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Friday, May 12, 2017

EMOR Part 5

Shalom, Shalom. We continue with our focus upon the PARASHAT EMOR by placing our ATTENTION upon the following passage found in the SIDRAH, it is written, “The son of an Israelite woman went out and he was the son of an Egyptian man - among the Children of Israel: they found in the camp, the son of the Israelite woman and an Israelite man. The son of the Israelite woman pronounced the Name and blasphemed - so they brought him to Moses; the name of his mother was Shelomis daughter of Divri of the tribe of Dan. They placed him in custody to clarify for themselves through HASHEM. HASHEM spoke to Moses, saying, Remove the blasphemer to the outside of the camp, and all those who heard shall lean their hands upon his head: The entire assembly shall stone him. And to the Children of Israel you shall speak, saying, Any man who will blaspheme his God shall bear his sin., and one who pronounces blasphemously the Name of HASHEM shall be put to death, the entire assembly shall surely stone him; proselyte and native alike, when he blasphemes the NAME, he shall be put to death.” (Leviticus 24:10-16) In this SCENARIO, the TORAH discloses the RESPONSE of a JEWISH COMMUNITY when a member commits BLASPHEMY against the NAME of G-d. The sentence of this ATROCIOUS SIN is CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. Among a people that GOVERN themselves with the IDEA of FREE SPEECH, the question is, “Why is there such a SEEMINGLY HARSH JUDGMENT on WORDS that are SPOKEN in disrespect of G-d?”

It is evident that the IRVI (Hebrew) language was CREATED for the PURPOSE of CREATING. GENESIS chapter ONE discloses that it was LANGUAGE (HEBREW) that was SPOKEN in the UPPER FORCES that gave rise to the CREATION of the WORLD of EFFECT. In other words, language is what was PREDETERMINED by G-d to create form. The forms that are created in the UPPER FORCES when APPEARING in the WORLD of EFFECT is often described by other LANGUAGES. The other LANGUAGES that are a DEGENERATION of HEBREW will not accurately describe the FORM that was SPOKEN into EXISTENCE in the UPPER FORCES giving rise to the EXPERIENCE of ERROR. The ERROR that is EXPERIENCED may often initiate SUFFERING. In other words, it is not that G-d is BESTOWING SUFFERING upon His CREATION, but rather the experience is the product of WRONG DEFINITION. The ERROR in DEFINITION gives rise to ABNORMAL USE, which engenders the experience of SUFFERING and DESTRUCTION. This discloses that LANGUAGE can have a POWERFUL IMPACT when SPOKEN that can be either GOOD or EVIL. 

Understanding the PRINCIPLE of the effect of LANGUAGE upon CREATION reveals the NECESSITY of developing a SYSTEM that GOVERNS the USE of LANGUAGE in a COMMUNITY. The people that are in the COMMUNITY must not experience the OPPRESSION of LANGUAGE, yet the LIBERTY must be balanced with RESPONSIBILITY. Thus ECHAD gave instructions to the NAVI Moshe on the GOVERNING of LANGUAGE in a Jewish COMMUNITY. The responsibility of which would FALL both on the SPEAKER and the HEARER, with the IDEA of ELIMINATING the experience of SUFFERING and DESTRUCTION that occurs from BLASPHEMY.

The Jewish Community is purposed to be an ENSAMPLE to OLAM of HEAVEN on EARTH. In other words, the CONCEALED aspects of G-d are to be made MANIFEST in our COMMUNITIES. Therefore there must be ZERO TOLERANCE for WORDS that WILL undermine the REVELATION of ECHAD in every area of DEVELOPMENT in the HUMAN CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE. The SENTENCE pronounced upon the SIN of BLASPHEMY is a REVELATION of ZERO TOLERANCE for WORDS being spoken in a Jewish Community that UNDERMINES the MANIFESTATION of the CONCEALED attributes of ECHAD. 

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