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Saturday, July 10, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is MATTOT meaning tribes.
•    Devarim/words are supernal in nature. The Creator employs words to effect form, becoming what He speaks. Words have vibrations; they are the beginning of manifestation. Words create forms that are real or unreal, seen and unseen. It starts with intention. Pure intention comes out of stillness; impure intention comes out of the ego. Use introspection before speaking to see where the words are coming from. Impure words create unreal form that produces suffering. Speak words that are in harmony with Pure Soul Consciousness.
•    Sefa is an influential flow of energy. The teacher maintains upper level of consciousness. Those in his sphere of authority who are connected correctly will receive sefa from the teacher. The student honors the teacher with their substance. The teacher can sense sensitivity that opposes Pure Soul consciousness. When the teacher feels sensitivity of the ego, he lets it go and gets back to stillness. The student who is connected will receive sefa. Don’t speak about the leader behind closed doors; it is felt in the spirit.
•    Moshe is told to destroy the Midianites because they led Israel into sexual perversion. Pursuit of egotistical pleasure is separation from your higher self. Pure Soul Consciousness is more valuable than the pursuit of pleasure. The purpose of meditation is to maintain Pure Soul Consciousness. From it, sefa, words will come forth that are in harmony with Pure Soul Consciousness.
•    We are standing in the Whole of Reality. Adam and Eve’s descension made it so they couldn’t perceive the Whole of Reality. Perception must change to reach the Goal of Creation. False perception is the unreal world. The mind receives blows and produces ripples. The mind is to be transformed to Stillness reflecting the Soul. No matter what is thrown in, the mind remains Still. If the mind is reflecting the Soul, the Beged will be transformed. 
•    Spiritual warfare deals with discrimination between what is real and unreal. It is not good vs evil. The screen is still. Observe/witness what is on the screen. The priests simply watched. They didn’t get involved with the warfare. Witnessing is being like the screen - still. What is on the screen is an illusion. Practice consistently on being still. In stillness, they gained what was necessary for their corporeal well being.
•    Gad and Reuben wanted to stay outside of the Land. Moshe told them that if they aided the other tribes in reaching the Goal, they could stay. The person who stays can easily go back to their old identification. Aiding helps to maintain supernal identification.
•    Be among people who allow you to unfold your purpose. Your purpose is for others not yourself. Our forefathers were nomadic to maximize their purpose. Maximizing purpose brings satisfaction; doing other things does not. Fulfilling purpose is manifesting the hidden life in you.
•    Adam and Eve used free will to choose something out of harmony with the Creator. Make sure your will is in harmony with the Supreme Will. The Creator promised Abraham the Land of Israel. Some of his zera didn’t want to go into the Land. God allowed it, but it kept them below the barrier. They were given free will to choose the Creator’s Will. It takes total surrender, devotion.


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Saturday, July 03, 2021


 Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is PINCHAS meaning black, negro, mouth of a serpent.
•    The Midianites used sex against Israel. Sex is a base desire that is used against us. Use sex for the purpose it was given - procreation. Israel was told to assault Midian. The assault is against their education. The current educational system perpetuates the ego, it enslaves the mind. We are an army of educators that employ the words of G-d to pull people completely out of the present world system to unfold the Goal of Creation.
•    Things happen in cycles. In the days of Noah, the sons of G-d got involved with sexual desire for pleasure. After the flood, Noah and his sons became the priests. In this portion, Israel is tempted by sexual pleasure which resulted in a plague. The plague was stopped by the actions of Pinchas. Because of his actions, G-d raised him up as an eternal priesthood. The priesthood did not become dominate until after the plague. In our time, we have experienced a plague. G-d is now raising up a priesthood that has not been seen before. Like Pinchas, it is dark skinned and has a mouth that is venomous to religion.
•     There is only One Life expressing itself in infinite ways. It is like a tree. The roots are in spirituality and the branches are in body consciousness. Like the leaves on the tree, as long as they are connected to the root, they have life. Separating from the root is separating from Life. The leaf falls to the ground; a new season and a new leaf comes (reincarnation). Remain connected to the Root through concentration on the highest level (Yechidah) and maintain it. Leaves represent the visible manifestation of what is in the Root.
•    A righteous man lives in more than one world. Physically he is in Malchut, spiritually he is above the barrier. There is a gate keeper at each level that keeps it open for those who are going ready to go in and keeps others from entering in illegally. There are certain requirements/standards that must be met before entering into a new level. The standards have to do with how you respond to challenges/blows. You dominate by responding not reacting. You must have a teacher who will aid you in ascension.
•    There are two worlds: real and unreal. The present world is unreal in space and time. It is hollow, ignorance, temporary. The real world is eternal, timeless, no space or time. Moshe exists in 2 worlds. He is taken to the mountain top to see into the Land and be gathered into his people. This shows the illusion of death. There is consciousness there. When a person transitions, there are things that are carried over: attainments, gifting, karma, vision. Moshe is given a vision that he carries with him now.  
•    Pinchas whose name means dark skin is given the eternal priesthood. Dark skin is associated with the priesthood. Purpose is not in name only but also predetermined Middot (qualities of the Creator). In each generation, there is a generational head that builds on the foundation that is already there. Abraham, Moshe and Yehoshua are generational heads. Each one introduces something that hasn’t been there. In order to be the next generational head, Yehoshua had some of Moshe’s majesty placed on him.


