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Friday, September 25, 2020


Shalom, Shalom. We commence our focus upon the High Holy Day, YOM KIPPUR (Day of Atonement) by being mindful that the energy of this season is GEVURAH. The IVRI (Hebrew) transliteration GEVURAH is indicative of judgment. The perspective of the term GEVURAH from spirituality carries with it the idea of G-d’s determinate counsel that insures what He has decreed will come to pass. From this perspective, judgment can fall under one of three categories. Those categories are GEVUROT, DINIM and RACHUM. The term GEVUROT is descriptive of judgment tempered with CHESED (kindness). The term DINIM is descriptive of STRICT JUDGMENT and RACHUM which is MERCY.

The purpose of GEVUROT, that is, judgment tempered with CHESED, is to perpetuate energy that is enhancing the unfoldment of HAMACHSHAVAH HA ELYONAH (The Supreme Thought). It is the Supreme Thought of ECHAD, Blessed Be His Holy Name, to unfold a visible manifestation of His MIDDOT (qualities) in the Whole of Creation. To insure the unfoldment of the Supernal Decree, He placed Himself at the center of all that is created and employs judgment to guarantee that it will be made manifest. No matter what may seemingly opposes the Supernal Decree, HARATZON ELYON (the Supreme Will) will employ GEVURAH thus being undeniable.

During this season as we move towards the HIGH HOLY DAY, YOM KIPPUR, we bring our energy in concert with that of GEVURAH. To align ourselves, we read Lev. chapters 16,18. The opening narrative of Lev. 16 recaptures the story of the death of AARON’S two sons NADAB and ABIHU. The cause of their death was approaching ECHAD with an alien fire that He had not commanded them. This serves as an ensample that the actualization of the realization of our Conscious Union with ECHAD is to be done with precision. Any unauthorized approach no matter how appealing it may be to the EGO, is a failed attempt leading to suffering. The purpose of the suffering is that of purification insuring that the Supreme Thought will be made manifest. During this time when the energy is GEVURAH aligning ourselves at the level of INTENTION with that of ECHAD will bring forth the Supernal Decree ACHISHINAH (before the allotted time).


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Friday, September 18, 2020


L’shana Tova Tikatevu. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the narrative contained in BERESHEIT chapter 21. During this High Holy Day, which is celebrated over a two day period in the exile, the energy is what is termed GEVURAH. The IVRI transliteration GEVURAH is translated to the word JUDGMENT. From the perspective of SPIRITUALITY, judgment is G-d’s determinate counsel that insures that what He has decreed will come to pass. From this perspective, there are two grades of judgment. The highest grade is termed GEVUROT, which is interpreted judgment that is tempered with kindness (CHESED). The lower grade which emanates from SITRA ACHRA (the other side) is termed DINIM, which is strict judgment, in that it is judgment coupled with GEVURAH. In other words, it is judgment doubled giving rise to the experience of blows that lead to suffering. The purpose of the SUFFERING is purification. The purification will lead to the unfoldment of what ECHAD, Blessed Be His Name, has decreed. The decree is that ADAM RISHON (the human conscious experience) will become a visible manifestation of ECHAD.

As aforementioned, the focus is on BERESHEIT chapter 21. This chapter is to be meditated upon on the first day of ROSH HASHANAH. On the second day of ROSH HASHANAH, the focus is upon chapter 22 of BERESHEIT. The narrative contained in chapter 21 discloses the RAZ (secret) to the manifestation of the unlimited potential that is concealed within. The secret rests upon the foundation of being able to discern the times.

The realm in which we occupy is one in which all events are predetermined. To substantiate this EMET (truth), read Eccl. 3:1-8. Understanding that all events are predetermined by ECHAD to occur at certain points in time and space, and to be given the revelation of WHEN is to be empowered to move in the MIRACULOUS. This is illustrated in the narrative of AVRAHAM and SARAH conceiving YITZCHAK in old age. AVRAHAM was 100 years old when the event occurred and SARAH was 90. In the natural world, their ages were beyond that of conception, but acting in harmony with the time appointed by ECHAD, they maximized their potential, giving birth to the impossible. Thus the RAZ to the unfoldment of the unlimited potential that is latent within is the discerning of times.

Likewise we have entered into a season, that is, a time in which that if we act in harmony with the ENERGY, we can manifest unlimited potential. The manifestation of one’s unlimited potential is the unfoldment of ECHAD’S decree, that we would become a visible manifestation of HIS invisible MIDDOT (qualities). Torah reveals how one is to conceive during this TIME. Thus to move in harmony with the energy, connect to a Spiritual Teacher that can guide you on the PATH of LIFE. It will lead to IMMORTALITY filled with joy and delight.


