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Monday, January 08, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the title thereof. The title of the PARASHAT is SHEMOT. The IVRI transliteration SHEMOT is indicative of the term “NAMES.” No doubt the commencement of this portion being focused upon NAMES suggest that there is something ESSENTIAL to the SUPERNAL DESIGNATION of an INDIVIDUAL.

This EMET, that is, that there is something ESSENTIAL about the SUPERNAL DESIGNATION of an INDIVIDUAL, is based upon the principle that there is only ONE SOUL that has been on a JOURNEY from one GENERATION to another. The purpose of the JOURNEY of the ONE SOUL is to ACTUALIZE the GOAL of CREATION. The GOAL of CREATION is that those who are undergoing the human conscious experience would manifest the IMAGE and lIKENESS of G-d. In other words, it is the ONE SOUL realizing and actualizing its CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD. This ONE SOUL, sometimes referred to as ADAM RISHON, is comprised of both HOST SOULS and INDIVIDUAL SOULS in It’s COMPOSITION. As suggested the ONE SOUL COMPRISED as many is DESTINED to MANIFEST as ECHAD.

The MANIFESTATION of ADAM RISHON in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of G-d is the product of the SOUL’S COMPOSITION undergoing the CORRECTION. The CORRECTION is the ACTION that gives rise to the return to our SUPERNAL NATURE. In the SUPERNAL nature, the HOST SOULS and INDIVIDUAL SOULS are QUALITIES of ECHAD. These QUALITIES MANIFEST as INDIVIDUAL PURPOSE. Each INDIVIDUAL purpose has a DESIGNATION that is NAMED. The NAME is the original INTENT of the SUPERNAL for the SOUL. Thus one that is undergoing the human conscious experience could possess two NAMES. Those names being the one given to them by ECHAD and the one given to them by their BIOLOGICAL PARENTS.

Because the ORIGINAL DESIGNATION given by ECHAD is in harmony with the QUALITIES (ORIGINAL INTENT) possessed by the SOUL, the NAME has the power to bring forth qualities that are hidden within the SOUL. On the other hand, when the name is not that of the ORIGINAL DESIGNATION, it can bring about the experience of CONFUSION.

The SUPERNAL DESIGNATION is like DNA. It draws forth the hidden potential giving rise to a greater MANIFESTATION of the IMAGE and LIKENESS of ECHAD that is latent within. Understanding your SUPERNAL DESIGNATION gives rise to identifying with the ORIGINAL INTENT that has been predetermined for the individual in the COLLECTIVE SOUL, yea, it is the comprehension of WHO YOU ARE in this JOURNEY of EVOLUTION.

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