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Friday, July 31, 2020


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the following statement contained within the PARASHAT. It is written, “Ascend to the top of the cliff and raise your eyes westward, northward, southward and eastward, and see with your eyes, for you shall not cross this Jordan.” DEUT. 3 27. This statement was spoken by ECHAD, Blessed be His Holy Name, in response to a request made by the NAVI MOSHE to cross over to the other side of the Jordan and thus enter into the PROMISE LAND.

The NAVI MOSHE had been told by ECHAD that he would not be allowed to cross over into the PROMISE LAND because of failure to sanctify G-d in the eyes of BENEI YISRAEL (the children of Israel). The failure was due to striking the rock to bring forth water rather than to speak to it. From the ROOT LANGUAGE, crossing the Jordan into the PROMISE LAND is indicative of LAAVOR (crossing) MACHSOM (barrier) into spirituality. In spirituality, one gains mastery by the BIRURIM (purification) of the world of ATZILUT (speaking world). The spiritual law that discloses that IMAGE CREATES DESIRE effected YISRAEL creating the idea that the PROMISE LAND was to be possessed by force. The GOAL of CREATION is that we are to become a visible manifestation of the CREATOR. The CREATOR deals with CHAOS by speaking rather than the application of force. Thus the entrance of ISRAEL into the PROMISE LAND and possessing It by force would undermine the CORPORATE PURPOSE we have of being an ensample to the nations of OLAM (world) on how to attain the next stage of EVOLUTION. The effect has been tremendous, we have become a nation that exceeds in the advancement of the disciplines of the human conscious experience rather than the PROPHETS and TEACHERS that we have been predetermined to be.

The ascension that the NAVI MOSHE attained in seeing the PROMISE LAND also gave rise to the experience of a PROPHETIC VISION revealing the TREK that Jewish People would make till the END of DAYS. The journey would give rise to being scattered into all the nations of OLAM and the assimilation into their SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS. The suffering experienced in these SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS will lead to an awakening whereas we will return to TORAH. Our return to TORAH will engender the revelation of the SHEKINNAH. The revelation of the SHEKINNAH will give rise to the unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION, that is, to become a visible manifestation of ECHAD.

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