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Sunday, March 05, 2017


Shalom, Shalom. This week’s TORAH PARASHAT is termed TETZAVEH. The IVRI transliteration TETZAVEH is indicative of the term “SHALL COMMAND.” In particular the term is employed by HASHEM to instruct BENEI YISRAEL in the preparation of the OIL of ILLUMINATION that is destined to burn continually in the MISHKAN (Tabernacle).

The OIL of ILLUMINATION was to be clear, i.e. pure, olive oil that resulted from undergoing the process of being crushed. The question is, “How does the preparation of the OIL of ILLUMINATION relate to the UNIVERSE of BECOMING?

It has been established that the ALL of EXISTENCE is the product of ECHAD (the One) speaking HIMSELF into BEING. By employing this process to CREATE the ALL of EXISTENCE, ECHAD made HIMSELF the ESSENCE of ALL THING. In other words, PURE CONSCIOUSNESS is latent within EVERYTHING, both ANIMATE and INANIMATE.

As previously suggested in some of the preceding TORAH PORTIONS, the ESSENCE of PURE CONSCIOUSNESS that is at the center of the ALL of EXISTENCE is destined to MANIFEST. The manifestation of the essence of PURE CONSCIOUSNESS is the infoldment of HIDDEN UNLIMITED POTENTIAL, yea, the ONE became the MANY, the infoldment is the MANY becoming ONE.

Just as the OLIVE that is employed must undergo the experience of PRESSURE in order to INFOLD the OIL of ILLUMINATION, so have the Jewish People been predetermined by ECHAD, yea, we are destined to undergo the experience of HARDSHIP that is purposed to INFOLD the HIDDEN UNLIMITED POTENTIAL that is LATENT WITHIN. Concerning this SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLE, the NAVI ISAIAH wrote, “Behold, I refine you, but not like silver; I have chosen for you the CRUCIBLE OF HARDSHIP.” (Isaiah 48:10) Like the preparation that the OLIVE must undergo to fulfill the purpose in becoming the OIL of ILLUMINATION that is destined to burn without END, we, too, have undergone the crushing experience of the CRUCIBLE of HARDSHIP for the purpose of unfolding the ETERNAL IMMORTAL STATE that is LATENT WITHIN, yea, it is the seemingly unbearable challenges that we undergo that give rise to ASCENSION out of NEGATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS into that which is ILLUMINED.

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