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Friday, December 25, 2020


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by being mindful of the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the PARASHAT, VAYIGASH is descriptive of an approach. From the ROOT LANGUAGE of Torah, the approach is one that reveals that aspect of the path of life (CHAI) termed G-MAR TIKKUN. G-MAR TIKKUN is what has been predetermined to be the final stages that are undergone in HITPASHTUT, that is, the development of G-dliness. The final stages are an ascension commencing with IBUR, followed by YENIKA and manifest as MOCHIN. The MOCHIN is the MIND of ECHAD, Blessed be His Name, that gives rise to the visible manifestation of the MIDDOT (qualities) of the Creator.

The approach is effected by TESHUVAH (repentance), yea, to experience MOCHIN GADLUT, that is, the expanded conscious, one must quiet the mind. Entering into this stage of STILLNESS is initiated with TESHUVAH that commences with confessing. Confessing is the embracing of YETZER HARA (the evil inclination) in order to eliminate the false identity revealing the EMET (truth) that it is only an aspect of the ONE separated by degrees. This is seen in the approach of YAHUDAH towards YOSEF whose meeting will manifest their ONENESS of BEING.

In this approach is disclosed the RAZ (secret) of effective prayer. Effective TIFILAH achieves the goal of STILLNESS. The goal of STILLNESS is a disclosure that the truth of One’s BEING is the solution to all problems. The Truth of Being is that we are individual sparks of ECHAD. These Sparks may be described as INFINITE CONSCIOUS BEING experienced on the INDIVIDUAL LEVEL. When experienced, we enter the elevated state of STILLNESS, PEACEFULNESS, QUIETNESS and CONFIDENCE which is that of a beautiful MIND. With the absence of all the CHATTER that the MIND undergoes in CHALLENGE, the STILLNESS is the SOLUTION to the PROBLEM. Once the state of agitation is removed from the MIND, the STOREHOUSE of SOLUTION is opened unfolding the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL of the SOUL. YOSEF admonishes his brothers once they had received this state, i.e. returning with the VISIBLE MANIFESTATION of SOLUTION, do not become agitated on the WAY. Indeed these are instructions on how to ascend in the FINAL CORRECTION in order to manifest HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH, that is, the Supreme Thought that we are to become a VISIBLE MANIFESTATION of ECHAD.


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Friday, December 18, 2020


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the title of the portion. The title of the PARASHAT which is MIKETZ is an IVRI transliteration meaning “at the end.” No doubt TORAH employs this description of the end of two years to indicate the beginning of something NEW (CHODESH). The appearance of something new is in reference to a change in energy. From the perspective of SPIRITUALITY, a change in energy is an opportunity to align oneself thereof in the unfoldment of HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH (the Supreme Thought) ACHISHINAH (before the allotted time).

In relationship to the opening narrative, the end of two years marks the time of the beginning of a VISIONARY ERA in Egypt (MITZRAYIM). The beginning of the VISIONARY ERA commences with two CHALOMOT (dreams) that were experienced by PHARAOH. CHALOMOT are experienced in concert with the grade of the SOUL an individual has attained. It is obvious that a PHARAOH, that is, a KING has attained a higher level of consciousness in the SOUL than that of his subjects. Yet a KING has not reached the grade of the SOUL occupied by the PROPHET (NAVI) which is demonstrated in the scenario. PHARAOH called for all the necromancers and wise men of MITZRAYIM, but none could interpret the dreams. No doubt the reasoning is that none of them had attained the level of consciousness that was required. It took the son of a PROPHET, that is, the son of YISRAEL, to interpret the dreams, yea, leaders over nations may dream dreams that are higher than the grade that they occupy but it will take a PROPHET to interpret them.

The interpretation of PHARAOH’S dream would usher in an ERA that would last until the coming of the NAVI MOSHE. Without an interpretation of SPIRITUAL THINGS, the PHARAOH in the times of the NAVI MOSHE would be in utter darkness bringing an end to the VISIONARY ERA of MITZRAYIM and the beginning of the AM YISRAEL, yea, the lack of the implementation of SUPERNAL VISIONS is the end of a nation and the beginning of Its judgment.