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Saturday, June 26, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is BALAK, king of Moab, meaning to waste.
•     Understand the power of perception. The events external to us are like the screen at the cinema. The movie/event is temporary. We are to be like the screen; it is not harmed by what is on it. Just be a witness to it.  The sensation that we receive from the event is to be transformed into Stillness. It is designed to aid in reaching the Goal of Creation.
•    For Israel who are focused on the Goal of Creation, there is no weapon formed against it that will prosper. We are to transform the Knower into a visible manifestation of the Power to Know. In transformation, nothing can harm us. In stillness and peaceful, we will be saved. This gives us confidence. Uncertainty makes us vulnerable to what is on the screen.
•    Egotistical intention separates you from your higher self. Right action with egotistical intent separates you. You must have the right intention. Bilaam’s intention behind the action is wrong, selfish. Use introspection constantly to check your intention before speaking or acting. Use perception correctly then the mind will be under the control of the Spirit.
•    Bilaam is a prophet who ascends to Binah to see Israel. He ascends to Chayah I which has the sense of an “I”; it is dualistic. At Yechidah, there is no “I” but a sense of the ALL. Higher than Yechidah is One Life. The purpose of the correct Reshimo (pressures) is to bring out the hidden life. Acceptance rather than reacting against it. 
•    Recognize who you are. Have the right kind of self esteem. Israel is primeval, first born, the Soul People. We study our own soul. We have to have certainty and not doubt. There are no mistakes in life. Nothing happens by chance. If you are out of harmony with G-d, you can get back on track. 
•    Most creativity is used in an egotistical way - with a sense of “I.” Remove sense of “I” to be pure. All thoughts come from the Creator. Don’t try to do something about the thoughts. It is temporary. The “I” is developed by engaging with what goes across the screen.  Allow it to go and get control over the mind. Bilaam loses sense of “I” and enters into the prophetic, creativity. When the Spirit is on Bilaam then creativity begins. You can’t run out of creativity. You create; it is finished; stuff comes across the screen, then more creativity. Leave all emotions out of it. Purity is stillness - creativity comes out of purity.
•    Everything has a certain purpose, an immense value. Waste is an illusion of the mind; a superimposition based on ignorance. There is nothing to waste; it just needs arranged. We are to have dominion over the works of G-d’s hands. Events come as vibration, a blow that registers on the screen. You have the ability to determine it’s meaning. This is how to gain control. Israel became attached to what was playing across their screen. That put the blow in control. What causes the blow to have dominion over you is attachment whether affinity or aversion. Israel attached to Baal-peor and caused the universe/energy to be against them. Pierce within yourself attachments no matter what they are. Let go of it. 

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Friday, June 18, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is CHUKAT which is the IVRI transliteration for decree.
•    A decree is given where we are to be obedient without actually understanding why. But once we perform the decree, then the understanding will come.
•    The red cow is an instruction given for those who are tamei because of death. Below the barrier, there is death; above the barrier is life, no death. Anything connecting you to Body Consciousness (this present world) is connecting to mental slavery. The Kohen (one who has ascended into CHAYAH I, CHAYAH II & YECHIDAH) is able to pull people out of slavery. The Kohen has to contaminate himself to aid those who are below the barrier. He is able to ascend and descend out of body consciousness at will. We have to discover that we are already the Truth of Being. A person has to desire to be free.    
•    In the portion, it says that Miriam died. Miriam did not die. What perished was the identification with the BEGED (clothing).
•    All problems have been weighed in the balance and if responded to correctly will aid us in the unfoldment of the Goal of Creation. In the past, Moshe struck the rock to get water. This time the Creator said to speak to the rock. Moshe went to memory for the solution. It was a similar situation, but required a new solution. Moshe and Aharon were still in mental slavery so they couldn’t go into the Land/High Level of Consciousness. We have to ascend into DAAT - all knowledge. In the prayer of meditation, we ascend into DAAT. The mind will move from attention on a seed to the mind modification of contemplation where information will come out about the seed. Truth of Being is that of all knowledge. To be free, one must be free from the comfort of memory for solutions.
•    Aharon did not die, but his existence in MALCHUT is not there. He goes into Being and will return until he has his light body. A righteous person lives in two worlds (OLAM HABAH and MALCHUT) because of mastery of ATZILUT (speaking world). Moshe and Aharon did not master the speaking world. Use the ability to look within and inspect what you are about to say before you say it. Mastery of the speaking world is how you build your spiritual body. If you don’t complete your spiritual body in the allotted time, then you come back. Evolutionary states are reached by a succession of changes from life time to life time. There are a lot of changes to go through before evolution. You experience it before manifestation.
•    Physical immortality is not belief or faith but experienced in the body - the mind must be transformed. The person who has transformed the mind will experience it. What is external to us is G-d revealed and G-d concealed.  From the perspective of the prophet, what is concealed is future events; what is revealed is the past. You want the ability to see beyond what is external. When something comes to you, see what is internal. Do this and the mind will eventually transform. The mind automatically sees what is internal. We complain because we don’t see that everything is G-d. Don't make decisions based on what you see externally. Work on transforming the mind.


