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Monday, May 01, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. We continue our focus upon the PARASHAT ACHAREI by placing our ATTENTION on the following passage found in the SIDRAH, it is written, “Aaron shall bring near his own sin offering bull, and provide atonement for himself and for his household.” (Leviticus 16:6) In this passage, the NAVI Moshe is instructed as to how the KOHEN GADOL is to unfold the AT-ONE-MENT on YOM KIPPUR. It is to commence with making the AT-ONE-MENT for himself and afterward to provide it for his MISHPACHAH. The question is, How are these instructions to be viewed in perspective of an IMPERSONAL G-d?

The implication of G-d as being IMPERSONAL is the recognition that the SOUL of one who is undergoing the human conscious experience is an INDIVIDUAL aspect of G-d. This INDIVIDUAL aspect of G-d may be referred to as a DIVINE SPARK. The DIVINE SPARK is ONE with G-d, that is, that which possesses all the QUALITIES of the DIVINE as a MICROISM of the MACROISM (ECHAD). Undergoing the process of the INDIVIDUALIZATION of the SOUL gave rise to the experience of IGNORANCE. The experience of IGNORANCE is the LOSS of the TRUTH of BEING. INDIVIDUALIZATION which gave rise to the LOSS of the TRUTH of BEING was the product of DESCENSION. This gave rise to the ONE becoming MANY. In order for the MANY to become ONE, an ASCENSION must occur rising into the IMPERSONAL ASPECT of G-d where He is referred to as ECHAD.   

The instructions were given in order to AID in the experience of ATONEMENT at both the PERSONAL and IMPERSONAL perception of G-d. To AID in the ATONEMENT of one who views G-d from a personal perspective, the instructions are to be followed LITERALLY. On the other hand, to AID in the ATONEMENT of one who views G-d from an IMPERSONAL perspective, the instructions are to be followed PRINCIPALLY, thus requiring a REVELATION of the MYSTERY.

In particular our ATTENTION is placed on the INSTRUCTIONS that disclose that the KOHEN GADOL is to perform ATONEMENT for himself first and then for those that are in his sphere of AUTHORITY. Without a doubt, this is INDICATIVE of the EMET (truth) that the ATONEMENT that is experienced by the High Priest is one in which there is a TRANSFERENCE of CONSCIOUSNESS. From the perspective of G-d being IMPERSONAL, we are all viewed as ONE BEING. From the idea that we are one BEING, we are able to TRANSFER CONSCIOUSNESS. Thus the ASCENSION of the KOHEN GADOL into PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS is able to be transferred to those who are in his SPHERE of AUTHORITY.

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