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Thursday, June 29, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT CHUKAT by placing our ATTENTION on the following passage found in the SIDRAH, it is written, “The Canaanite king of Arad, who dwelled in the south, heard that Israel had come by the route of the spies, and warred against Israel and took a captive from it. Israel made a vow to HaShem and said, If you will deliver this people into my hand, I will consecrate their cities. HaShem heard the voice of Israel, and he delivered the Canaanite, and it consecrated them and their cities. It named the place Hormah.” (Numbers 21:1-3) In this passage of TORAH, the PURPOSE of ECHAD is disclosed. The PURPOSE is the MANY becoming ONE. We are given the SCENARIO of the CANAANITE KING OF ARAD waging war against the Jewish People and our response to the EVENT TO SUBSTANTIATE. No doubt the EVENT was predetermined by ECHAD to aid in the INFOLDMENT of the MANY BECOMING ONE. This predetermined event purposed to bring about the GOAL of HUMANITY coming into a Conscious Union with G-d is a revelation that ECHAD has created SYSTEMS that give rise to the ATTAINMENT of the DIVINE VISION.

The predetermined SYSTEMS to aid in the ATTAINMENT of the DIVINE VISION of the MANY becoming ONE were described by the SAGES as ASSYIAH, YETZIRAH, BERIAH, ATZULUT and ADAM KADMON respectively. By responding to the challenges contained within the SYSTEMS, ascension is made towards the ATTAINMENT of the DIVINE VISION. In this SCENARIO, BENEI YISRAEL responded to the EVENT rather than to REACT by making an ASCENSION into the HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS where it was disclosed that the R’TZON (volition) of G-d was to ASSIMILATE the cities of the CANAANITE KING into the Conscious Union with ECHAD that YISRAEL HAD ATTAINED. In other words, BENEI YISRAEL was empowered to effect the DIVINE VISION by aligning themselves with DIVINE INTENT.

Likewise our SUCCESS in the fulfillment of PURPOSE both INDIVIDUAL and CORPORATE is by ALIGNING ourselves with DIVINE INTENT. Indeed the ALIGNMENT will lead to the ATTAINMENT of the INFOLDMENT.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT CHUKAT by placing our ATTENTION on the following passage contained within the SIDRAH, it is written, “The Children of Israel, the whole assembly, arrived at the Wilderness of Zin in the first month and the people settled in Kadesh. Miriam died there and she was buried there. There was no water for the assembly, and they gathered against Moses and Aaron. The people quarreled with Moses and spoke up saying, If only we had perished as our brethren perished before HASHEM!” (Numbers 20:1-3) In this passage of TORAH, we are given the SCENARIO of BENEI YISRAEL’S reaction to the DEATH OF MIRIAM which gave rise to the lack of water for the ASSEMBLY.

The sages have declared that the water supply for BENEI YISRAEL was the product of MIRIAM’S ascension into the HIGHER LEVLS of CONSCIOUSNESS. Her ascension into the HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS engendered the MANIFESTATION of a ROCK that followed the Jewish people that supplied them with enough water to satisfy their needs in the journey through the WILDERNESS. Miriam’s transition was perceived as the ABSENCE of her ASCENDED CONSCIOUS BEING giving rise to the disappearance of the MANIFESTATION. This event was not perceived as ECHAD pouring out His unbound blessings upon AM YISRAEL, thus prompting a negative reaction, that is, the fear of perishing. The fearing of perishing is the experience of SUFFERING which is not to be a part of the PATH of LIFE for the Jewish People. Indeed the DIVINE PURPOSE given to the Jews of being TIKKUN OLAM is to demonstrate to the WORLD a PERSPECTIVE OF REALITY that ends all SUFFERING.

The experience of what is perceived as a NEGATIVE EVENT is something that needs to be DEFINED. This instruction rests upon the EMET that G-d only pours out UNBOUND BLESSINGS upon His Creation and that He does not change, yea, the NAVI MALACHI wrote, “For I, HASHEM, have not changed, and you, the sons of Jacob, you have not perished.” (Malachi 3:6) Since the beginning of CREATION ECHAD has poured out ONLY GOOD. Thus anything that is perceived otherwise is something that needs to be RE-DEFINED. No doubt the TRANSITION of MIRIAM and the end of the MANIFESTATION of the ROCK that followed them providing water was ECHAD pouring out a blessing that would give rise to the MOVEMENT of YISRAEL into the PROMISED LAND of MILK and HONEY. The experience indeed is the revelation of the WISDOM of ECHAD which declares, Where G-d guides, He provides.

