternal Life to constantly expand.
•    Levi was born enlightened. It gives us the ability to see the One Life. Get rid of the narrow/limited existence (5 senses) and see yourself as Eternal Being; see what is REALITY.
•    TORAH teaches that there is nothing but G-d. G-d is our life. There is nothing but LIFE - it is Eternal.
•    In HITPASHTUT, the vessel to receive (KLI) is grown to the point of thinking of no one but themselves - KAV HAMIDDAH. What is needful is rearrangement. Death, sickness, disease are delusions of the mind. Understand what is going on. Change perception and take on the qualities of the Creator; a sensitivity of Oneness/Unity.
•    The census of the family of Kohath is from the ages of 30 yrs to 50 yrs. The purpose of this is to move from one activity to another for expansion. There is a period of time to study. Then comes the time of administration (ages 30-50). After the experience that comes from study and administration, comes the time for counseling. Levi is responsible for administration of the instructions.


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Saturday, May 08, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is comprised of two portions: BEHAR (in the mountain) and BECHUKOTAI (My decrees).
•    We are given dominion over the works of G-d’s hands, that is, the physical body.
•    We are to be in a state of constant improvement. Every morning wake up and look at your body to see where there is improvement. Wake up conscious of improvement, a sense of blessedness, joy, thankfulness based on experience.
•    The Soul governs the BEGED (clothing, body). In other words, the BEGED is to be governed by Life.
•    We are given cycles to aid us in coming into harmony with the Truth of Being which is regeneration.
•    The Shabbats are cycles given to us so we can ascend into the higher levels of consciousness if we get into harmony with them. Being in harmony with the Upper Forces will give rise to improvement. At the end of a cycle is replenishment. Going against the energy will lead to degeneration.
•    Being in harmony with the cycles/energy will perfect MALCHUT.
•    Revelation of the energy is above the barrier; the action of the energy is below.
•    Redemption is both individual (return to Truth of Being) and return to Israel our ancestral heritage. Both of these are One. G-d consciousness returns us to the Land. The covenant is the basis for redemption.
•    The movement toward going home is Supernal in nature. There should not be a separation of being one with G-d and returning to the Land. If you don’t return to the Land, you are to aid others who have a Jewish Soul.
•    Experience the redemptive nature of the Soul. This is how the Creator is made manifest.
•    Dismantle all ideas that say we can’t return to the Land. Get rid of all negativity. Dismantling takes place within.
•    Our environment opposes the ego. Ascend into CHAYAH and YECHIDAH and it no longer opposes.  
•    Physical death is the result of the descent into egoism. Below the barrier, there is a demand that the piece of the earth that we are must return to the earth (identification with the ego).
•    If you ascend and make corrections, you enter into a state of constant improvement - no more opposition.
•    When in harmony with the cycles, Life is constant improvement. When out of harmony with identification, timing, correction, it is degeneration.  
•    Ascend into the Observer, the Stillness, it will perform the Branch. Branches are in body consciousness; the Root is in Pure Soul Consciousness. Stay in the Root and the branch will be taken care of - enter state of regeneration.
•    Ascend and build trust in the fear of G-d, make G-d true. Look for improvement. We are meant to improve things through ascension.

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Saturday, May 01, 2021


Shalom Shalom. In this week’s DEVAR TORAH, we will focus on the PARASHAT EMOR. EMOR is the Hebrew term for say.
•    It begins with the idea of One Pointedness which is concentration on one thought. It has to be established in the mind.
•    We are to make two ALIYOT. One is ascension into the Higher Levels of Consciousness (One with G-d) and the other is to return to the Land of Israel to make G-d true. The way to make the ALIYOT is to stay focused.    
•    This present world is TAATUIM, an illusion. We must be completely free from the illusion. At no time are we to embrace this present world. We are not allowed to mix lifestyles.
•    When all energy is moving in the same direction (One Pointedness), it leads to HA RATZON ELYON or Supreme Will. The energy can’t be divided.    
•    In the Torah portion, the blemishes seen on the priest is the lack of the Light of Wisdom. When the consciousness is not right, the priest can eat the food of G-d, but cannot minister.
•    The Soul is what produces the physical body based on what it feeds on. There is an intelligence in the Soul that creates the body and has the ability to transform it.
•    The level of consciousness that is occupied can be seen. Stay in the High Levels of Consciousness constantly and the blemishes won’t show.
•    There is a standard that must be reached externally in our sphere of authority. The High Level of Consciousness is to be projected, not the blemishes. If the blemishes are projected, the priest cannot minister.
•    Priests are not to mourn because there is no death. After transitioning, the person is born into the awareness of the LAVUSH (spiritual form). What is experienced is the energy body.  
•    If the priest is TAMEI (aware of the ego, being dual), he will give egotistical consciousness. Therefore he is not to minister.
•    The offering is given to the priest in exchange for his High Level of Consciousness. It is not the ministry of words but of consciousness.  
•    Transformation takes place inwardly. Order has to be established. Concern yourself with your own inner arrangement.
•    The residence of the priest is in the Higher Levels of Consciousness. In the homes, the High Level of Consciousness is to be maintained. There should be no challenges - opposing actions, words, thoughts. There should only be support. There needs to be stillness, peacefulness in the home; there is no room for any other consciousness.
•    MAASER and TERUMAH comes in because the High Level of Consciousness is there. It is to be used to support what you are doing, to maintain the High Level of Consciousness. To use it for something else is desecration/abuse.
•    The MAASER and TERUMAH are not to be given to those with low levels of consciousness (ego).  
•    To reach the Goal ACHISHANAH (before time), requires 100% devotion. Assign all things to the Creator. Remove all negativity.

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