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Friday, September 11, 2020


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this week’s DEVAR TORAH by noting that the focus is upon two PARASHOT (portions). The PARASHOT are NITZAVIM and VAYEILECH. The opening narrative of NITZAVIM describes the renewal of the covenant with the second generation from the liberation of the HOST SOULS from MITZAYIM (EGYPT). The HOST SOULS, that is, the 600,000 souls that has the predetermined SUPERNAL PURPOSE of aiding humanity in the fulfillment of the GOAL of CREATION, failed in the unfoldment thereof. The failure gave rise to the experience of death and to be reincarnated as a group during the fourth exile termed the End of Days. the renewal of the covenant was in reality the second generation undergoing the CONVERSION EXPERIENCE. Thus establishing the principle that every generation needs to undergo the CONVERSION EXPERIENCE to align oneself in the proper relationship with ECHAD. 

Establishing the proper relationship with ECHAD, Blessed be His Name, is an ascension from that which is personal to the impersonal. The impersonal is the realization that the SOUL is an individual aspect of ECHAD. This is the beginning of actualization in which one is empowered to annul the convent with DEATH and the compact with the grave. For this reason, the covenant is to be renewed with every generation, yea, undergoing the conversion is how one begins the journey of annulling the covenant with DEATH and the unfoldment of IMMORTALITY.

The PARASHAT VAYEILECH is a continuation of this principle. The opening scenario discloses that an exchanging of the baton is about to occur in which YAHOSHUAH will be appointed to take MOSHE’S place. Rather than ECHAD speaking directly to YAHOSHUAH in the exchange, HE appoints MOSHE to give the charge. This would be compared in spirituality to MOSHE being like unto the SUN and YAHOSHUA like unto the MOON. As the SUN illuminates the MOON, YAHOSHUAH would continue to receive enlightenment from MOSHE, even after transition. This was to ensure that the process of the unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION would continue moving from one generation to the next, that in the fourth generation, that is, the END of Days, it will come to manifestation.


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Saturday, September 05, 2020


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by placing our attention upon the instructions given by the NAVI Moshe concerning the first fruits. It is written, “… you shall take of the fruit of every fruit of the ground that you bring in from your Land that HASHEM your God gives you, and you shall put it in a basket and go to the place that HASHEM your God will choose, to make His Name rest there.” Deuteronomy 26:2. From the ROOT LANGUAGE, the instructions are focusing upon the return to SPIRITUALITY as well as ERETZ YISRAEL during the fourth EXILE.

The ROOT LANGUAGE discloses that the fourth EXILE is that which occurs prior to G-MAR TIKKUN, that is, the FINAL CORRECTION. The reference to G-MAR TIKKUN is the final stage that ADAM RISHON (the human conscious experience) is to undergo in what is termed HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH. HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH is the Hebrew transliteration for the term the Supreme Mind. The Supreme Mind is the Thought of Creation. The Thought of Creation is that the INVISIBLE will become the VISIBLE. In other words, the Invisible Qualities (MIDDOT) of ECHAD will become a visible manifestation. There are three stages that are undergone to unfold the VISIBLE MANIFESTATION of ECHAD, Blessed Be His Name, the third or final stage is termed G-MAR TIKKUN. The instructions given by the NAVI MOSHE concerning the first fruits are CODE LANGUAGE disclosing how it is effected.

The NAVI Jeremiah disclosed that the FIRST FRUITS is a code word for YISRAEL. It is written, “Israel is holy to HASHEM, the first of His crop…” Jeremiah 2:3. During the fourth exile, the FIRST FRUITS have been sown in the land of the captivity. This occurred because of disobedience resulting in the LOSS OF IDENTIFICATION. The PSALMIST wrote, “… Come let us cut them off from nationhood so Israel’s name will not be remembered any longer.” Psalm 83:5. YISRAEL would have remained in the state (MATZAVIM) had it not been promised to the NAVI MOSHE, that ECHAD would make him a greater and more powerful nation.

ECHAD disclosed to the NAVI MOSHE in the wilderness that HE would make him a greater and more powerful nation than those that have come out of MITZRAYIM in response to their acceptance of the EVIL REPORT given by 10 of the 12 spies sent into the PROMISED LAND. It is written, “HASHEM said to Moses, How long will this people provoke Me, and how long will they not have faith in Me despite all the signs that I have performed in their midst, I will smite them with the plague and annihilate them, and I shall make you a greater and more powerful nation than they.” Numbers 14:11,12. Since whatever ECHAD speaks shall not return to Him unaccomplished (Read Isaiah 55:10,11), this is destined to occur. It did not occur during the NAVI MOSHE’S first trek through the wilderness. Thus it is predetermined to occur during the fourth exile, in which he is reincarnated to fulfill the word.

The FIRST FRUITS are the greater and more powerful nation that is planted in the EXILE. The preparation of the FIRST FRUITS occurs in the WILDERNESS OF NATIONS revealed by the NAVI EZEKIEL (Read Ezekiel 20:34-38). In the WILDERNESS of NATIONS, those that have lost their identification will return through the process of conversion and fulfill the Supreme Thought of becoming a visible manifestation through the ADMINISTRATION OF MISHKAHN DAVID as revealed by the MAVI MOSHE. After the preparation of the FIRST FRUIT in the fourth EXILE, the NAVI MOSHE will lead them into ERETZ YISRAEL with wonders as was done in MITZRAYIM. (Read Michah 7:15).


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