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Monday, June 26, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the title of the PARASHAT (portion). The title of the PARASHAT is CHUKAT. The IVRI transliteration CHUKAT is indicative of the word DECREE. In particular the NATURE of the DECREE is one of MYSTERY. In other words, it is a law that is hard to understand yet we are commanded to OBEY. Our obedience to the CHUK is destined to UNCOVER the MYSTERY. The uncovering of the MYSTERY is what is termed a REVELATION. The REVELATION is WISDOM from the HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS that is destined to AID in the ATTAINMENT of a CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD.

The PARASHAT CHUKAT commences with instructions from ECHAD on the preparation of an AGENT of PURIFICATION made with the ASHES of a RED COW, CEDAR WOOD, HYSSOP and a CRIMSON THREAD. The AGENT of PURIFICATION is to be employed to PURIFY those who had become TAMEI (contaminated) by coming in contact with a CORPSE. Since the destruction of the SECOND TEMPLE, this AGENT of PURIFICATION literally has not been AVAILABLE, leaving many with the IDEA that has created LIMITATION within the Jewish People.
It is the GOAL of ECHAD that the MANY would become ONE. The ONENESS that is being spoken of is the VISIBLE MANIFESTATION of the INVISIBLE QUALITIES of ECHAD. Thus the idea that the instructions to create the AGENT of PURIFICATION are no longer able to be fulfilled would be G-d giving an instruction that would undermine the GOAL of the MANY becoming ONE. The experience of LIMITATION would hinder the MANIFESTATION of the QUALITIES because G-d is not TAMEI.

This EMET discloses that the INSTRUCTION may be observed at a PRINCIPLE LEVEL that enables those who become TAMEI by contact with a CORPSE to be purified. To discern the PRINCIPLE, we commence with the idea of what NEEDS to undergo PURIFICATION. It is obvious that CONTACT with a corpse physically can be dealt with by such things as SOAP and WATER, ETC. Thus the AGENT of PURIFICATION principally is not of this nature, yea, who ever handles it becomes TAMEI. The AGENT of PURIFICATION at a PRINCIPLE LEVEL must be one that PURIFIES MENTALLY. Such experiences as MEMORIES, GRIEF, MOURNING, ANXIETY, and the like, must undergo PURIFICATION in this case. To experience the PURIFICATION at the mental level, a TEACHER is needful that will become one with the contaminated. Just as the CONTAMINATED experiences the NEGATIVES caused by coming into CONTACT with the CORPSE, the TEACHER takes on the like in order to show the CONTAMINATED the PATH TO LIFE. The REVELATIONS GIVEN BY the TEACHER GIVE RISE TO PURIFICATION.

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Friday, June 23, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT KORACH by placing our ATTENTION upon the following passage found in the SIDRAH, it is written, “The Children of Israel said to Moses saying, Behold! we perish, we are lost, we are all lost. Everyone who approaches closer to the Tabernacle of HASHEM will die. Will we ever stop perishing? HASHEM said to AARON, You, your sons, and your father’s household with you shall bear the iniquity of the Sanctuary; and you and your sons with you shall bear the iniquity of your priesthood. Also your brethren the tribe of Levi, the tribe of your father, shall you draw near with you, and they shall be joined to you and minister to you. You and your sons with you shall be before the Tent of the Testimony.” (Numbers 17:27,28-18:1,2) In this passage of Torah, the focus continues upon the FEAR experienced by BENEI YISRAEL even after the REVELATION OF THE SPIRITUAL TEACHER, AARON.

The purpose of the SPIRITUAL TEACHER is to aid the PROTEGE in making the ASCENSION into the HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS where there is a cease of SUFFERING. The SPIRITUAL TEACHER is EMPOWERED to do so simply because he OCCUPIES what is termed PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. The qualities experienced in PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS are KNOWLEDGE, EXISTENCE, BLISS and BESTOWAL. The SPIRITUAL TEACHER while engaged in the WORLD of EFFECTS is unmoved by the activity of both YETZER HATOV (the good inclination) and YETZER HARA (the evil inclination) in OLAM (the world) being conscious of a state that TRANSCENDS SPACE and TIME. The CONSCIOUSNESS of this HIGH LEVEL eventually will be established in the SPHERE of AUTHORITY belonging to those who HAVE ATTAINED. The ATTAINMENT is sometimes referred to as HEAVEN on EARTH. 

