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Friday, February 26, 2021


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the furniture in MISHKAHN MOSHE. The furnishing in MISHKAHN MOSHE provide a riddle that discloses the functioning of the components in the physical body (BEGED) in MISHKAHN DAVID. In the BEGED, we have been given all the things that are necessary in achieving HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH (the Supreme Thought). The Supreme Thought is that D’MUT ADAM (the image of man) becomes B’TZELEM ELOHIM (the image and likeness of G-d). We were given volition in order that we might participate in the unfoldment of the goal. We are the potential of G-d concealed destined to become the manifestation of ECHAD revealed.

The components of the BEGED employed for the purpose (KAVANAH) in which they are given will give rise to the ascension into G-dhood in your present lifetime. In the PARASHAT TETZAVEH, there is a disclosure of the furnishing that when observed through the gift of HISTACHLUT PNIMIT (introspection) gives rise to ascension into ATZMUTO (the pure essence) of ECHAD.

Ascension into ATZMUTO is entrance into the higher dimensions of energy where omniscience is experienced. To ascend into that level, one must become conscious of the MIZBEACH (the altar) of incense that is within. The MIZBEACH of incense is to observe inward from the perspective of the KNOWER. There are three: the POWER TO KNOW, the KNOWER and that which is KNOWN. From the perspective of the KNOWER, like incense, one is able to ascend into ATZMUTO and observe from the perspective of the power to know. It is from the mechanic of ascension into ATZMUTO that one is able to participate in the transformation of D’MUT ADAM into B’TZELEM ELOHIM.


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Friday, February 19, 2021


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on OLAM HABA (the World to Come). Unlike this Present World, OLAM HABA is experienced as the result of the ascension into correct perception. Correct perception commences with SELF REALIZATION. SELF REALIZATION is a state of enlightenment. This state of enlightenment has to do with the TRUTH of BEING, that is, the NESHAMAH (Soul) is an individualized aspect of ECHAD, Blessed Be His Name. It is the recognition that we are the SONS OF G-D either in the state of concealed or revealed. The revealed state is that in which we manifest G-dhood in the BEGED, that is, our clothing known as the physical body. On the other hand, the concealed state is the appearance of being MORTAL. The attainment of SELF REALIZATION is the beginning of the expansion of perception of G-dhood. The expansion of the perception of G-dhood dismantles the EGO giving rise to renting the VILON (curtain) that conceals IMMORTALITY and OLAM HABA, that is, the World to Come.

TERUMAH is the riddle that when solved discloses instructions that aid in the unfoldment of HAMACHSHAVAH ELYONAH, that is the SUPREME THOUGHT, which gives rise to the MANIFESTATION of the IMMORTAL along with the reflection of his light upon the external. TERUMAH speaks of an elevated offering. This elevated offering engenders a CONSCIOUS ASCENSION into the HIGHER DIMENSIONS of ENERGY that are in the NESHAMAH. The ascension into the Higher Dimensions of energy are effected by receiving instructions from a RABBI (Master Teacher) who has DIRECT EXPERIENCE.

From the DIRECT EXPERIENCE comes the vibrations that when put into words, if followed with precision, give rise to LAAVOR. LAAVOR is the crossing of MACHSOM (the barrier) between the HIGHER DIMENSIONS of ENERGY of the NESHAMAH and the BEGED. As aforementioned, the instruction must be followed with precision by the protege. No one can effect this but the protege. To ensure that it is perfected with precision, the RABBI is to oversee the work. This work is termed LISHMAH, which means, for her sake. The GOAL of the work of LISHMAH is G-dhood and the renting of the VILON that conceals OLAM HABA.


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Friday, February 12, 2021


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on HITPASHTUT. HITPASHTUT is the IVRI (Hebrew) transliteration describing the development of G-dliness. The development of G-dliness unfolds in three stages. Those stages are termed בּ ,א and G-MAR TIKKUN. These stages occur in the reincarnation of ADAM RISHON.

ADAM RISHON is One Soul that is comprised of many souls. The many souls fall under the grades of either being YISRAEL or the Nations of OLAM (the world). The souls under the grade termed YISRAEL are those souls who have the revelation as being ONE with G-d. The souls termed the Nations of OLAM are absent of the revelation. In BERESHIT 5:1, ADAM RISHON is described in the following way, “This is the account of the descendants of ADAM (RISHON) on the day of the creating by God of Man in the likeness of God he made Him.” The TOLDOT (descendants) of ADAM RISHON are the reincarnations of the ONE SOUL that we undergo in becoming the IMAGE and LIKENESS of G-d. In other words, what we read in TORAH is a code revealing how man (the human conscious experience) becomes G-d, that is, a visible manifestation of the Supernal.

