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Monday, July 31, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by placing our focus on the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the PARASHAT is VA'ETCHANAN. The IVRI transliteration VA'ETCHANAN is translated into the English word IMPLORED. The English word IMPORED carries with it the idea to PLEAD. In other words, the PORTION opens up with the idea of MOSHE REBEYNU pleading with HASHEM.

The PLEA of MOSHE REBEYNU was a request to permit him to enter into the PROMISED LAND based upon the QUALITIES of G-D. While the reasoning presented to HASHEM was seemingly strong, His response was one that is described as ANGER. No doubt, the term used to describe HaShem in response to the REQUEST is destined to aid in the development of a SENSITIVITY that belongs to PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS rather than to be taken literally.

The development of this SENSITIVITY is to be based on the idea of CLEAVING. It is disclosed to MOSHE REBEYNU that cleaving to MATERIAL THINGS will give rise to the experience of PAIN and SUFFERING, that is, ANGER. On the other hand, the ASCENSION to the top of the CLIFF to behold the PROMISED LAND from all directions is what is offered by ECHAD. The ASCENSION to the place where the PROMISED LAND can be seen in all directions is the INFORMATION thereof. This principle can be compared to a WALNUT. The SHELL of the WALNUT is like unto the MATERIAL ASPECT of the PROMISED LAND. The meat in the SHELL is like unto the INFORMATION. The revelation is that to ASCEND out of the EXPERIENCE of PAIN and SUFFERING, we must cease to CLEAVE to that which is SEEN and CLEAVE to that which is UNSEEN. The lesson is that while the SHELL may be desirable, it is temporary in nature and therefore subject to change. Embracing that which is subject to change is embracing an ILLUSION that gives rise to PAIN and SUFFERING. To experience BLISS, one must not cleave to the MATERIAL, but rather the INFORMATION within it. The INFORMATION within is that which PROCEEDS FORTH from the MIND of ECHAD. When that is sought and found, the experience is UNBOUND JOY. 

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