The FEARS experienced by BENEI YISRAEL in this SCENARIO was IMMEDIATELY RESPONDED to by HASHEM focusing the ATTENTION on the duties of the SPIRITUAL TEACHER, yea, it is the performance of these DUTIES that aids in the ASCENSION of the PROTEGE out of the LOWER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS where SUFFERING IS EXPERIENCED. The performance of these duties are destined to aid the PROTEGE in the building of a SIXTH SENSE where he/she is able to experience PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS where there is an end to ALL SUFFERING.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT KORACH by placing our ATTENTION on the following passage found in the SIDRAH, it is written, “Moses spoke to the Children of Israel, and all their leaders gave him a staff for each leader, a staff for each leader, according to their fathers’ house, twelve staffs; and Aaron’s staff was among their staffs. Moses laid the staffs before HaShem in the Tent of Testimony. On the next day, Moses came to the Tent of the Testimony and behold! the staff of Aaron of the house of Levi had blossomed; it brought forth a blossom, sprouted a bud and almonds ripened. Moses brought out all the staffs from before HaShem to all the Children of Israel; they saw and they took, each man his staff. HaShem said to Moses: Bring back the staff of Aaron before the Testimony as a safekeeping, as a sign for rebellious ones; let their complaints cease from Me that they not die.” (Numbers 17:21-25)  In this passage of Torah, we are given an aspect of the SCENARIO REVEALING HASHEM’S APPROBATION of AARON as a SPIRITUAL LEADER in YISRAEL. No doubt the need for DIVINE APPROBATION in substantiating SPIRITUAL LEADER has to do with the profound effect that the teacher has upon the DESTINY of the student. A SPIRITUAL TEACHER can not merely teach the ASCENSION of OTHERS, but rather ADMINISTERS the EXPERIENCE that is obtained by occupying the HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Without the experience, both the TEACHER and the STUDENT are destined to remain in the lower levels and continue in the experience of SUFFERING.

To prevent a continuance in the LOWER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS and ASCEND into the HIGHER LEVELS where SUFFERING CEASES, HASHEM provided a TEST to be viewed publicly. The test was to take all of the STAVES that belong to the leadership, place them in the TENT of MEETING before the ARK, and the STAFF THAT G-d chooses is that of the SPIRITUAL LEADER. This PUBLIC TEST would enable BENEI YISRAEL to choose SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP that would aid them in reaching the goal of establishing a CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD.

On the other hand, failure to follow the SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP SENT BY ECHAD makes DESCENSION into the LOWER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS inevitable. In these lower levels, suffering will continue ultimately bringing DESTRUCTION. Indeed those who you accompany with will have a PROFOUND EFFECT upon DESTINY.

The SCENARIO demonstrates the principle that when the STUDENT is READY, the TEACHER IS REVEALED. No doubt it is because ECHAD will disclose whom He has SENT.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION on the interpretation of the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the PARASHAT is KORACH. The IVRI transliteration KORACH is the name of the son of IZHAR BEN LEVI. IZHAR BEN LEVI is the son of KOHATH whose family had been given the DIVINE PURPOSE of CHARGE over the ARK, the TABLE, the MENORAH, the ALTARS and the SACRED UTENSILS with which they would minister, the PARTITION and all its accessories. READ NUMBERS 3:31.

DIVINE PURPOSE is the REASON for the CREATION OF A THING. One of the QUALITIES of DIVINE PURPOSE is that which we term IMMUTABILITY, which is inclusive of the IDEA of not being subject to change. Whatever is done in the STATE of CAUSE is not SUBJECT TO CHANGE. To add, the QUALITY of IMMUTABILITY is ETERNAL, because if it changes, it is not IMMUTABLE. Thus the PURPOSE that HASHEM PREDETERMINED for the MISHPACHAH KOHATH would remain unchanged for ALL GENERATIONS. Indeed the DIVINE PURPOSE of KORACH is that which was also his GRANDFATHER KOHATH. This EMET AIDS in the INTERPRETATION of the story.

