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Monday, January 15, 2018


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION on the title of the PORTION. The title of the PARASHAT is “BO.” The IVRI transliteration “BO" means COME. The portion commences with the IDEA of ECHAD saying to Moshe Rebeynu to “COME TO PHARAOH.” No doubt this is an unusual way of G-d commanding His EVED (servant) to seek an audience with PHARAOH. It would seem that ECHAD would have employed the WORD “GO” rather then “COME.” To uncover this MYSTERY, let’s consider the following.

From the HIGHER PERSPECTIVE, that is, the HOLY of HOLIES of MISHKAHN DAVID, we who are many comprise ONE SOUL who is undergoing an EVOLUTION. The EVOLUTION is to REALIZE THE TRUTH OF OUR BEING and to MAXIMIZE the REALIZATION of that TRUTH into being. The EVOLUTION of the COLLECTIVE SOUL has been predetermined by ECHAD, and has been occurring according to the Jewish calendar over 5778 years. We are in the final stages of the CORPOREAL LEVEL having entered into the SPIRITUAL. This passage of TORAH discloses the PROCESS of this UNFOLDMENT.

The idea that Moshe was to COME to PHARAOH suggests that he was to APPROACH in a SUBMISSIVE WAY, yea, WISDOM teaches embracing ADVERSITY gives rise to MAXIMIZING ONE’S POTENTIAL. The opposition to ECHAD by PHARAOH will give rise to the MAXIMIZATION of MOSHE’S POTENTIAL. Therefore the combination of the TWO will engender the EVOLUTION of the COLLECTIVE SOUL. The quality of ECHAD that was hid in the COLLECTIVE SOUL was made MANIFEST through the PROCESS OCCURRING BETWEEN Moshe and PHARAOH.

It is the ACCELERATION of the PROCESS and responding thereof by the REVELATIONS of the SPIRIT that give rise to the ACCELERATION of the EVOLUTION in our EXPERIENCE. The ACCELERATION is one that leads to the end of ALL SUFFERING.

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