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Monday, April 09, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus on the PARASHAT SHEMINI by employing the following passage found in the SIDRAH as a seed of contemplation. It is written, “Moses and AARON came to the Tent of Meeting, and they went out and they blessed the people - and the glory of HaSehm appeared to the entire people.” (Leviticus 9:23) The instructions given to the NAVI (prophet) Moshe prior to the unfoldment of the epiphany experienced by AM YISRAEL disclosed that before the people could bear witness to the GLORY of G-d, a protocol must be followed. The protocol was that the SPIRITUAL LEADERS must be first partakers of the GLORY, that is, the visible manifestation of ECHAD’S CONCEALED QUALITIES, before the people. In other words, the messengers, that is, SPIRITUAL LEADERS sent by ECHAD, are not to minister based upon the ASSERTION of others, but rather as a result of personal experience. The experience of the GLORY of ECHAD is not to be a philosophical discussion, but an ATTAINMENT caused by a CONSCIOUS ASCENSION. No doubt this is based upon the principle that there is a PURPOSE in seeing the GLORY of G-d.

The purpose of the appearance of the GLORY of ECHAD is that of TRANSFORMATION. In other words, it is a SUPERNAL MECHANIC that aids in achieving the GOAL of CREATION. The GOAL of CREATION which is the realization and actualization of ONENESS with G-d is made manifest when we ATTAIN ETERNAL LIFE. ETERNAL LIFE without the possibility of DEATH is the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is concealed within everyone who is undergoing the HUMAN CONSCIOUS experience. TORAH teaches that we are to choose LIFE, so that you will live. In other words, the goal is to be LIBERATED from the LIMITATION that we experience and unfold the HIDDEN LIFE that is concealed within. To do so, it takes a people who ECHAD has predetermined to accomplish it first, and then bless all of humanity in accomplishing the SAME.

The aforementioned passage discloses that experiencing the GLORY of ECHAD is to aid in the ATTAINMENT of ETERNAL LIFE. The SPIRITUAL LAW REVEALS that we become what we constantly focus upon. The idea of one who sees G-d will not continue to live is not one of destruction, but rather a revelation of TRANSFORMATION. Confidence is gained when those who witness to others who have ATTAINED is that they can accomplish the SAME.

We are living in a realm in SPACE and TIME where DEATH can be consumed by ETERNAL LIFE. Now is the TIME to heed to the CALL and fulfill the GOAL of LIBERATION FROM LIMITATION and the MANIFESTATION of ETERNAL LIFE.

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