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Thursday, August 15, 2019


The beginning of a THOUGHT is rooted in IMPRESSION. From an EGOTISTIC PERSPECTIVE, the impression is comprised of what is termed AFFINITY, AVERSION and CLINGING to LIFE. In the process of the development of THOUGHT, the composition of an impression when focused upon will evolve into a desire. As the process continues, the evolution of the DESIRE unfolds as THOUGHT. Understanding this process enables one to comprehend what is implied when speaking about the THOUGHT of CREATION. At the level of impression, the EGO experiences something that is perceived to bring either enjoyment or pain, thus influencing the desire thereof which will develop into thought. When speaking of the thought of the CREATOR in CREATION, the nature of an AFFINITY for something or an AVERSION does not exist, thus the THOUGHT will be based upon the qualities of the CREATOR. 

One of the qualities of the CREATOR is that of BESTOWAL. It is written that, “You open your hands and satisfy the desire of every living thing.” Psalm 145:16 The quality of BESTOWAL is what gives rise to the creation of a NEW CREATION that is opposite of the CREATOR. In other words, that which is INFINITE creates that which is FINITE in order to manifest the quality of BESTOWAL.
The GOAL of CREATING this opposite is to make it like the CREATOR. It is written, “And God said, Let us make Man in Our image after Our likeness.” The EMET (truth) is that PERFECTION can only create PERFECTION, thus what is implied by the terms IMAGE and LIKENESS is not speaking of SIMILARITY. To further substantiate this thought, we are told that the CREATOR employed a FINITE VESSEL and BLEW INTO IT INFINITY or Himself in order that the finite vessel would possess UNLIMITED POTENTIAL to unfold the GOAL, yea, the GOAL is ATTAINED through the manifestation of the CONCEALED SUPERNAL SOUL in the FINITE VESSEL.

These precepts reveal that the THOUGHT of CREATION is to create a NEW CREATURE that is opposite of the CREATOR and then the CREATOR pouring HIMSELF into It to make it HIM.

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