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Thursday, May 03, 2018

EMOR Part 2

Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT EMOR by placing our ATTENTION upon the following passage contained within the SIDRAH, it is written, “They shall protect My charge and not bear a sin thereby and die because of it, for they will have desecrated it - I am HaShem, Who sanctifies them.” (Leviticus 22:9) In this scenario, the BRANCH LANGUAGE presents instructions that were given to the KOHANIM on how to safeguard the sanctity of offerings and terumah. From the higher perspective of PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS, the instructions reveal how to uncover the CONCEALED nature of ECHAD within the ALL, that is, creation. Yea, we have entered into the EVOLUTIONARY STATE, whereas the goal of CREATION is to come into manifestation. The manifestation is what the prophets referred to as “the EARTH being filled with His Glory.” The manifestation of the Glory is the end of all suffering and death.

The NAVI Isaiah was given the CHOCHMAH (wisdom) that disclosed that, in reality, there is nothing but ECHAD. READ ISAIAH 45:5. ECHAD fills all space and time. There are two conditions that ECHAD is experienced as in this state. G-d is either revealed or concealed. As the unfoldment continues, the concealed nature of ECHAD will EVOLVE into that which is revealed. When the unfoldment is complete, the goal of creation will be made manifest experienced as the EARTH being FILLED with His Glory, that is, the end of suffering and death.

Since ECHAD is at the center of ALL CREATION, every created thing possesses the potential to manifest the GLORY. The instructions given in the BRANCH LANGUAGE discloses that those who have ascended into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS are empowered to aid in the unfoldment. The revelation is right use. In other words, everything has a SUPERNAL PURPOSE that is destined to be made manifest at a specific TIME and PLACE in CREATION. The mechanic is to use the created thing in harmony with the purpose given to it by ECHAD. THE RIGHT USE of ALL THINGS will give rise to the manifestation of the CONCEALED NATURE of G-d that is latent within.

On the other hand, it is the abuse, that is, abnormal use, of CREATED THINGS that gives rise to SUFFERING and DEATH. As aforementioned the right management of these CREATED things is the product of ASCENSION into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS as demonstrated by the NAVI Moshe and kept in succession by the KOHANIM.

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