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Monday, July 24, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our ATTENTION upon the title of the PARASHAT. The title of the PARASHAT is MASEI. The term MASEI is equivalent to the English word JOURNEY. The portion commences with a record of the 42 journeys experienced by BENEI YISRAEL after the liberation from the oppression of MITZRAYIM (Egypt). From the time of liberation to the sending of the SPIES to search out the Promised Land was 14 journeys. During the 38 intervening years, the journeys were 20. The last year in the WILDERNESS, we underwent 8 encampments before the ASCENSION into the Promised Land. From the perspective of MISHKAHN DAVID, the JOURNEYS are indicative of the PATH of LIFE the SOUL undergoes in order to come into a CONSCIOUS UNION with ECHAD whereas the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL CONCEALED within the human conscious experience is made manifest.

The Holy Blessed One of Yisrael has created a system of WORLDS that the SOUL is to pass through in order to MAXIMIZE It’s potential. Those WORLDS are termed ASSYAH, YETZIRAH, BINAH, COCHMAH and KETER or TZITZ. These WORLDS have been predetermined by ECHAD to aid in the INFOLDMENT of the QUALITIES of ECHAD being made manifest in the realm of SPACE and TIME. ECHAD has restricted the choices that we can make in these WORLDS in order to ensure that the VISION will manifest ITSELF full blown. To substantiate the EMET, MELECH DAVID wrote, “… You know my sitting down and my rising up; You understand my thought from afar. You encompass my path and my repose, You are familiar with all my ways. For the word is not yet on my tongue, behold, HaShem, You know it all. Back and front You have restricted me…” (Psalm 139:2-5a) In this passage of KETHUVIM, it is disclosed that the choices that we are given are RESTRICTED. These RESTRICTED choices are experienced in the CHALLENGES we undergo in the different worlds. The challenges are both PREDETERMINED and RESTRICTED in order to guide us to a UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, where we MAXIMIZE the UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is HID within. The MANIFESTATION of the POTENTIAL is experienced as a SENSITIVITY which is our TRUTH of BEING. Therefore the RECORD of the jOURNEYS is the REVELATION that the INFOLDMENT of the MANY BECOMING ONE is the result of the SOUL undergoing predetermined JOURNEYS which include TESTING that when successfully undergone REVEAL the QUALITY that we are in ECHAD. 

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