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Saturday, October 02, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is BERESHIT meaning in the beginning.
•    This is a new Torah cycle. It is also the 7th year (SHEMITTAH). In the 7th year, we have remission which gives us a clean slate. Don’t carry over any baggage from past years.
•    We are creating a world. Use principles to create it. The Light at the beginning is not visible. It is Pure Soul Consciousness. When it says God created, it is speaking of us creating. God is not different from us. There is only one consciousness - Pure Soul Consciousness. It is Consciousness that enlivens the beged/body. Eyes/vision, ears/hearing, nose/smelling, mouth/taste, touch/feeling are just one thing manifesting in different ways. They are holes that the Light goes out through (lens). Pure Soul Consciousness is pure. If you are pure, what is outside of you will be pure. What is sensed is affected by the lens. If you see chaos, deal with the lens. Your own lens creates what is outside of you. We are to walk in the Light, walk in Purity which is behind the lens. The first thing to do is turn on the Light and clean your lens. The truth is in you, not outside of you; you have all the answers.
•    In the 7th year, there was to be no planting. The harvest in the 6th year would be enough for the 6th, 7th, and 8th years. Any debts in the Jewish community has to be forgiven. It is a new beginning. In this 7th year, we are to focus on Torah (ETZ CHAIM) from the Root language and to practice it with precision. We are finishing the works of creation and the human conscious experience. We are evolving into the image and likeness of the Creator. Perfection can’t create imperfection. Creation is not finished. If it was, we would appear as God. Creation begins with God and the last creation is man. These are opposites. It is God becoming man, then man becoming God. It is a process.
•    In Bereshit chapter 1 are the 10 sayings and can be seen in the physical body - the world of Adam Kadmon, Atzilute (speaking), Beriah (animate/skin), Yetzirah (vegetative/hair, nails), and Assyiah (inanimate/bones). All of creation will be filled with the knowledge of God. Begin to discriminate. Have great confidence. The potential of God is in everything. Like a seed, it has all the information in it. When the lens is clean, we see the glory.
•    In the PARTZUF (spiritual form), Adam Kadmon is above the barrier (Pure Soul Consciousness). Below the barrier (Malchut) is Atzilut, creatures and worlds. The physical body becomes subject to the soul which is the governing force. Every event leads to being reflected in Malchut. It is being governed. The choice is to respond (go upward) or react (go downward). Events come so we can reach to Goal of Creation. We are being governed by the Soul. The purpose is to establish the standard of the Creator in Malchut. Follow the commands without questioning even if you don’t understand them. Learn how to trust your Soul.
•     Stop trying to find truth outside of you. Learn to read the Book that you are. It is the end of all duty because purpose is clear. The mind goes to stillness, nothingness. There is nothing in the ego that can question who you really are. Have confidence to walk as God. You can't be like God, you have to be God.


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