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Friday, December 11, 2020


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the opening reference to our ABBA YAACOV. Prior to the opening scenario, YAACOV had wrestled with an angel all night long with the commitment that he would not let go until the angel would be him. The commitment that was exemplified by YAACOV is an ensample of what one must possess in order to unfold the VISION (Chazon), that is, the GOAL of Creation ACHISHENAH (before the allotted time). Within each individual is a Supernal Dream disclosing PURPOSE (KAVANAH). Along with the seed of KAVANAH is the potential to unfold It. It requires commitment, that is, to be relentless in the pursuit thereof to manifest before the allotted time. Our ABBA YAACOB is an ensample of this commitment, yea, he would not let go of the STRUGGLE until he experienced a conscious ascension disclosing the TRUTH of BEING, that is, he is YISRAEL which is ONE WITH ECHAD.

Once the truth of being is disclosed to YAACOB, TORAH will employ either the name of YAACOB, descriptive of his EGO, his lower self or YISRAEL the identification of HIS SOUL being the HIGHER SELF.

The narrative opens with the identification of our PATRIARCH’S ego, that is, his lower self to disclose what is the nature of the mind that is reigning over his 12 sons. The nature of the mind of the EGO is that of an OLD FOOLISH KING. This is exemplified in the fact that he favors one son above the others.
The son that is favored is YOSEF. YOSEF is a visionary, yea, a dreamer of dreams that disclose what has been predetermined by ECHAD, Blessed be His Name. YOSEF is given a dream that causes his father to ponder. The dream discloses that the time will come when the youth will reign over the OLD FOOLISH KING and HIS SONS. No doubt this is indicative of what is to occur at the END of DAYS. For the dream revealed that the reign would be over his mother who had undergone transition. This reign over the mother would require reincarnation, thus it points to the future in which this occurs.
YOSEF represents the MIND of ECHAD that is destined to rule YISRAEL. The MIND OF ECHAD is youthful in that it is in a state of constant renewal. The MIND OF ECHAD is wise employing all things for the purpose they were created in order to maximize the potential and fulfill HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH, that is, the Supreme Thought or the GOAL of CREATION.

This suggests that the Jewish people are those that will manifest a NEW IDEA, not that which is the enhancement of the CORPOREAL but a revelation of the SPIRITUAL


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Sunday, December 06, 2020


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH with the IKAR (principle) that the lifetime of YAACOB is indicative of all the incarnations that we are destined to undergo in the unfoldment of HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH (the Supreme Thought). The Supreme Thought of ECHAD, Blessed Be His Holy Name, is that His INVISIBLE  qualities (MIDDOT) are destined to become visible. This is to say that Creation is in a process of becoming a visible manifestation of the Supernal. The potential that is latent within all created things to manifest the Supernal is the Song that the NAVI ISAIAH heard while in the Throne Room. He wrote, “… I saw the Lord sitting upon a high and lofty throne, and its legs filled the Temple, Seraphim were standing above at His service. Each one had six wings; with two it would cover its face, with two it would cover its legs, and with two it would fly. And one called to another and said Holy Holy Holy is HASHEM, Master of Legions; the whole world is filled with His glory.” ISAIAH 6:16-3. In this prophetic utterance is disclosed the future of CREATION. For CREATION is not yet a visible manifestation of ECHAD, being His Glory. The Seraphim sang a Song of what is to emerge at the END OF DAYS, yea, the END OF DAYS is the beginning of a NEW CIVILIZATION which will manifest the INVISIBLE QUALITIES (MIDDOT) of ECHAD. No doubt the revelation accompanying this prophetic utterance, that is, that ECHAD is the MASTER OF LEGIONS, is a disclosure on how it is destined to be accomplished. The Legion is a TZAVA (army) that will establish the standard or idea that will reveal the hidden potential.

As aforementioned the lifetime of YAACOB is an ensample of what is destined to occur in the unfoldment of SUPERNAL GLORY. The events that are destined to occur is what is termed HITPASHTUT, that is, the unfoldment of G-dliness. The unfoldment occurs in three stages. The first stage is termed א (ALEF). The second stage is termed בּ (BET). The final stage is termed G’MAR TIKKUN. It is comprised of a DESCENSION, the DEVELOPMENT of the KLI (vessel) and finally an ASCENSION giving rise to the visible manifestation of ECHAD. Likewise YAACOB descends from his father’s house to the house of LABAN. Through negative mentoring, YAACOB develops in the house of LABAN. In the final stage of His journey, His name is changed to ISRAEL in recognition of His SOUL being one with ECHAD, thus ASCENDING into a NEW BEGINNING. In the New Beginning, He is no longer conscious of the error of perception concerning his identification with the CORPOREAL, but commencing a LIFE IN THE TRUTH of BEING, that is, that HE is ONE with ECHAD and empowered to answer the challenges ahead with SPIRITUALITY.


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