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Friday, April 23, 2021


Shalom Shalom. In this week’s DEVAR TORAH, we will focus on the PARASHAT ACHAREI. ACHAREI is the Hebrew term for after.
    It begins with the death of Aaron’s two sons when they offered a strange fire to ECHAD.
    It then goes to the observance of YOM KIPPUR.
    The ROOT language of TORAH is the idea of making an ascension, which is an inner journey into the TRUTH of BEING.
    Aaron’s sons were righteous. Their fault was in decision making. In other words, the fault was in belief.  
    The decision to offer strange fire was based upon belief that it would provide the result they wanted; it was not based on clarity.
    They were unclear with what they were supposed to do.
    Belief implies that something is covered or hidden.
    There is an erroneous saying that says seeing is believing. If you can see it, then you have clarity. You are not believing.
    We live our lives based on blindness.
    Rabbis aid an individual in making an inner journey so they can make clear decisions. You need a teacher/navigator to help you see within.
    Aaron’s sons sought to ascend with belief which led to YOM KIPPUR.
        Aaron was instructed to offer the KATAT (sin offering) and the OLAH (burnt offering) for atonement. We do these things based on clear seeing.
    Belief is blind; not seeing clearly.  
    We start with belief and then move beyond belief. In other words, faith above reasoning.
    EMUNAH PESHUTAH is the ability to see God in everything. Through ATZMUTO or the 3rd eye, we are able to see God in everything.
    With the physical eyes, we see contrast. With the 3rd eye, we see entire.
    Rabbis see through Kether (3rd eye) to navigate inwardly. In life we need to see clearly.
    Everything that occurs is so that we are able to navigate correctly.
    Abraham had clarity. He was able to do what he did because he could see it.
    Below the barrier, we can’t make clear decisions. Ascension is needed to see with clarity.


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Friday, April 16, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH includes two PARASHOT. Those PARASHOT are TAZRIA and METZORA.

    In TAZRIA (conceives) the focus is on arrangement (HESIDER).
    It begins with procreation.  The baby is contaminated because of the corrections that comes with the body. The remembrances of the parents come together with the corrections that need to be made. The physical body is the accumulation of all the karma from past lives. The Sanhedrin at Binah decides what physical body is needed to reach the Goal of Creation.
    The physical body does not correct; it is the Soul that corrects.
    The chaos we experience needs to be arranged inwardly. External manifestation is the affect of internal arrangement.  
    The purification of someone who is tzaraat has a 7 day cycle to go through like the Shabbats. This is to recognize the higher self.
    If you get outside of the cycle, you remove life; adjust to the cycle and move into covenant. Cycles manifest life. The cycles are vibrations. Hear vibrations in meditation to gain dominion. Be in tune to dominate it.
    A METZORA is one who has been liberated from identification with the flesh into the Truth of Being.
    All suffering is caused by identifying with the flesh. Be conscious of the Truth of Being and end suffering.
    The cleansing that occurs is identification with the Truth of being. To go from realization to actualization requires a teacher. The Priest/Master Teacher has to experience enlightenment (Higher Levels of Consciousness) in order to aid the METZORA in making corrections as well as the ascension out of egoism.

    The METZORA still needs the offerings.
    We are TIKKUN OLAM. Repair the world by changing what is in you. Correct yourself.
    In the sacrificial system, there is no charity; it won’t be given to you. Change comes because of merit. One must merit the Goal of Creation. All of us are responsible for reparation within us.  
    Personal observation indicates where you are observing from: Pure Soul Consciousness or ego.
    The present world system must be dissolved and reality (OLAM HABA) will be revealed. If you are sticking to it in any way, it can’t be dissolved.
    God observes but is unmoved by what is going on. He remains still in the matter - it will dissolve.
    In the portion, it talks about tzaraat on the house when you arrive in the Land. Tzaraat starts in the individual. What is on the inside contaminates the outside.
    The world is affected by what you perceive inwardly. The environment reflects you. Your environment is your business. We have to understand what our responsibility is.


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Saturday, April 10, 2021


Shalom Shalom. We commence this week’s DEVAR TORAH focusing on the PARASHAT SHEMINI which means eight.

