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Friday, October 04, 2019


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the opening narrative contained within the PARASHAT. The SIDRAH presents a scenario of the events giving rise to the unfoldment of the transition of the NAVI Moshe.

The root language of MISHKAHN DAVID discloses that death is an illusion created by the erroneous identification with the physical body. This error in identification began with ADAM and EVE partaking of the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and BAD. The partaking of the fruit of the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and BAD effected a conscious descension into identifying with the physical body, i.e. the vessel of reception. The human conscious experience is the marriage of the finite component  termed the vessel of reception to the infinite component termed the SOUL. The SOUL is the product of ECHAD literally breaking off an individual aspect of HIMSELF and breathing IT into the vessel of reception. This process gave rise to the animation of the vessel of reception engendering the commencement of the THOUGHT of CREATION. The thought of creation is that the CREATOR would create a creature that is opposite of HIMSELF, and pour HIMSELF into the vessel thus becoming like the CREATOR. Since perfection can only CREATE perfection, the likeness is not something that is similar, but rather a VISIBLE MANIFESTATION of the CREATOR’S invisible qualities. From this process, we are able to discern that the TRUE IDENTIFICATION of the human conscious experience is not the vessel of reception, but rather the CREATOR, that is, the SOUL that animates the vessel. The descension that was experienced resulting from eating of the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and BAD was one of erroneous perception. The erroneous perception is an identification with weakness that gives rise to SUFFERING. Failure to correct the perception is what produced the illusion of PHYSICAL DEATH. For this reason, the KOHANIM (priests) were not permitted to grieve. In other words, the position that they occupy requires the ATTAINMENT of the revelation of the TRUE IDENTIFICATION. THE ATTAINMENT of the TRUE IDENTIFICATION discloses the IMMORTALITY of the SOUL, which is an individual aspect of G-d.

From this EMET, we are empowered to perceive that the DEATH of the NAVI Moshe was a transitioning from the form of the vessel of reception into that which is termed the LAVUSH. The LAVUSH is the essence of being with no loss of consciousness. The awareness is the same as that experienced in the vessel of reception. The only difference is in that of desire. Without the vessel of reception, desires for such things as food, sex, shelter do not exist. On the other hand, the power to see, hear, yea, that of the sense remains. Whatever attainment that has been made will remain along with the returning to this realm in order to complete the thought of creation.

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