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Friday, November 29, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the scenario contained in the SIDRAH describing the event of YITZCHAK sending away YAACOB to LABAN the son of BETHUEL. It begins with the following statement, “…ויקרא יצחק אל–יעקב ויברך אתו ויצוהו”, which is interpreted, “So Isaac summoned Jacob and blessed him, he instructed him…” Genesis 28:1a  This unfoldment in the journey of our patriarch YAACOB is the effect of the deception employed in receiving the blessing of the firstborn. It was the decision of YITZCHAK to give BECHOR HA BECHORIM (the blessing of the firstborn) to ESAV despite the prophecy received by RIVKA disclosing “… and the elder shall serve the younger.” The deception engendered an atmosphere that threatened the life of YAACOB, thus he was sent to LABAN to receive a wife.

The instructions of AVRAHAM is what gives rise to ascension into the TRUTH of BEING. The TRUTH of BEING is that the SOUL is a SUPERNAL SPARK, that is, an individual aspect of ECHAD. The realization and actualization of the TRUTH of BEING commences with forgetting one’s past. Thus like AVRAHAM having to leave his father’s house, that is, the past, YAACOB being sent away from his father’s house would not be a hindrance to the realization and actualization of being. but rather an aid in his pursuit. To gain the awareness of PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS, that is, our ONENESS with ECHAD, Blessed be His Name, required that one loses his egotistical grip on the PRESENT WORLD. In body consciousness, one cleaves to the corporeal creating a false identification. Then RESHIMO manages us in such a way that as time passes, we gain an awareness that we can cleave on to nothing that is phenomenal. In this way the egotistical existence is like a DREAM. The instructions of AVRAHAM discloses that losing one’s grip on this world of illusion gives rise to the actualization of our ONENESS with ECHAD. The experience is one of LIFE without the possibility of DEATH whereas one enters into a regenerative state of constant improvement. Within it is experienced as STILLNESS. Within it is the revelation of OLAM HA BA.

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Friday, November 22, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the following phrase contained within the SIDRAH. It is written, “...ותמת שרה”, which is translated to mean “Sarah died.” The question is, what is implied by the event of the death of Sarah?

To gain insight into the event of death, we must commence with the identification of Sarah. From the standpoint of the EGO, her identification would be that of the physical body. Her body consciousness began on the day that she was born and ended on the day of her transition. At the commencement of her body consciousness, she was given a name, and from that point on she began to build a personality, taking on some qualities that can be labeled good or bad. This process continued until the day that her name was changed from SARAI to SARAH. The changing of the name is significant in that it was revealed by ECHAD, Blessed be His Name.

The revelation of her true identification is what was received from ECHAD. This identification was tied to her SUPERNAL PURPOSE, i.e. to be a mother of nations, and that kings of peoples will rise from her. The SUPERNAL PURPOSE is eternal in nature, that is, having no beginning and no ending. The truth of her being does not lie within her birth date and death date, but on the contrary these dates are contained within her being. Yea, the body that she was clothed in had a beginning and therefore an end, but her truth is imperishable, unaffected by the qualities that she choose to identify with and all events that are experienced. It remains STILL with the SUPERNAL PURPOSE given to appear at some predetermined point in space and time.

We live, move and have our being in an INFINITE FIELD of PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. All of Creation is contained within this SUPERNAL AWARENESS. This SUPERNAL AWARENESS is life without the possibility of death. The created forms that come and go within this ETERNAL AWARENESS are animated by this INFINITE BEING. Therefore whenever the form goes, the AWARENESS remains, unaffected by arising thereof and the fall. The SUPERNAL AWARENESS is what produced the form with the thought of it becoming a visible manifestation of the invisible qualities of the awareness. It continues the process until it is performed. The death of SARAH was not an ending, but a continuation of the journey that unfolds the thought of Creation. This journey is entering into levels of awareness beyond the imagination where one experiences the fulness of joy in a state of unending regeneration.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION on the following statement at the unfoldment of the SIDRAH. It is written, “וירא אליו יהוה באלני ממרא והוא ישב פתח-האהל כחם היום”, “HaShem appeared to him in the plains of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance of the tent in the heat of the day.” The PARASHAT begins with the description of AVRAHAM sitting at the entrance of the tent where he experiences an epiphany. The vision was a disclosure of ECHAD. No doubt he beheld the vision in his heart sensing to be ONE WITH G-d.

Out of the STILLNESS he experienced, begins the unfoldment of the narrative of the visitation of the UPPER FORCES seen as three men. The three men are beings that had made the attainment into a higher level of existence.

