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Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the PORTION is KI TEITZEI. The IVRI transliteration KI TEITZEI is interpreted to mean, “When you will go out.” The SIDRAH commences with instructions on how to respond when inflamed passion of a soldier in battle sees a woman among the enemy captives and experiences uncontrollable desire for her. In the root language, there is a revelation on the mechanics to be employed in EFFECTING the CORRECTION.

Undergoing the CORRECTION is how YISRAEL is to participate in the process of UNFOLDING PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY. The CORRECTION is a process in which desire for that which is CORPOREAL is transformed into SUPERNAL INTENT through CONSCIOUS ASCENSION. The CONSCIOUS ASCENSION is made by employing TESHUVAH (repentance), i.e. a change of mind that gives rise to a change of action. The change of MIND is effected by subjecting it to the RUACH (Spirit). The subjection of the MIND to the SPIRIT is ascension into SUPERNAL INTENTION. 

The scenario given in the instructions on how to respond to the inflamed passion of a SOLDIER IN BATTLE discloses that the experience of DESIRE CAN BE DECEPTIVE. In other words, as we undergo the process of the expansion of DESIRE, we must never leave the concept that all DESIRE is DESTINED to be transformed into SUPERNAL INTENT, yea, although the experience of DESIRE is effected by the SUPERNAL, this does not imply that certain desires are exempt from being transformed into SUPERNAL INTENT.

All 613 points in the heart, that is, THOUGHT CONSTRUCTS that are effected by DESIRE, must be transformed. It is the transformation of the THOUGHT CONSTRUCTS that give rise to entering into REGENERATION whereas PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY is experienced. No doubt these instructions were written to AID in the CORRECTION when times of DECEPTION is experienced in ONE’S PERCEPTION.

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