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Friday, June 11, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is KORACH which is the name of a person that caused rebellion Israel.
•    A name is something that has been given by the Creator in harmony with purpose. Purpose has been predetermined; no one can change it. We are immortal with a name that expresses purpose. We have been given the assignment to become visible. Work in harmony with purpose and the universe will work in harmony for us. We have everything necessary to do our purpose.
•    Dinim - strict judgment happens when the window of repentance is closed.
•    We have both an individual purpose and a corporate purpose. Corporate purpose is to be TIKKUN OLAM (repairers of the world); it is related to location for success. We are to return to the Land and fulfill the promise. This is the dream of Abraham. The fulfillment of dream/purpose comes through a multitude of purposeful activity. Purposeful activity is to be in harmony with purpose. All events that come to us are predetermined by the Creator. We are to respond with purpose. The event in this portion was predetermined and necessary. When an event comes to us, we have a choice of responding with purpose or reacting with the ego.
•    When you have Direct Experience, don’t think you know everything. It is not wise. It is a gift to use the mind in the right way. Sometimes when we see something, it looks unfair. There is One Life: things are destined to work a certain way. The universe is cycling - constantly balancing itself out. Wisdom is gained by keeping the door open, by not thinking you know everything. Go to Stillness, not memory.
•    More people die after Korach. Judgment brings a balance to the universe. Their intention came under judgment. They will cycle again and could come back right away under the same instruction. Intention is before desire. It is below the barrier. You have control over intention (the heart). If you don’t understand something, just listen, then understanding will come. Choose what thoughts to cling to. Use the mind in the right way to reflect the Creator. Aaron offered up incense, not animals, to stop the plague, to have an ascended state. Intention has to go up in smoke; intention from both the ego and the higher levels. The Creator is the Conductor - He knows what He is doing.
•    Korach said Moshe and Aaron had no right to elevate themselves because everyone in Israel is holy. He was correct. Isaiah 42:5,6. Everyone in Israel is called of God. We are called to be a light to the world. We are accountable. Even though everyone is Israel is called, there are a few that are chosen. Every tribe was represented by a staff with their name on it. The staffs were taken into the Tent of Meeting, a place of intensity. In this place of intensity, Aaron’s staff was the only one to blossom and produce fruit. In other words, the hidden life of the Creator that was inside came to the outside. This is what happens when one is chosen. The other staffs (tribes) remained unchanged; the hidden life in them didn’t come out - they were not chosen. 

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Saturday, June 05, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is SHELACH which means send.
•     We travel in cycles going from one cycle to another cycle ascending up the SULAM (ladder). When the cycle is complete then there is a test. Going into the Land to spy was a test. The challenges should have brought about rearrangement. When they saw what was on the next level, they focused on the past and their limitations. Because they failed the test, they were not able to go into the Land/the next level. Answer the challenge with stillness and it moves you in an upward direction. Be consistent and don’t complain. Then they got into impatience. Patience is enduring without complaining. Complaining takes them into the wilderness for the next 40 years. After complaining, they move into defiance because of their identification with the ego.
•    CHAYAH I: the unfoldment of miracles. CHAYAH II: everything is a miracle. We are in a universe of becoming. Every event is a miracle aiding us to the Goal of Creation. CHAYAH II takes away complaining.
•    We need to separate from that which is corporeal (body consciousness) which is pain/pleasure. Being conscious of the BEGED (body) is to be weak. Being conscious of the Soul, you can’t be defeated.
•    We have to establish firmness - not being body consciousness. When you are no longer conscious of the body, you are able to maintain Pure Soul Consciousness (CHAYAH I, CHAYAH II and YECHIDAH). There is a sense of peace, stillness, bliss. Walk in firmness and the solution will appear when needed. Don’t claim firmness if you don’t have it, it is defiance. Faith will not deliver you.  
•    Torah is ETZ CHAIM (Tree of Life). We are to maintain Pure Soul Consciousness. Pure Soul Consciousness is maintained by eating of the Tree of Life.  
•    Offering bread to ECHAD is to sustain high levels of consciousness. Until you have completely entered in, you have experiences of the ego. Inner engineering - eat the bread of Torah (Root, RAZ), sustain it in the mind until it is automatic in the mind. A time will come when it is automatic - no longer wrestle with discrimination.
•    Unintentional sin is something that occurs with no inner intention. Intentional sin is idol worship (you and God), wrong perception, abuse of things through ignorance. Intentional sin is not allowed in a Jewish community.  Intentional sin wars against ascension.
•    No one has ever been stoned to death by the Jewish People for violating Shabbat. Picking up wood is insignificant, but doing something insignificant puts the whole universe against you. The Shabbat is a day of rest, to stay focused on the higher levels of consciousness.
•    After the Fall, Adam worked to sustain himself, not to do purpose. Purpose always out trumps work to sustain yourself. We are created to do purpose. Everybody is created to rest. Not everyone is created to work, but to refine the mind and establish it on the planet. They establish high levels of thought that affects nations. It takes a dedicated life, devotion. He does it every day not just on Shabbat. Totally devoted and there is no work.