The level of existence that the three had attained was IMMORTALITY. Their appearance was to aid AVRAHAM in making the attainment to his next level of existence. They represented the SEFEROT DAAT, BINAH and CHOCHMAH, that is, knowledge, understanding and wisdom. The DAAT (knowledge) is not to be of assertion, but of experience. The BINAH (understanding) is that of SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT. The CHOCHMAH (wisdom) is a non-differential state in which ALL things are seen as one thing. The visitation will give rise to the transformation of desires experienced in the vessel of reception into the revelation of the TRUTH of BEING, yea, that he is ONE with G-d.
From the experience with the three men, a perception is learned dealing with the purpose of the EGO. AVRAHAM is given the revelation that the EGO is purposed to be used as the vessel to perceive the CREATOR. The vessel receives the potential to perceive from the CREATOR. Thus giving rise to the belief of existence separate from the Creator. Once the correction is made that the only separation is one of degrees, the CONCEALED POTENTIAL in the KLI, that is, vessel of reception, can manifest. This is what gives rise to the unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION. Since it is but ONE CREATOR, that is, ECHAD, who occupies all of the vessels, connecting to the HIGH LEVEL of CONSCIOUSNESS will unite the vessels. This union is the return to the primordial state, that is, ADAM RISHON, the collective consciousness of ECHAD, the Creator.

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Friday, November 08, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the opening statement of the SIDRAH. It is written, “…ויאמר יהוה אל אורם לך לך מארצך”, which is interpreted, “HaShem said to Abram, Go for yourself from your land…” This statement is the product of an epiphany experienced by our father AVRAHAM. The experience disclosed the truth of being which is that the soul is an individual aspect of ECHAD. The EMET is based upon the principle that G-d only speaks to G-d. In other words, the Creator speaks to the Creator within the vessel, and the EGO witnesses to the event.

This event influences the words and actions of ABRAM, giving rise to the revelation that would unite his disciples. The union would be based upon the truth of Being, that is, that we are individual aspects of the CREATOR. Since there is only one CREATOR, the unifying principle is based upon the SUPERNAL, yea, ascension into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS is the unifying state. The STILLNESS of AWARENESS that is in ALL is the common CONSCIOUS of ADAM RISHON. Thus as One SOUL made up of many, we become ONE, i.e. the image and likeness of ECHAD.

The PARASHAT opens with the primary instruction to institute in the ASCENSION. It commences with leaving one’s past. To become conscious of the Highest level of the SOUL, i.e. the YECHIDAH, requires the revelation that the SOUL is an individual aspect of ECHAD, followed by a commitment to leaving one’s past behind. It is clinging to the past that hinders the ascension into ONENESS, yea, it is the D’VEKUT (attachment) to one’s past which sustains the EGO. As long as one is EGOTISTIC, there is a state of duality that exists between the individual and the CREATOR. Abraham taught a method that would nullify the EGO empowering entrance into a conscious unity with PURE SOUL CONSCIOUS that can be obtained through the instructions of AVRAHAM is the foundation of Israel that reveals us as the model nation not reckoned among the rest of the nations.

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Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH with a brief description of the narrative unfolding the SIDRAH. It is written, “…אלה תולדת נח”, this is interpreted to mean, “These are the offspring of Noah…” The scenario opens as a presentation of Noah, who is the head of his generation along with the names of his sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. Afterwords, we are given a description of the condition of the KLI of ADAM RISHON. The KLI is the form. ADAM RISHON is the corporate being that is comprised of many souls. The many souls are classified as HOST SOULS (Israel) and INDIVIDUAL SOULS (the rest of the nations of the world).

The condition of the souls at the time are said to be corrupt. In other words, it was a time whereas EGOISM was reigning in the earthen realm. The growth of the ego is a necessary unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION. That GOAL being that ADAM RISHON would become a visible manifestation of ECHAD. All things are carefully calculated so that no behavior can undermine the GOAL. There is management that is occurring externally to aid in the ATTAINMENT.

In response to the GROWTH of the EGO, the Creator predetermined a flood. The flood would give rise to entering into a new level of existence. In other words, what appears to be destruction is like unto a contraction experienced in BIRTH. The contraction is what is termed TSIM TSUM. It is the constriction that engendered Creation that is destined to be followed by an expansion.

From the ROOT LANGUAGE, the PARASHAT NOACH is a revelation of the process of ADAM RISHON (the human conscious experience) undergoing a series of constrictions and expansions in the ATTAINMENT of the GOAL. The knowledge of the process enables one in the acceleration of the ATTAINMENT. By embodying the teachings of Torah in concert with the constrictions and the expansions, self-realization is actualized and the actualization of the revelation which is PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY. 

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