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Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT VA'ETCHANAN by focusing our ATTENTION on the following passage contained in the SIDRAH, it is written, “Now, O Israel, listen to the decrees and to the ordinances that I teach you to perform, so that you may live, and you will come and possess the Land that HaShem, the God of your forefathers gives you. You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor shall you subtract from it, to observe the commandments of Hashem, your God, that I command you. Your eyes have seen what HaShem did with Baal-peor, for every man that followed Baal-peor - HaShem your God, destroyed him from your midst. But you who cling to HaShem, your God - you are all alive today.” (Deuteronomy 4:1-4) In this passage found in Torah, we are given the SCENARIO describing the final instruction given by Moshe REBEYNU to BENEI YISRAEL concerning possessing the PROMISED LAND. These instructions are a revelation of what HaShem desires to set as a standard upon the LAND. The INTENT is to reveal the INSTRUCTIONS that when EMBODIED by BENEI YISRAEL will manifest the GLORY of G-d that is concealed THEREIN.

The instructions given disclose that ECHAD has predetermined a CORRECTION that when EMBODIED will uncover the NATURE of G-d and HIS QUALITIES that are hid within. Without a doubt, the PURPOSE of LIFE is to RECEIVE INFINITE BLESSING from ECHAD that give rise to DEMONSTRATING a CONSCIOUS UNION with HIM. Within the INSTRUCTIONS are CHUKIM, that is, laws that don’t make SENSE, but when obeyed give rise to discerning the MIND of G-d behind the EVENT. The performance of the CHUKIM therefore must take place first before understanding its PURPOSE.

The difficulty of performing something that is not understood is the focus of the SIDRAH. The question is, what can be done to put ourselves in harmony with what is not readily understood? To answer this question, let us consider the following passage. It is written, “The beginning of wisdom is the fear of HASHEM.” (Psalm 111) In other words, entrance into the HIGHER LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS with G-d requires that one would REVERENCE. This is to suggest that only STANDING in AWE of G-d is what engenders the MANIFESTATION. The manifestation is to be felt by ALL, but only those who REVERENCE ECHAD above their own understanding and perform that which is contrary to NATURE in concert with HIS REVELATION will be involved with the PROCESS of TRANSFORMATION. Otherwise the change will be one that is UNCONSCIOUS.

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