The story is a revelation of what occurs when an INDIVIDUAL chooses HIS OWN WAY instead of the DIVINE PURPOSE. KORACH had gathered some of the LEADERSHIP together to form a COUP to overthrow the LEADERSHIP of MOSHE and AARON. They justified the FORMATION based upon the IDEA that BENEI YISRAEL did not need their LEADERSHIP, THEY ARE HOLY and therefore ABLE to GOVERN THEMSELVES.

The NAVI MOSHE possessed the INSIGHT that exposed their PLOY, yea, what they desired was to take their (MOSHE and AARON) PLACE. The NAVI MOSHE’S sight into the STATE of CAUSE REVEALED what had been predetermined to occur. This sight is the result of TRANSCENDING SPACE and TIME entering into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUS. Within the STATE OF PURE SOUL CONSCIOUS is insight into DIVINE PURPOSE. INSIGHT into DIVINE PURPOSE is a QUALITY that a TRUE TEACHER MUST HAVE IN ORDER TO aid the TALMIDIM in ASCENSION into the HIGHER LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. The test that was put forth by the NAVI Moshe was to reveal to BENEI YISRAEL who possessed the INSIGHT into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS.
The thing that hath been is that which shall be. We are a generation that asks the HARD QUESTIONS. This is indicative of the EMET (truth) the the generation is ready to hear the TEACHER. Thus the TEACHER is revealed. The time for the infoldment has come that will reveal the GLORY OF the ONE in the MANY.

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Friday, June 16, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT SHELACH by placing our ATTENTION on the following passage found in the SIDRAH, it is written, “But as for the men whom Moses sent to spy out the land, and who returned and provoked the entire assembly against him by spreading a report against the Land - the people who spread the evil report about the Land died in a plague before HaShem. But Joshua son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh lived from among those men who were going to spy out the Land. Moses spoke these words to all of the Children of Israel, and the people mourned exceedingly. They awoke early in the morning and ascended toward the mountaintop saying, We are ready, and we shall ascend to the place of which HaShem has spoken, for we have sinned … But they defiantly ascended to the mountaintop, while the Ark of HaShem’s covenant and Moses did not move from the midst of the camp. The Amalekite and the Canaanite who dwelled on that mountain descended; they struck them and pounded them until Hormah.” (Numbers 14:36-40, 44,45) In this scenario, BENEI YISRAEL who had received the EVIL REPORT from ten of the twelve spies and witnessed to the JUDGMENT that occurred as a result of their DISBELIEF, repented taking upon themselves to war against the enemies. Their attempt failed leaving the question as to Why?

As aforementioned in the previous DEVAR TORAH, ECHAD did not require the MIGHT or POWER of BENEI YISRAEL in possessing the LAND, His requirement is to ALGIN our INTENTION with HIS. By ALIGNING our INTENTION with His, HASHGACHAH (working behind the scene) would be made MANIFEST. It had been predetermined by ECHAD that the earth would be filled with the VISIBLE MANIFESTATION of HIS INVISIBLE QUALITIES. This could only occur with those who have the SAME INTENTION and are willing to step out of the COMFORT ZONE to do that which requires HIS MANIFESTATION. Thus INTENTION is like a CONDUIT CONNECTING THE POWER SOURCE TO THAT which is to MANIFEST the POWER. It was the DISBELIEF, i.e. DEFIANCE against INTENTION that placed them in a position where they would have to function without MOSHE and the ARK. RELYING upon their own energy met utter defeat.

On the other hand, we must also consider the IDEA that they REPENTED. Their REPENTANCE seemingly was SINCERE, since it gave rise to a change of ACTION. Therefore the problem seemingly does not rest in the MECHANICS that they EMPLOYED. No doubt the problem has to do with TIMING. Once the word of HASHEM had been given, the SPACE for REPENTANCE was over. The TIME of CONSEQUENCES had begun.

These two ideas lead us to the EMET (truth) that success is effected by INTENTION and TIMING. Yea, we are destined to ALIGN our INTENTION with ECHAD in harmony with His TIMING. Employing these MECHANICS will aid with the INFOLDMENT of the MANY BECOMING ONE.

