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Friday, April 03, 2020


CHAG PESACH SAMEACH. We are entering into the season whereas the Jewish People commence the observance of the High Holy Day termed PESACH (Passover). Traditionally PESACH is the most celebrated of all Jewish holidays. While Torah instructs that PESACH would be observed over a seven day period, in the Diaspora, it is observed for eight days. The reason for the eight day celebration in the Diaspora is that when we were exiled from ERETZ YISRAEL by the Romans, an uncertainty about the calendar arose. With the Jewish People being scattered all over OLAM (the world), it was impossible to reach everyone concerning when the New Moon (first of the month) was sighted in YERUSHALIYIM. Because of the lack of precision concerning timing, the certainty of the correct day was lost. Thus to eliminate confusion, a second day was added. This was consistently done to ensure that the Jewish People would observe them on the correct day.

The Jewish People are commanded to observe PESACH in commemoration of our liberation from the bondage of MITZRAYIM (Egypt). The NAVI Jeremiah was given a vision disclosing that the emphasis that is placed on our liberation from MITZRAYIM would change. The change would express a spiritual liberation that would be experienced in the exile of the false identification with the PHYSICAL BODY. It is written, “However, behold - days are coming - the word of HaShem - when it will no longer be said, As HaShem lives, Who took out the Children of Israel from the land of Egypt, but rather, As HaShem lives, Who took out the Children of Israel from the land of the North and from all the lands where He had scattered them; and I shall return them to their land, which I gave to their forefathers.” Jeremiah 16:14,15 In this prophetic utterance, it is disclosed that Yisrael will be gathered from all the nations where we had been scattered.

The scattering gave rise to a loss of identification. To regain the loss of identification, two things must occur, the Creator, Blessed be His Name, will send redeemers to aid in the return as well as those who are lost in identification experiencing an epiphany or faith above reasoning revealing their TRUTH of BEING.

The TRUTH of BEING is that YISRAEL is the revelation that the SOUL is ONE with G-d. That is, that one is an individual aspect of the CREATOR. In Jewish spirituality, this is referred to as being the DIVINE SPARK. This revelation of being ONE with G-d is the beginning of LIBERATION. To LAAVOR (cross) the barrier into the LIBERATION experienced in spirituality, a REDEEMER is required. The REDEEMER is purposed to disclose the PATH of LIFE. The PATH of LIFE will give rise to ascension both into spirituality as well as the return to ERETZ YISRAEL.

Things, that is, events are MIHUGA (recurring). There was a plague that covered MITZRAYIM purposed to liberate YISRAEL. The plague that is upon all nations is one in the same. It is destined to aid in our liberation. The solution is ascension out of false identification into the TRUTH of BEING. The EMET (truth) is that we are ONE with G-d, that is, the DEATHLESS ONE.

Let our observance of PESACH reflect this TRUTH and commence the unfoldment of the next level of evolution, that is the elimination of DEATH by ascension into LIFE EVERMORE.

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