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Saturday, May 29, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH is BEHA'ALOTCHA which means when you kindle.
•    The focus from the ROOT deals with perception. Perception is a modification of the mind. The modifications of the mind are correct perception, incorrect perception, dreaming, deep sleep and imagination/fancy. We want to experience correct perception which is result of purity - complete peace, no activity. To have Correct Perception, you must define things in harmony with YECHIDAH.
•    It begins with instructions concerning the lighting of the Menorah. The concept of the Menorah deals with HISHTALSHELUT or Causal Development. Causal Development when we are dealing with OHR (light) is under the administration of Aharon. It is the development of HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH (Supreme Thought/Goal of Creation). The 5 senses block us from seeing this development. On the PARTZUF, Aaron is at HOD (glory). HOD is where we begin the manifestation of the Light Body.  
•    There are 7 Lights in the Menorah. It begins with OHR AYIN - Pure Soul Consciousness. 2. OHR NE ETZAL - Radiating Light is the first appearance of Light. 3. OHR CHOCHMAH - the reason/purpose for everything. 4/5. OHR MAKIF produces the RESHIMO/pressure on the right and left side in order to become a visible manifestation of the center Light. 6. OHR CHASADIM - the middle light column or spirituality. The 7th Light is OHR CHOZER is reflected Light that is below the barrier. These Lights around us produce the experiences we need to fulfill the Goal of Creation, inform us concerning purpose and are a reflection of who we really are. These Lights are to be arrange into One Light. Mental experience is the blocking of Light. Below the barrier (the 5 senses), the Light is blocked.
 •    MISHKAHN DAVID is created through the consciousness of the KOHANIM. Protection is our ascension into G-dhood. MISHKAHN DAVID aids in the disclosure of those steps into G-dhood.
•    Levi deals with intellectual information. They are overseen by the KOHANIM who are spiritual. Levi goes through initiation so they won’t be destroyed. Intellectual information has to be absorbed by those who are coming in.  
•    Pesach is located at HOD. It represents Glory - knowledge of the manifestation of ECHAD in us. This knowledge is described as omniscience. Putting yourself in harmony with it will give rise to the mind at stillness, causes the BEGED to become manifestation. We are to reflect what is above. Memory stops the reflection of Higher Levels of the mind where the solution is. Don’t live in the past. Identify with the Creator and not the Creature. You can reach high states in the mind, but the mind is affected by memory. Anything moving in the mind is egotistical. Discern the difference between the Creature and Creator. Calmness/Stillness puts you in position of being G-d. Events come so you can be calm and be G-d.  
•    Focus on the Truth of our Being. We are 2 components: BEGED (finite) and NESHAMAH (Infinite). NESHAMAH is still, it doesn’t move. In the Soul, no movement occurs. The BEGED moves within the Soul. Look within (Introspection) and connect to the Truth of Being - that which is stillness. Discriminate between the Truth of Being and that which is being transformed. We all share One Soul - It doesn’t move. Movement is with the BEGED. RUACH gives us the sense of motion. The purpose of movement is so the hidden potential within will manifest itself.
•    When the cloud lifted from the Tabernacle, the camp would move. Movement to the right location with the RESHIMO that is needful to unfold potential.  Instructions comes from ECHAD about location. Blows/pressure will come wherever you are. If you are in the wrong location they will hinder you; in the right location, they will unfold potential.
•    Base decisions on Stillness of the Higher Levels. Hit Stillness in the Higher Levels of Consciousness and the solution will appear in consciousness.


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