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Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the interpretation of the title of the PARASHAT, SHELACH. The IVRI transliteration SHELACH carries with it the idea to SEND FORTH. In particular, it is descriptive of the action of MOSHE REBEYNU sending forth spies to SEE THE LAND, HOW IS IT? THE PEOPLE THAT DWELLS IN IT, ARE THEY STRONG OR WEAK? FEW OR NUMEROUS? HOW IS THE LAND IN WHICH IT DWELLS, IS IT GOOD OR BAD? HOW ARE THE CITIES IN WHICH IT DWELLS, ARE THEY OPEN OR FORTIFIED? HOW IS THE LAND, IS IT FERTILE OR LEAN? ARE THERE TREES OR NOT? Then it goes on to say, “You shall strengthen yourselves and take from the fruit of the Land.” The question is, what is implied by the statement “You shall strengthen yourselves?”

From the DEVARIM (words) of King Solomon, it is obvious that ECHAD has predetermined events that take place in the earthen REALM. It is written, “I realized that whatever God does will endure forever; Nothing can be added to it and nothing can be subtracted from it, and God has acted so that (man) should stand in awe of Him. What has been, already exits and what is still to be, has already been, and God always seeks the pursued.” (Ecclesiastes 3:14,15) In this passage of KETHUVIM, it is evident from the CONCEPT, THAT WHAT has been already exists and what is still to be, has already been, that this statement is based upon the idea the ECHAD PREDETERMINES EVENTS. It is also evident that the PREDETERMINED EVENTS ARE CYCLIC in NATURE. In other words, the Jewish People possessing the LAND OF CANAAN was PREDETERMINED BY ECHAD, yea, what G-d has predestined can not be DENIED. Thus the sending forth of the spies was not for the purpose of SURVEY, i.e. to determine whether or not they would be able to be VICTORIOUS over the INHABITANTS of the LAND.

This EMET (truth) leaves us with the IDEA that the purpose of the SPIES being sent has to do with DIVINE INTENT. In other words, they were sent to align themselves with DIVINE INTENT. It has been promised to our ABBA AVRAHAM that “I will give to you and to your offspring after you the land of your sojourns - the whole of the land of CANAAN - as an everlasting possession…” (Genesis 17:8) In this portion of TORAH, it is disclosed that the land of CANAAN had been predetermined by ECHAD to be given to AM Yisrael. Thus the spies were not being sent to determine whether or not they were able to POSSESS the LAND, but rather to strengthen the INTENT to do so.

This suggests that the Jewish People are SENT to demonstrate to OLAM the POWER OF INTENTION. The INTENTION that is based upon what G-d has promised. The INTENT is not only to make ALLEYAH to the LAND, but also into a CONSCIOUS UNION with G-d, yea, the time has come that the MANY are to become the ONE. Let us align our INTENTION with both the ASCENSION to the LAND and our ONENESS with ECHAD.

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Friday, June 09, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT BEHAALOTCHA by placing our ATTENTION upon the following passage found in the SIDRAH, it is written, “It was in the second year, in the second month, on the twentieth of the month, the cloud was lifted from upon the Tabernacle of the Testimony. The Children of Israel journeyed on their journeys from the Wilderness of Sinai, and the cloud rested in the Wilderness of Paran.” (Numbers 10:11,12) In this passage of TORAH, it is disclosed that the JOURNEY of BENEI YISRAEL through the WILDERNESS was effected by DIVINE PROVIDENCE, that is to say that they followed the THE CLOUD rather than the CROWD. No doubt, the teaching is that the Jewish People are not to seek the APPROVAL of OLAM (the world) in MOVEMENT, but rather be willing to step out of the COMFORT ZONE when making DECISIONS. The question is, what does “FOLLOW THE CLOUD” imply when it comes to making DECISIONS?

As aforementioned, the DECISION making of the Jew is destined to be based on DIVINE PROVIDENCE. DIVINE PROVIDENCE is represented by the CLOUD that they followed. The CLOUD was located in the UPPER ATMOSPHERE. Likewise to be relevant to the perspective of an IMPERSONAL G-d, the CLOUD is indicative of the revelations of the CAUSAL WORLD which is termed as PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. In other words, in the HIGH LEVELS of Consciousness is contained the revelations which are destined to appear in the world of EFFECT, that is, CREATION. Thus the revelations that are CONTAINED within PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS are PREDETERMINED EVENTS that will occur in OLAM that give rise to unfolding the INFOLDMENT of the UNIVERSE of BECOMING.

