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Sunday, December 22, 2019


Chag Shimeach. The festival termed HANUKAH (CHANUKAH) begins It’s observation on the 25th of KISLEV. It is observed over an eight day period in commemoration of the MACABBEE’S victory over the Greek forces. During the Greeks occupation of Israel, they sought to assimilate the Jewish People into their traditions. In the attempt of occupation, the Greeks desecrated the Temple. The desecration of the Temple required a re-dedication signifying the purification thereof, yea, the state of the Temple effects the fulfillment of It’s purpose.

The spiritual interpretation of CHANUKAH discloses that the liberation effected by the MACABBEES is indicative of crossing the barrier (machsom) into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. Once the crossing over occurs, the establishment of liberation must begin. The liberation is experienced as a direct revelation of ONE’S TRUTH of BEING. The direct revelation is the sensation of being an INDIVIDUAL ASPECT of ECHAD. Although it occurs in a vessel, it is the experience of being the ALL. The experience of being the ALL, is the liberation. As aforementioned, the next step after liberation is the establishment thereof.

The eight days of CHANUKAH are termed the DEDICATION. Spirituality in it’s inference is the continual dedication of a LIFE STYLE that establishes the LIBERATION through a mechanic called the CORRECTION. The CORRECTION has to do with the transformation of the 613 points in the heart that CONCEAL the TRUTH of BEING. To effect the correction, three components are needful: a Teacher, Torah and a Community. The pursuit of establishing the LIBERATION will engender an evolution into the next level of BEING. The next level of BEING is the visible manifestation of the CREATOR, Blessed be His Name.

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