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Friday, December 20, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the opening scenario unfolding the SIDRAH. The narrative begins with a presentation of the location of YAACOB and his MISHPACHAH (family) along with a description of the dynamics that occurred between them. The location was the land of Canaan and the description of the dynamics is one of challenge. Favoritism was being shown to YOSEF by his ABBA (father) YAACOB. YOSEF would bring evil reports about his brothers to his ABBA. To add fuel to the fire, YOSEF had received dreams disclosing that he would be the next in SUCCESSION to his ABBA. These events created an atmosphere that opposed YOSEF yet would prove to be the pressures needful in the development of his SUPERNAL nature that was concealed.

The TRUTH of BEING is that we are individual aspects of ECHAD that comprise one BEING. The one being is referred to as ADAM RISHON. This one being, ADAM RISHON, is a system that gives rise to the unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION, that is, to become a visible manifestation of ECHAD. The reference was revealed by the NAVI (prophet) ZECHARIAH, who declared, “On that day, He will be One and His Name will be One.” The Oneness is achieved by the transformation of EVIL to GOOD. In other words, all SUFFERING will end being seen as a way to a GOAL. Thus the GOAL is the governing force of the EVENTS that occur on the PATH of LIFE. ADAM RISHON is the system that unfolds the GOAL. 

This EMET (truth) is illustrated in the PARASHAT. From the perspective of the EGO, all the events that are occurring in the experienced of YOSEF seemingly oppose his dreams. The opposition in reality is the system of ADAM RISHON. The management is the expression of HARATZON ELYON, that is, the Supreme Will.

The Supreme Will is that of ECHAD. All though we are able to express volition in the human conscious experience, it proceeds forth from HARATZON ELYON. Therefore the exercising of our volition can not overturn the SUPREME WILL. This is illustrated in the CHAI (life) of YOSEF. In this portion, he receives a revelation of HARATZON ELYON in dreams that will be made manifest in the next PARASHAT. Likewise the Jewish People have been given the dream of AVRAHAM, and regardless to the volition that may be exercised against It, it is of HARATZON ELYON and as a finished work, it will manifest in SPACE and TIME as the IMMORTAL NATION.

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