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Saturday, July 10, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is MATTOT meaning tribes.
•    Devarim/words are supernal in nature. The Creator employs words to effect form, becoming what He speaks. Words have vibrations; they are the beginning of manifestation. Words create forms that are real or unreal, seen and unseen. It starts with intention. Pure intention comes out of stillness; impure intention comes out of the ego. Use introspection before speaking to see where the words are coming from. Impure words create unreal form that produces suffering. Speak words that are in harmony with Pure Soul Consciousness.
•    Sefa is an influential flow of energy. The teacher maintains upper level of consciousness. Those in his sphere of authority who are connected correctly will receive sefa from the teacher. The student honors the teacher with their substance. The teacher can sense sensitivity that opposes Pure Soul consciousness. When the teacher feels sensitivity of the ego, he lets it go and gets back to stillness. The student who is connected will receive sefa. Don’t speak about the leader behind closed doors; it is felt in the spirit.
•    Moshe is told to destroy the Midianites because they led Israel into sexual perversion. Pursuit of egotistical pleasure is separation from your higher self. Pure Soul Consciousness is more valuable than the pursuit of pleasure. The purpose of meditation is to maintain Pure Soul Consciousness. From it, sefa, words will come forth that are in harmony with Pure Soul Consciousness.
•    We are standing in the Whole of Reality. Adam and Eve’s descension made it so they couldn’t perceive the Whole of Reality. Perception must change to reach the Goal of Creation. False perception is the unreal world. The mind receives blows and produces ripples. The mind is to be transformed to Stillness reflecting the Soul. No matter what is thrown in, the mind remains Still. If the mind is reflecting the Soul, the Beged will be transformed. 
•    Spiritual warfare deals with discrimination between what is real and unreal. It is not good vs evil. The screen is still. Observe/witness what is on the screen. The priests simply watched. They didn’t get involved with the warfare. Witnessing is being like the screen - still. What is on the screen is an illusion. Practice consistently on being still. In stillness, they gained what was necessary for their corporeal well being.
•    Gad and Reuben wanted to stay outside of the Land. Moshe told them that if they aided the other tribes in reaching the Goal, they could stay. The person who stays can easily go back to their old identification. Aiding helps to maintain supernal identification.
•    Be among people who allow you to unfold your purpose. Your purpose is for others not yourself. Our forefathers were nomadic to maximize their purpose. Maximizing purpose brings satisfaction; doing other things does not. Fulfilling purpose is manifesting the hidden life in you.
•    Adam and Eve used free will to choose something out of harmony with the Creator. Make sure your will is in harmony with the Supreme Will. The Creator promised Abraham the Land of Israel. Some of his zera didn’t want to go into the Land. God allowed it, but it kept them below the barrier. They were given free will to choose the Creator’s Will. It takes total surrender, devotion.


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