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Friday, December 27, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH with a brief description of the narrative given at the opening of the SIDRAH. It begins with the event of PHARAOH King of Egypt dreaming two dreams. The first dream revealed the appearance of seven healthy cows follow by the appearance of seven sickly cows. The seven sickly cows consumed the seven healthy cows, then Pharaoh awakened from his dream. He fell asleep again and dreamed another dream. He beheld seven ears of grain good and healthy. Afterwards, he saw seven smaller ears scorched by the east wind. The seven smaller ears then consumed the seven good and healthy ears. Pharaoh then awakened from his sleep with vexation of spirit.

To investigate the dreams that agitated his spirit, he summoned all necromancers and wise men of Egypt, but none were able to reveal the interpretation. Finally there was a recommendation to bring forth YOSEF BEN YAACOB from prison to interpret the dreams. YOSEF interprets the dream and offers counsel. PHARAOH is appeased with the interpretation and the counsel. The result was YOSEF being promoted to VICEROY. The promotion will prove to be the actualization of YOSEF’S dreams he had revealed to his MISHPACHAH (family) concerning himself.

The power behind all thought whether in the dreaming or awakening state is ECHAD, Blessed Be His Name. This EMET (truth) is based upon the revelation that there is only one POWER. The one POWER, that is, ECHAD, is the potential that sets the thought in motion in order to EFFECT the GOAL of CREATION, which is to become a visible manifestation of G-d. This becoming a visible manifestation of the CREATOR is that which governs all other thought. The thoughts themselves may seemingly have nothing to do with the CREATURE becoming a visible manifestation of the CREATOR, but in reality they are shattered pieces of the ONE THOUGHT set in motion by the ONE POWER.

In other words, though PHARAOH’S DREAM and YOSEF’S DREAM may seem to be unrelated, they are not. These dreams are revelations of events that must occur in the unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION. The power behind the thoughts of PHARAOH’S DREAMS and YOSEF’S DREAMS are the same. Thus the DREAMS are revelations of the process in the unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION.

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Sunday, December 22, 2019


Chag Shimeach. The festival termed HANUKAH (CHANUKAH) begins It’s observation on the 25th of KISLEV. It is observed over an eight day period in commemoration of the MACABBEE’S victory over the Greek forces. During the Greeks occupation of Israel, they sought to assimilate the Jewish People into their traditions. In the attempt of occupation, the Greeks desecrated the Temple. The desecration of the Temple required a re-dedication signifying the purification thereof, yea, the state of the Temple effects the fulfillment of It’s purpose.

The spiritual interpretation of CHANUKAH discloses that the liberation effected by the MACABBEES is indicative of crossing the barrier (machsom) into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. Once the crossing over occurs, the establishment of liberation must begin. The liberation is experienced as a direct revelation of ONE’S TRUTH of BEING. The direct revelation is the sensation of being an INDIVIDUAL ASPECT of ECHAD. Although it occurs in a vessel, it is the experience of being the ALL. The experience of being the ALL, is the liberation. As aforementioned, the next step after liberation is the establishment thereof.

The eight days of CHANUKAH are termed the DEDICATION. Spirituality in it’s inference is the continual dedication of a LIFE STYLE that establishes the LIBERATION through a mechanic called the CORRECTION. The CORRECTION has to do with the transformation of the 613 points in the heart that CONCEAL the TRUTH of BEING. To effect the correction, three components are needful: a Teacher, Torah and a Community. The pursuit of establishing the LIBERATION will engender an evolution into the next level of BEING. The next level of BEING is the visible manifestation of the CREATOR, Blessed be His Name.

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Friday, December 20, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the opening scenario unfolding the SIDRAH. The narrative begins with a presentation of the location of YAACOB and his MISHPACHAH (family) along with a description of the dynamics that occurred between them. The location was the land of Canaan and the description of the dynamics is one of challenge. Favoritism was being shown to YOSEF by his ABBA (father) YAACOB. YOSEF would bring evil reports about his brothers to his ABBA. To add fuel to the fire, YOSEF had received dreams disclosing that he would be the next in SUCCESSION to his ABBA. These events created an atmosphere that opposed YOSEF yet would prove to be the pressures needful in the development of his SUPERNAL nature that was concealed.

The TRUTH of BEING is that we are individual aspects of ECHAD that comprise one BEING. The one being is referred to as ADAM RISHON. This one being, ADAM RISHON, is a system that gives rise to the unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION, that is, to become a visible manifestation of ECHAD. The reference was revealed by the NAVI (prophet) ZECHARIAH, who declared, “On that day, He will be One and His Name will be One.” The Oneness is achieved by the transformation of EVIL to GOOD. In other words, all SUFFERING will end being seen as a way to a GOAL. Thus the GOAL is the governing force of the EVENTS that occur on the PATH of LIFE. ADAM RISHON is the system that unfolds the GOAL. 

