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Friday, December 27, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH with a brief description of the narrative given at the opening of the SIDRAH. It begins with the event of PHARAOH King of Egypt dreaming two dreams. The first dream revealed the appearance of seven healthy cows follow by the appearance of seven sickly cows. The seven sickly cows consumed the seven healthy cows, then Pharaoh awakened from his dream. He fell asleep again and dreamed another dream. He beheld seven ears of grain good and healthy. Afterwards, he saw seven smaller ears scorched by the east wind. The seven smaller ears then consumed the seven good and healthy ears. Pharaoh then awakened from his sleep with vexation of spirit.

To investigate the dreams that agitated his spirit, he summoned all necromancers and wise men of Egypt, but none were able to reveal the interpretation. Finally there was a recommendation to bring forth YOSEF BEN YAACOB from prison to interpret the dreams. YOSEF interprets the dream and offers counsel. PHARAOH is appeased with the interpretation and the counsel. The result was YOSEF being promoted to VICEROY. The promotion will prove to be the actualization of YOSEF’S dreams he had revealed to his MISHPACHAH (family) concerning himself.

The power behind all thought whether in the dreaming or awakening state is ECHAD, Blessed Be His Name. This EMET (truth) is based upon the revelation that there is only one POWER. The one POWER, that is, ECHAD, is the potential that sets the thought in motion in order to EFFECT the GOAL of CREATION, which is to become a visible manifestation of G-d. This becoming a visible manifestation of the CREATOR is that which governs all other thought. The thoughts themselves may seemingly have nothing to do with the CREATURE becoming a visible manifestation of the CREATOR, but in reality they are shattered pieces of the ONE THOUGHT set in motion by the ONE POWER.

In other words, though PHARAOH’S DREAM and YOSEF’S DREAM may seem to be unrelated, they are not. These dreams are revelations of events that must occur in the unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION. The power behind the thoughts of PHARAOH’S DREAMS and YOSEF’S DREAMS are the same. Thus the DREAMS are revelations of the process in the unfoldment of the GOAL of CREATION.

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