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Wednesday, June 07, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT BEHAALOTCHA by focusing our attention on the following passage found in the SIDRAH, it is written, “Moses, Aaron, and the entire assembly of the Children of Israel did to the Levites according to everything that HaShem had commanded Moses about the Levites, so did the Children of Israel do to them. The Levites purified themselves and immersed their garments; and Aaron waved them as a wave service before HaShem, and Aaron provided atonement for them to purify them. Afterwards the Levites came to perform their service in the Tent of Meeting…” (Numbers 8:20-22a) In this passage of TORAH, the execution of the process of the Consecration of the Levites is disclosed. The instructions of HaShem performed by the NAVI Moses, Aaron, BENEI YISRAEL in concert with the LEVITES PURIFICATION of themselves was of necessity in their preparation in order to PERFORM their SERVICE in the Tent of Meeting. No doubt, the process would enable them to execute their DUTIES with a SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE. The question is, why was it necessary for the LEVITES to PURIFY THEMSELVES? 

From a perspective relevant to those who view HaShem both from a PERSONAL and IMPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP, PURIFICATION enables one in ascending into a CONSCIOUS UNION with HASHEM giving rise to the MANIFESTATION of HIS QUALITIES. The concept that the PURIFICATION of ONE’S PERCEPTION of G-d is a requirement before entering into SERVICE reveals that the INTENT is to MANIFEST G-d which may be described as UNLIMITED POTENTIAL, yea, the VISIBLE MANIFESTATION of HASHEM’S invisible QUALITIES will effect the SPIRITUAL LAW, IMAGE CREATES DESIRE in the PERCEPTION in those who witness to the PERFORMANCE of the SERVICE. This creates an IMPETUS within DESIRE to come into A CONSCIOUS UNION with HASHEM. Thus the PURIFICATION of ONE EFFECTS PURIFICATION in MANY. The result of the PURIFICATION of the MANY aids in the INFOLDMENT of the UNIVERSE of BECOMING. Without a doubt, the MECHANICS employed by the Jewish people in PURIFICATION will aid the NATIONS of OLAM in blessing THEMSELVES and the UNIFICATION OF HUMANITY.

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