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Saturday, May 29, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is BEHA'ALOTCHA which means when you kindle.
•    The focus from the ROOT deals with perception. Perception is a modification of the mind. The modifications of the mind are correct perception, incorrect perception, dreaming, deep sleep and imagination/fancy. We want to experience correct perception which is result of purity - complete peace, no activity. To have Correct Perception, you must define things in harmony with YECHIDAH.
•    It begins with instructions concerning the lighting of the Menorah. The concept of the Menorah deals with HISHTALSHELUT or Causal Development. Causal Development when we are dealing with OHR (light) is under the administration of Aharon. It is the development of HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH (Supreme Thought/Goal of Creation). The 5 senses block us from seeing this development. On the PARTZUF, Aaron is at HOD (glory). HOD is where we begin the manifestation of the Light Body.  
•    There are 7 Lights in the Menorah. It begins with OHR AYIN - Pure Soul Consciousness. 2. OHR NE ETZAL - Radiating Light is the first appearance of Light. 3. OHR CHOCHMAH - the reason/purpose for everything. 4/5. OHR MAKIF produces the RESHIMO/pressure on the right and left side in order to become a visible manifestation of the center Light. 6. OHR CHASADIM - the middle light column or spirituality. The 7th Light is OHR CHOZER is reflected Light that is below the barrier. These Lights around us produce the experiences we need to fulfill the Goal of Creation, inform us concerning purpose and are a reflection of who we really are. These Lights are to be arrange into One Light. Mental experience is the blocking of Light. Below the barrier (the 5 senses), the Light is blocked.
 •    MISHKAHN DAVID is created through the consciousness of the KOHANIM. Protection is our ascension into G-dhood. MISHKAHN DAVID aids in the disclosure of those steps into G-dhood.
•    Levi deals with intellectual information. They are overseen by the KOHANIM who are spiritual. Levi goes through initiation so they won’t be destroyed. Intellectual information has to be absorbed by those who are coming in.  
•    Pesach is located at HOD. It represents Glory - knowledge of the manifestation of ECHAD in us. This knowledge is described as omniscience. Putting yourself in harmony with it will give rise to the mind at stillness, causes the BEGED to become manifestation. We are to reflect what is above. Memory stops the reflection of Higher Levels of the mind where the solution is. Don’t live in the past. Identify with the Creator and not the Creature. You can reach high states in the mind, but the mind is affected by memory. Anything moving in the mind is egotistical. Discern the difference between the Creature and Creator. Calmness/Stillness puts you in position of being G-d. Events come so you can be calm and be G-d.  
•    Focus on the Truth of our Being. We are 2 components: BEGED (finite) and NESHAMAH (Infinite). NESHAMAH is still, it doesn’t move. In the Soul, no movement occurs. The BEGED moves within the Soul. Look within (Introspection) and connect to the Truth of Being - that which is stillness. Discriminate between the Truth of Being and that which is being transformed. We all share One Soul - It doesn’t move. Movement is with the BEGED. RUACH gives us the sense of motion. The purpose of movement is so the hidden potential within will manifest itself.
•    When the cloud lifted from the Tabernacle, the camp would move. Movement to the right location with the RESHIMO that is needful to unfold potential.  Instructions comes from ECHAD about location. Blows/pressure will come wherever you are. If you are in the wrong location they will hinder you; in the right location, they will unfold potential.
•    Base decisions on Stillness of the Higher Levels. Hit Stillness in the Higher Levels of Consciousness and the solution will appear in consciousness.


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