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Friday, June 18, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is CHUKAT which is the IVRI transliteration for decree.
•    A decree is given where we are to be obedient without actually understanding why. But once we perform the decree, then the understanding will come.
•    The red cow is an instruction given for those who are tamei because of death. Below the barrier, there is death; above the barrier is life, no death. Anything connecting you to Body Consciousness (this present world) is connecting to mental slavery. The Kohen (one who has ascended into CHAYAH I, CHAYAH II & YECHIDAH) is able to pull people out of slavery. The Kohen has to contaminate himself to aid those who are below the barrier. He is able to ascend and descend out of body consciousness at will. We have to discover that we are already the Truth of Being. A person has to desire to be free.    
•    In the portion, it says that Miriam died. Miriam did not die. What perished was the identification with the BEGED (clothing).
•    All problems have been weighed in the balance and if responded to correctly will aid us in the unfoldment of the Goal of Creation. In the past, Moshe struck the rock to get water. This time the Creator said to speak to the rock. Moshe went to memory for the solution. It was a similar situation, but required a new solution. Moshe and Aharon were still in mental slavery so they couldn’t go into the Land/High Level of Consciousness. We have to ascend into DAAT - all knowledge. In the prayer of meditation, we ascend into DAAT. The mind will move from attention on a seed to the mind modification of contemplation where information will come out about the seed. Truth of Being is that of all knowledge. To be free, one must be free from the comfort of memory for solutions.
•    Aharon did not die, but his existence in MALCHUT is not there. He goes into Being and will return until he has his light body. A righteous person lives in two worlds (OLAM HABAH and MALCHUT) because of mastery of ATZILUT (speaking world). Moshe and Aharon did not master the speaking world. Use the ability to look within and inspect what you are about to say before you say it. Mastery of the speaking world is how you build your spiritual body. If you don’t complete your spiritual body in the allotted time, then you come back. Evolutionary states are reached by a succession of changes from life time to life time. There are a lot of changes to go through before evolution. You experience it before manifestation.
•    Physical immortality is not belief or faith but experienced in the body - the mind must be transformed. The person who has transformed the mind will experience it. What is external to us is G-d revealed and G-d concealed.  From the perspective of the prophet, what is concealed is future events; what is revealed is the past. You want the ability to see beyond what is external. When something comes to you, see what is internal. Do this and the mind will eventually transform. The mind automatically sees what is internal. We complain because we don’t see that everything is G-d. Don't make decisions based on what you see externally. Work on transforming the mind.


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