This EMET (truth) is illustrated in the PARASHAT. From the perspective of the EGO, all the events that are occurring in the experienced of YOSEF seemingly oppose his dreams. The opposition in reality is the system of ADAM RISHON. The management is the expression of HARATZON ELYON, that is, the Supreme Will.

The Supreme Will is that of ECHAD. All though we are able to express volition in the human conscious experience, it proceeds forth from HARATZON ELYON. Therefore the exercising of our volition can not overturn the SUPREME WILL. This is illustrated in the CHAI (life) of YOSEF. In this portion, he receives a revelation of HARATZON ELYON in dreams that will be made manifest in the next PARASHAT. Likewise the Jewish People have been given the dream of AVRAHAM, and regardless to the volition that may be exercised against It, it is of HARATZON ELYON and as a finished work, it will manifest in SPACE and TIME as the IMMORTAL NATION.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the scenario unfolding the PARASHAT (portion). The narrative begins it’s unfoldment describing the stage that is set in the return of YAACOB to his father’s house. The SIDRA discloses YAACOB sending MALACHIM (messengers) to ESAV to inform him of his return. The message is reacted to with the appearance of force. ESAV assembles 400 men to meet YAACOB. In response to the appearance of force, YAACOB is mindful of the promise made by ECHAD and the blessing he had received.

Upon contemplation, YAACOB seeks to appease ESAV with a tribute. To protect his MISHPACHAH (family), he arranges them in case there is an attempt to destroy, with what he loved the most, last. Once he implements the plan, he is left alone, where he begins to wrestle. He prevails and ATTAINS the name YISRAEL. YAACOB further discloses the experience that he had saying, “… For I have seen the DIVINE face to face yet my life was spared.” Genesis 32:31b No doubt from the ROOT LANGUAGE of TORAH, the revelation of what is implied by the concept “A DIRECT EXPERIENCE with ECHAD” is contained in the narrative.

A direct experience with ECHAD is the revelation that the SOUL is an individual aspect of G-d. The reason it is referred to as a direct experience is that it is above INFERENCE, manifesting as a sensation in the KLI (vessel of reception). The result of the wrestling of YAACOB gave rise to sensing a CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD in his physical body. His experience is described as face to face. Since ECHAD has no physical form, the experience can be further described as sensing himself as the CREATOR.

This experience of being one with ECHAD is what is termed ISRA-EL, that is, one who clings to G-d. In clinging, there is a sense of wrestling because the EGO is opposite of ECHAD. The attempt to cling leads to the revelation of ONENESS, yea, it is erroneous perception to believe that the EGO is separated from G-d. The distance between the two may be thought of as degrees, but in a CONSCIOUS UNION, there is no distance.

Once this enlightened STATE termed YISRAEL is attained, the work of LISMA is to begin. This work has to do with establishing the DIRECT EXPERIENCE. The establishment of the DIRECT EXPERIENCE is done through the CORRECTION. The CORRECTION is the transformation of the 613 points in the heart to DIVINE INTENTION. The result thereof is the MIND being fully AWARE, without the experience of FORM, reflecting perfectly ECHAD in the vessel of reception.

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Friday, December 06, 2019


 Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH focusing our ATTENTION on the narrative that unfolds the SIDRAH. The narrative discusses the departure of YAACOB from Beer-sheba, moving in the direction of HARAN. In his journey, he stops at a point in space to rest as evening dawned. He arranges his resting place in a way that would aid in his process of MIND REFINEMENT.

The practice of mind refinement had been taught. The fact that he had received instructions in mind refinement is based upon the EMET that he was in succession with the prophetic lineage of AVRAHAM. ECHAD had revealed to ABIMELECH, after taking his wife SARAH, that AVRAHAM is a prophet. Thus began a lineage of prophets, AVRAHAM, YITZCHAK and now YAACOB. It is the discipline of MIND REFINEMENT that is practiced by PROPHETS (NEVIIM).

The practice of mind refinement is what gives rise to ascension into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUS. Ascension into this state is experienced as PURE AWARENESS. From the state of PURE AWARENESS, one is able to actualize the DEATHLESS ONE, that is, the truth of Being. Once this state of ENLIGHTENMENT OCCURS, we continue with a life style of correction, uncovering the G-d that is concealed within.

The dream that YAACOB experienced in that place was prophetic in nature, it commenced with the revelation of the SULAM, that is, the ladder, that is fixed between the EGO, that is, BODY CONSCIOUSNESS, and ECHAD, the DEATHLESS ONE. It is further disclosed that messengers of OHR (light) were ascending and descending upon the SULAM. These messengers bring the LIGHT of HASSADIM to aid the ascension into the DEATHLESS ONE giving rise to the transformation of the EGO.

The transformation of the ego is one in which it becomes a visible manifestation of the DEATHLESS ONE, that is, equivalency of FORM. The NEVIIM spoke of this as resurrection. The resurrection occurs in the physical body transforming it from the STATE of DEGENERATION to that of REGENERATION, that is, the attainment. The scenario of YAACOB serves as an ensample of the PURSUIT of ECHAD by the practice of MIND REFINEMENT.

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