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Friday, April 16, 2021


Shalom Shalom. This week’s DEVAR TORAH includes two PARASHOT. Those PARASHOT are TAZRIA and METZORA.

    In TAZRIA (conceives) the focus is on arrangement (HESIDER).
    It begins with procreation.  The baby is contaminated because of the corrections that comes with the body. The remembrances of the parents come together with the corrections that need to be made. The physical body is the accumulation of all the karma from past lives. The Sanhedrin at Binah decides what physical body is needed to reach the Goal of Creation.
    The physical body does not correct; it is the Soul that corrects.
    The chaos we experience needs to be arranged inwardly. External manifestation is the affect of internal arrangement.  
    The purification of someone who is tzaraat has a 7 day cycle to go through like the Shabbats. This is to recognize the higher self.
    If you get outside of the cycle, you remove life; adjust to the cycle and move into covenant. Cycles manifest life. The cycles are vibrations. Hear vibrations in meditation to gain dominion. Be in tune to dominate it.
    A METZORA is one who has been liberated from identification with the flesh into the Truth of Being.
    All suffering is caused by identifying with the flesh. Be conscious of the Truth of Being and end suffering.
    The cleansing that occurs is identification with the Truth of being. To go from realization to actualization requires a teacher. The Priest/Master Teacher has to experience enlightenment (Higher Levels of Consciousness) in order to aid the METZORA in making corrections as well as the ascension out of egoism.

    The METZORA still needs the offerings.
    We are TIKKUN OLAM. Repair the world by changing what is in you. Correct yourself.
    In the sacrificial system, there is no charity; it won’t be given to you. Change comes because of merit. One must merit the Goal of Creation. All of us are responsible for reparation within us.  
    Personal observation indicates where you are observing from: Pure Soul Consciousness or ego.
    The present world system must be dissolved and reality (OLAM HABA) will be revealed. If you are sticking to it in any way, it can’t be dissolved.
    God observes but is unmoved by what is going on. He remains still in the matter - it will dissolve.
    In the portion, it talks about tzaraat on the house when you arrive in the Land. Tzaraat starts in the individual. What is on the inside contaminates the outside.
    The world is affected by what you perceive inwardly. The environment reflects you. Your environment is your business. We have to understand what our responsibility is.


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