To one who is not gifted to visualize the REVELATIONS of the CAUSAL WORLD, that is, PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS, there is a way of gaining ACCESS. The way is to build a SIXTH SENSE that will give insight into the HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS. The building of the SIXTH SENSE is the result of REFINING THE MIND. The REFINEMENT OCCURS as the SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL is purified by employing TESHUVAH (repentance) and the CORRECTION that is needful revealed in KARMIC DREAMS. When the REFINEMENT OCCURS, the MIND will perfectly reflect the PURE SOUL CONSCIOUS LEVEL disclosing the revelations that are CONTAINED THEREIN. When this occurs, one is able to MOVE in harmony with the ENERGY of THE UNIVERSE of BECOMING, then being empowers to fulfill DESTINY. 

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Thursday, June 08, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT BEHAALOTCHA by placing our ATTENTION on the following passage found in the SIDRAH, it is written, “There were men who had been contaminated by a human corpse and could not make the pesach-offering on that day; so they approached Moses and Aaron on that day. Those men said to him, We are contaminated through a human corpse; why should we be diminished by not offering HaShem’s offering in its appointed time among the Children of Israel?” (Numbers 9:6,7) In this scenario, it is disclosed that there were some Jewish men that had become TAMEI (contaminated) by coming in contact with a corpse. We may assume that their contact with the CORPSE was the result of KEEPING a MITZVAH (commandment) concerning the CORPSE, being aware that the TIME had come for the observation of PESACH, yea, TALMUD Shabbos 127a states, “These are the precepts whose fruits a person enjoys in This World, but whose principle remains intact for him in the World to Come. They are the honor due to father and mother, acts of kindness, early attendance at the house of study morning and evening, hospitality to guests, visiting the sick, providing for a bride, ESCORTING THE DEAD, absorption in prayer, bringing peace between man and his fellow - and the study of Torah is equivalent to them all.” No doubt the thought was ESCORTING THE DEAD will merit fruit in OLAM as well as OLAM HABA, but will it be undermined by the EMET that it will make us TAMEI during the time we are to make the PESACH OFFERING? Both events are of HASHEM, thus how are they to be perceived?

It is important to note that all events that HASHEM has predetermined for our experience are GOOD. On the other hand, HASHEM does not CHANGE, i.e. G-d is IMMUTABLE. Therefore there is never a TIME when G-d will BESTOW upon us a BAD EVENT. The experience of a BAD EVENT is an ERROR in PERCEPTION. In the UNIVERSE OF BECOMING, the INFOLDMENT THEREOF, i.e. the MANY BECOMING ONE, is the result of CORRECTING ERRONEOUS PERCEPTION, yea, it is the ERROR in PERCEPTION that effects the experience of DISUNITY and causes suffering. Thus with G-d only BESTOWING GOOD EVENTS upon His children, it is not G-d that needs to be changed to bring about the experience of BLESSING, but rather our perception of the EVENT. This is what is being illustrated in this portion of the SIDRAH.

The perception of the men was that their CONTAMINATION would give rise to being diminished because of not being able to offer the PESACH offering at its appointed time. The counsel of HASHEM concerning this MATTER was to make the offering on the second month, on the fourteenth day in the afternoon. In other words, it was something that DID NOT require HASHEM changing but rather a change of the PERSPECTIVE held by those men. Likewise, what may appear as a BAD EVENT in our lives does not require a change in HASHEM, yea, delights are in His right hand for eternity.” (Psalm 16:11), but rather we must change our PERCEPTION by employing TORAH, MITZVOT and TEFILAH which give rise to experiencing the BLESSING BEING BESTOWED UPON US. 