•  This week we are focused on reaching and maintaining a high level of energy.
•  The Miluim Offering which is the Inauguration offering. It is at the sefirah CHESED.
•  Within the Miluim offering are four CARBONOT: 
    • The OLAH (burnt) offering: there is no sacrifice too big; the dismantling of the ego.
    • The MINCHA (meal) offering: know that you are the consciousness of supply.
    • The SHELAMIM (peace) offering: we are the consciousness of the Creator whether we have a body or not.
    • The KATAT (sin) offering: this clears unintentional sin for those on the path of life.
    • These are maintained through reasoning.
•  The priests have to detach from everything and become NO THING.
•  The sons of Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, died because they changed the instruction. The instructions are not to be added to or taken away from. We are to move inside the Supreme Will.
• The transition of Aaron’s sons illustrates that Aaron was to maintain a high level consciousness and not mourn. Carrying his two sons outside the camp is indicative of removing death from the consciousness.
•  Sefah is the flow of the RUACH that aids in the ALIYAH from MALCHUT to KETER.
•  Only the Creator can bless. Aaron was able to raise his hands to bless the people with the consciousness of being the Creator; being conscious of ATZUMTO, the pure essence of the Creator at KETER. The people were then able to see the reality of OLAM HABA.
•  The ego is either transformed or dies. This is the choice.
•  The ego is transformed by entering into dimension that is higher than the mind. It is accelerated energy that is eternal.
•  The Soul is a higher vibration that transforms the body and mind. This higher vibration/energy is at CHAYAH and YECHIDAH.
•  The KASHRUT is a series of building blocks for the BEGED (physical body) to transform it into Light. The Soul uses these building blocks to create a holy body not a healthy body. We are building it to receive God.
•  We are what we eat. The power is in gentleness. We eat gentle animals. Also be conscious of the information we eat. The company you keep can affect your vibration.
•  Each breath brings a new beginning. Inhalation is birth and exhalation is death. The purpose of being born over and over again is transformation of the BEGED into fire. It is an inner journey and requires being constantly intense in your living.
•  Intensity means to learn to remain at ATZMUTO/KETER. Intensity does not mean suffering.
•  Contamination is separation from high levels of consciousness. The INTENSITY of the inauguration was for seven days but we are to maintain it and make it a lifestyle.


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Friday, April 02, 2021


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the subject of the Feast of Unleaven Bread (CHAG MATZAH). Concerning CHAG MATZAH, the NAVI MOSHE recorded the following instructions, it is written, “For a seven day period shall you eat matzot, and on the seventh day there shall be a festival to HASHEM. Matzot shall be eaten throughout the seven-day period; no chametz may be seen in your possession, nor may leaven be seen in your possession in all your borders. And you shall tell your son on that day, saying, It is because of this that HASHEM acted on my behalf when I left Egypt. And it shall be for you a sign on your arm and a reminder between your eyes so that HASHEM’S Torah may be in your mouth for with a strong hand HASHEM removed you from Egypt. You shall observe this decree at it’s designated time from year to year.” Exodus 13:6-10. We are able to discern that the purpose of observing CHAG MATZAH is to manifest the ORAL TORAH, the disclosure declares, “so that HASHEM’S TORAH may be in your mouth.” No doubt, the challenge of eating MATZOT for a seven day period along with the command to removing chametz and leaven from the sight of one’s possession is a riddle that when solved gives rise to the unfoldment of RAZ (mystery). Yea, the uncovering of the RAZ engenders the CHOCHMAH (wisdom) of the Divine.

On the path of Life, which is one of SELF REALIZATION, the TRUTH of BEING is disclosed. The disclosure is of your HIGHEST TRUTH that is the experience of LIBERATION. The identification with your Supernal Nature is ascension out of egoism into that of the ALL. It is from the TRUTH that you are the Consciousness in which all of creation exists within, that frees one from being dominated by THINGS. CHAG MATZAH deals with the removal of things that are difficult to dispose of. From the perspective of the TRUTH of BEING, that is, that all things are contained within the YECHIDAH which is the highest level of the SOUL, pure consciousness, one is able to remove it from the sight of possession. The removal is in the identification of the TRUTH, that is, you are One Consciousness. The One Consciousness is ECHAD, Blessed be His Name. From this position chametz and leaven are transformed from one’s possession to One’s projection. Yea, TRUE LIBERATION is freedom from possession into the EMET that all things are your projection.


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