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Friday, August 27, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is KI TAVO meaning when you enter.
•    Land represents crossing over MACHSOM into spirituality. The development of Godliness began with aleph development. Humanity was in state of oneness. There was no free will, only HARATZON ELYON. Falling below the barrier was so we would have free will. We have free will to choose to do Supreme Will. It is the highest level of the Soul. We are given disciplines to subject free will to the Creator’s Will. Assign all activity to the Creator. In G’MAR TIKKUN (final correction), you lose the sense of self and gain your true self. When we move with the Will that is Supreme, we complete the transformation.
•    We are destined to do the impossible, but it takes tremendous sacrifice (the ego). We can do the impossible by changing our priorities/value system. It takes changing the way you think. We are establishing a government. The more focused you are, the more your thoughts will be on government. In the portion, we are told to bring our first fruits (10%) to the government. This is about prioritizing. Your actions have to be in harmony with priority. Do the right thing, not just a good thing. It is a choice. This government was made by the Higher Self. It takes the power of the Supreme Will to do the right thing.
•    Yisrael was to carve the blessings & curses in stone at the mountains to the entrance of the Land. This established the standard of the nation at the borders. Our constitution, the Torah, is set at the borders. Our warfare is against ideologies that oppose Torah. The fight is in you to overcome the ego. It is established at the lowest level - set in stone- the world of ASSYAH. Follow the instruction of Torah from the ROOT language.
•    We are moving up the more than 125 grades. There is no movement on the grade you are in. Movement requires you to establish godliness (mastery) in whatever level you are in. When it is established, promotion is earned. Not everyone is at the same level/grade. This is done through concentration. “Be attentive and hear.” It begins by focusing attention. Attention causes you to ascend into KETHER where commands have their origin (no words). Then you move to concentration which is the ability to hold focus. When you are able to hold concentration, you will do all the commands. It is beyond meditation. KETHER is where Voice comes from. Establish higher level of consciousness with attention to breathing up. Those who have accomplished it can teach others.
•    We are in a real battle with real casualties. Identification with the ego is a sense of isolation, being an individual. To be an individual will kill you. The battle is in us. No one can fight the battle for you. You can win the battle by removing all memory. Living without memory is peace.
•    The announcement of curses and blessings take form at the border. To be above the border means not living in the past. If you talk of the past, let it be fresh, new. This enables you to fight in a formidable way. With no memory, you establish your light body in Malchut. Get rid of the past. Above the barrier, there are no blessings or curses. Follow the instructions to fight the battle and keep from being a casualty. We are clothed in a vessel of memory. It goes with you wherever you go. When it come us, confess it is a memory and move on. Keep confessing until it is transformed.


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Friday, August 20, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is KI TEITZEI meaning when you will go out.
•     Actualization is the unfoldment of the invisible Creator in the BEGED (physical immortality).  To cross over also means to enter the state of warfare with the ego. The ego is the identification with the BEGED. It is the product of memory. Each cell in the BEGED has memory in it. Warfare is how to deal with memories in the cells and organs at level of impression. We have partaken of the tree of good and bad. There is no problem transforming the bad, it is the good we want to keep and not transform. To actualize, we need to transform both. Ascension into YECHIDAH takes real warfare internally. There are temptations in warfare to keep beautiful forms, but it must be transformed. Physical immortality begins when you are conscious of the YECHIDAH which is a calm delight. Don’t mistake pleasure for consciousness of the YECHIDAH. When you are conscious of the YECHIDAH, the BEGED (physical body) is transformed into the Creator.  
•    Discriminating of Conscious Levels: memory, desire - subconscious level; Stillness, Calmness - Pure Soul Consciousness. Impressions are transformed into qualities of the Creator. It is form that covers them. Memory is in form. The purpose of the honoring system is to transfer sefa, information from one generation to the next. The blessing of the firstborn (Bechor Bechorim) is so it would be passed down. In submission to the Upper Levels, the blessing may go to someone who is not firstborn, such as Yaacob and not Esau. Otherwise it goes to the firstborn.  
•    What is external is the Creator - a field of infinite potential. What you see externally is what is focused on inwardly. Mental waves goes out and touch what is external and comes back to the screen in the mind. We have a choice to perceive it from the subconscious or Pure Soul Consciousness. The third wave then goes out to project (yourself) on what is external. Restrain the tendency to identify things with memory; kill it within and project peace. Exercise restraint before projection goes out and have dominion externally.    
•    We possess omniscience (knowledge). The teacher draws knowledge out of you, not just gives you knowledge. Omniscience is deep water that needs to be drawn out. It is important to guard the knowledge.  
•    Dreams comes through a multitude of purposeful activity. There is a tendency to quit when we do purposeful activity and don't see results. A dream requires supernal energy. You need tenacity; don’t faint when adversity comes. Abraham had tenacity. He didn’t give up just because it didn’t happen instantly. Every thought has a word. We must guard our words. Get in harmony with what is within and speak in harmony with it. Move in harmony with the vision and your actions will be right.  
•    The mind is not good with subtraction, but is good with addition and multiplication. Subtraction is negative. In the higher levels of consciousness, there is no subtraction. You can’t lose. The lower nature feels like you can. Zero has no ending around it. Limitation has unlimited around it. You only think you are losing something; it is an illusion. The name ECHAD includes everything. The word God is insufficient. Words and thoughts are inseparable.   
•    Intellect dissects/divides things. Intellect is a reflection of high level of consciousness in the mind.  Intellect gives form to what we see. We are not trying to divide things but bring things into oneness. Dreams come from BINAH; Intellect makes form in MALCHUT.