PARASHAT MISHPATIM is a description of ordinances, that is, civil law in the branch language. In the root language, the MISHPATIM are judgments that occur in the cycles of reincarnations. The purpose of the judgments is to enlighten one in what TIKUN (corrections) that need to be made in the unfoldment of G-dhood. It is made known to us because we have been given part in our own development of HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH, that is, the Supreme Thought. By employing TESHUVAH, that is, repentance, we are empowered to correct the TIKUNIM caused by the limited choices we have made over the cycle of life, thus manifesting the MIDDOT of ECHAD, Blessed be His Name, in the BEGED (clothing) of the NESHAMAH (Soul).

YISRAEL has been chosen to fulfill the GOAL of HITPASHTUT first. It is the fulfillment of this GOAL first that enables the rest of the Sons of ADAM (the Nations of OLAM) in their unfoldment of G-dhood. This is the implication of what was promised to AVRAHAM that in PARASHAT LECH LECHA, “and they will be blessed through you all the families of the earth.” BERESHIT 12:3b. This empowering of the Nations of OLAM in ADAM RISHON gives rise to the One Soul comprised of many in the manifestation of the Supernal. The KUMI ORI, arising and shinning of YISRAEL has come disclosing the EMET that all things work for the manifestation of ONE THING, that is ECHAD.


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Friday, February 05, 2021


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the recognition of the following offices that function above MACHSOM (the barrier) in PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS from the perspective of MISHKAHN DAVID (the Tabernacle of David). PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS is experienced in the upper grades of the NESHAMAH (Soul). Those upper grades are termed CHAYAH and the YECHIDAH. CHAYAH may be described as non-differentiation with the sense of the “I.” YECHIDAH may be described as non-differentiation sensing oneself as the “ALL.” To sense oneself as the “ALL” with non-differentiation is a higher state of CONSCIOUSNESS that will unfold unlimited potential when consistently observed. It is the YECHIDAH that gives rise to the manifestation of HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH, that is, the Supreme Thought. This Supreme Thought is the MORTAL becoming IMMORTAL.

As aforementioned, this week’s portion (PARSHA) discloses three offices that functions above MACHSOM. These offices are duties that have been predetermine by ECHAD, Blessed be His Holy Name, to aid in the manifestation of HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH. Those offices are termed ZAKENIM (elders), COHANIM (priests) and NEVIIM (prophets or seers). The offices are occupied by those who have made the ASCENSION and employ HISTACHLUT PNIMIT (introspection) discerning the pronounced MIDDOT (qualities) of the CREATOR within that enable them to function thereof. It is understanding these pronounced qualities possessed within that give rise to SELF-REALIZATION. The SELF-REALIZATION that is gained enables one in fulfilling one’s purpose with accuracy.

According to the revelation of Torah, the ZAKEN (elder) is one whose pronounced qualities are the mastery of CHUKIM (decrees) and the Teaching. The Teaching is derived from the CHAZONOT (visions) effortlessly received by the ZAKEN. This empowers the ZAKEN to manifest as a SCHOLAR able to aid with the CHALLENGES experienced with scholarship.

The COHAN is endowed with gift pertaining to CARBONOT (sacrifices) and the BRIT (covenant). This is empowerment to effect miracles and healings, blessing those who enter into their sphere of authority with an impetus to fulfill the GOAL of CREATION.

Lastly, the focus is upon the NAVI (prophet, seer). The NAVI deals with CHAOS. It is the ability to see order in what appears to be disorder. Often we see the NAVI come from generation to generation to aid in the development of the SUPERNAL MAN, that is, ADAM KADMON. This aids in the unfoldment of G-dliness (HITPASHTUT) both at the individual and corporate level. From the observation of CHAOS - IMMORTAL is seen along with OLAM HABA, that is, the world to come.

These offices, that is, the ZAKENIM, COHANIM and NEVIIM will become more and more authoritative as we delve deeper into the END of DAYS whereas KAV HAMIDDAH is experienced providing the atmosphere for the manifestation of the SUPREME POWER of the CREATOR.


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