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Friday, August 28, 2020


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention upon the relationship of G-MAR TIKKUN to the SIDRAH. G-MAR TIKKUN is descriptive of the final correction to occur in HITPASHTUT. The term HITPASHTUT is a Hebrew transliteration indicative of the development of G-dliness. The development of G-dliness has to do with the three stages that has been predetermined by ECHAD, Blessed Be His Name, to unfold the GOAL of CREATION (HA MACHSHAVAH HA ELYONAH).

The GOAL of CREATION is that ECHAD, Blessed Be His Name, that is described as being ETERNAL, IMMORTAL and INVISIBLE is becoming visible. As suggested, this process of becoming unfolds in three stages. The first stage of the unfoldment has to do with the creation of VOLITION, that is, FREE WILL. The VOLITION is limited in that it works in the parameters of HARATZION ELYON (the Supreme Will) giving us choice in participation with the development. The second stage of development is that of the vessel of reception, that is, to be transformed into the visible manifestation of ECHAD. The second stage is one in which the vessel of reception is to grow as large as possible before the transformation. This implies that it will be as far as can be reached by the imagination opposite of the CREATOR. Once this stage is reached, EVIL is made manifest beyond the limits of thought, giving rise to ECHAD manifesting His Superiority. The manifestation of ECHAD’S Superiority is the unfoldment of G-MAR TIKKUN.

G-MAR TIKKUN is predetermined to UNFOLD during the fourth exile of ISRAEL. The fourth exile occurs at the End of Days referencing to that of the MESSIANIC AGE. At the End of Days, Israel does not merit redemption. Because of this, ECHAD predetermined to send a Redeemer that will aid in the unfoldment of HA MACHSHAVAH HA ELYONAH (the Goal of Creation). Like Israel, the GOEL (Redeemer) has been transformed. The GOEL was once a LEVIATHAN (the enemy of Israel) transformed into a SON of G-d. The transformation underwent by the LEVIATHAN to a SON of G-d was the process needful in empowering the GOEL to fulfill his assignment. Thus the portion ends with the destruction of the AMALEK, whose philosophy is that things happen at random, disclosing that ECHAD is the governing force (HANHAGAH) in the transformation of the ALL.


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