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Friday, August 13, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is SHOFTIM meaning judges.
•    Judgment is limited; it operates within Supreme Will. We will fulfill the Goal of Creation either before time or in the allotted time. HaRazon HaElyon will not be denied. Judgment, justice is not external but internal. It is based on intention and desire at the impression level. What is at the center of everything is Supernal/Infinite. Identification with the Beged is limited. Transform what is negative in the Beged and do the impossible. We are transforming at the impression level. Tohu (contrast), Bohu (balance) and Qoshech (darkness) need to be rearranged to establish balance. Balance is necessary to unleash potential. We are in a field of unlimited potential. To be imbalanced is to be swinging back and forth.
•    We are to establish the standards of Olam Haba in the earth - Hamachshavah Elyonah. God is good that does only good. There are three columns: the right and left is the tree of good and bad. Eating of the tree of good and bad causes suffering which leads to good. Consider the end.
•    In the portion we are told not to plant trees and pillars (seeds) that oppose the Creator. When you plant the seed of vengeance, it takes you completely away. It has to be transformed. Toleration - you can only take so much then quit. There is no quitting. Every time you quit, you start all over again. The Priesthood attend the altar 7 days a week twice a day. Focus on the altar and everything else will be taken care of.
•    Be confident in yourself. In our obedience we become one with the Creator. Ascend out of deficiency through servanthood. Idol worship is service that doesn’t fulfill the Goal of Creation. Worship is service. Be a servant to the Creator. Impressions can be transformed through service. We are working at the level of impression. It takes time to transform all of them. All of us has gifts. Your gift is what you specialize in. It is unlimited, always fresh, not an imitation, it is original. Your gift will bring about promotion if it is used in the right way to reach the Goal. Using it for egotistical purposes is idol worship. You have to deal with impressions first. Start out serving in the skills you have; serve and your gift will come out.
    What the Creator speaks comes to pass. We will be a greater and mightier nation, an army that is immortal that comes to establish the standards of the Creator on the ground at Malchut. We set the throne of the Eternal. The throne is made up of Kohanim, Levites, Judges and officers. The throne of Echad will be set because of judgment. The dominion of the mortal man (ego) is taken away. The reigning influence will be immortal. The Kingdom will an everlasting Kingdom. The judges and officers must meet qualifications to set on one of these thrones. Qualification has to do with dominion. Dominion is within yourself, not over people. The blows we receive are like pebbles thrown in a pond that cause ripples (memory, impression). When that happens you are not in control. If the mind is rippling, it changes the way we reflect our true self. Dominion means when a pebble is dropped, the ripples are restrained. Remain the same when you receive blows. Be God in the event and judgment is correct. Shoftim must have control/dominate themselves.

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