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Wednesday, June 07, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT BEHAALOTCHA by focusing our attention on the following passage found in the SIDRAH, it is written, “Moses, Aaron, and the entire assembly of the Children of Israel did to the Levites according to everything that HaShem had commanded Moses about the Levites, so did the Children of Israel do to them. The Levites purified themselves and immersed their garments; and Aaron waved them as a wave service before HaShem, and Aaron provided atonement for them to purify them. Afterwards the Levites came to perform their service in the Tent of Meeting…” (Numbers 8:20-22a) In this passage of TORAH, the execution of the process of the Consecration of the Levites is disclosed. The instructions of HaShem performed by the NAVI Moses, Aaron, BENEI YISRAEL in concert with the LEVITES PURIFICATION of themselves was of necessity in their preparation in order to PERFORM their SERVICE in the Tent of Meeting. No doubt, the process would enable them to execute their DUTIES with a SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE. The question is, why was it necessary for the LEVITES to PURIFY THEMSELVES? 

From a perspective relevant to those who view HaShem both from a PERSONAL and IMPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP, PURIFICATION enables one in ascending into a CONSCIOUS UNION with HASHEM giving rise to the MANIFESTATION of HIS QUALITIES. The concept that the PURIFICATION of ONE’S PERCEPTION of G-d is a requirement before entering into SERVICE reveals that the INTENT is to MANIFEST G-d which may be described as UNLIMITED POTENTIAL, yea, the VISIBLE MANIFESTATION of HASHEM’S invisible QUALITIES will effect the SPIRITUAL LAW, IMAGE CREATES DESIRE in the PERCEPTION in those who witness to the PERFORMANCE of the SERVICE. This creates an IMPETUS within DESIRE to come into A CONSCIOUS UNION with HASHEM. Thus the PURIFICATION of ONE EFFECTS PURIFICATION in MANY. The result of the PURIFICATION of the MANY aids in the INFOLDMENT of the UNIVERSE of BECOMING. Without a doubt, the MECHANICS employed by the Jewish people in PURIFICATION will aid the NATIONS of OLAM in blessing THEMSELVES and the UNIFICATION OF HUMANITY.

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Monday, June 05, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this portion by focusing upon the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the PARASHAT is BEHAALOTCHA. The term BEHAALOTCHA carries with it the idea, “when you kindle the lamps.” The portion commences as the instructions of HASHEM given to the NAVI Moshe on how the KOHEN GADOL (high priest) is to perform the service of the MENORAH. The question is, how are these instructions relevant to our time?

We are living in a SEASON that is termed the INFOLDMENT. The INFOLDMENT may be described as the MANY becoming ONE. The ONE is descriptive of the MANY becoming unified as the result of ASCENDING into a higher level of CONSCIOUS BEING termed PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. The manifestation thereof is the ceasing from SUFFERING resulting from the ASCENSION, whereas we become one with ECHAD.

Instructions to experience this higher perspective can be equated to the SERVICE of the MENORAH to be followed by the KOHEN GADOL.

Relevant to today, the MENORAH represents the INTUITIVE VOICE that is within. The INTUITIVE VOICE is that of the HIGHER SELF experienced by the EGO. The nature of it is BINAH, i.e. UNDERSTANDING. Concerning BINAH, KING SOLOMON declared, “… incline your heart to understanding for only if you call out to understanding and give forth your voice to discernment, if you seek it as silver, if you seek it as hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of HASHEM, and discover the knowledge of God.” (Proverbs 2:2b-5) In this APHORISM, it is disclosed that the INTUITIVE VOICE reveals the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD, yea, it is the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD experienced INSTANTANEOUSLY. The INSTRUCTIONS given to the KOHEN GADOL discloses the MECHANICS of EFFECTING the EXPERIENCE.

As aforementioned, the INTUITIVE VOICE is the HIGHER SELF. The INTUITIVE KNOWLEDGE OF THE HIGHER SELF, which is revealed to the EGO as a result of KINDLING. Just as the KOHEN GADOL was to daily KINDLE the MENORAH, the LOWER SELF (EGO) must daily engage with a teacher of TORAH to experience the light of the INTUITIVE VOICE. The KNOWLEDGE of G-d experienced through engaging with the HIGHER SELF is what gives rise to life and good ending all SUFFERING.

The relevance of the instructions discloses the importance of the STUDENT in making himself ready for the APPEARANCE of the TEACHER who as a STUDENT IN DISGUISE giving instructions on the daily ministration of TORAH. This discipline results with the establishment of the INTUITIVE VOICE WITHIN.

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