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Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION on the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the PARASHAT is EIKEV. The IVRI transliteration EIKEV is interpreted into the word “BECAUSE.” The portion is a continuation of the NAVI MOSHE’S encouragement to BENEI YISRAEL to trust in ECHAD in order to ensure SUCCESS.

Trusting ECHAD is expressed by listening and observing the ordinances. The ordinances are revelations of ECHAD on the right use of CREATION. The right use of ECHAD’S CREATION is what gives rise to the maximizing of the potential that is concealed within.

The third precept teaches that “THERE IS NOTHING BUT G-D.” To confirm this EMET, the NAVI ISAIAH wrote, “I am HASHEM and there is no other…” (Isaiah 45:5) In this prophetic utterance, it is disclosed that in reality, the only thing that exists is G-d.

 While it is true that the only thing that exists is G-d, our perception of things experienced through the 5 senses discloses something different. No doubt this error in perception rests upon the idea that we only use about ten percent of out brain. This suggests that there is 90% that is hid from us. The error of perception that we have of CREATION is what gives rise to G-d being experienced in two states. Those states are termed CONCEALED and REVEALED.

It is the error of perception, that is, viewing G-d external to us, that gives rise to ABUSE. ABUSE which is the abnormal use of things is the CAUSE of DEATH and SUFFERING. The right use of things engenders the maximizing of the potential thereof. When the potential of a THING is maximized, the result is the manifestation of G-d that is CONCEALED. The NEVIIM beheld a TIME in SPACE where all of CREATION will manifest the CONCEALED state of ECHAD.

The manifestation of the CONCEALED state of ECHAD is the result of the revelation knowledge reaching the level of saturation in OLAM (the world). It is written, “… for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of HaShem as water covers the seabed.”(Isaiah 11:9b) No doubt the knowledge that is being spoken of is that of the ORDINANCES. The opening scenario in the PARASHAT EIKEV reveals this EMET.

As aforementioned, it is both listening and observing the ordinances that we must concern ourselves with. Listening without observing will give rise to failure. To ensure that we are empowered to observe the ordinances, ECHAD made a NEW COVENANT. It is written, “For this is the covenant that I shall seal with the House of Israel after those days, the word of HaShem. I will place My Torah within them and write it onto their heart…” (Jeremiah 31:32a), yea, it is the writing of Torah in the heart, that is, the mind, that empowers us to perform the ordinances, for as a man thinketh, so is he.

The writing of Torah into the heart of BENEI YISRAEL is what activates the EVOLUTION of the human conscious experience. The activation will manifest PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY as well as an ENVIRONMENT that will support the NEW MAN. The thing that hath been is what shall be. The Jew is empowered to keep the ordinances in light of the NEW COVENANT and the manifestation of the GLORY has began.

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