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Friday, February 26, 2021


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the furniture in MISHKAHN MOSHE. The furnishing in MISHKAHN MOSHE provide a riddle that discloses the functioning of the components in the physical body (BEGED) in MISHKAHN DAVID. In the BEGED, we have been given all the things that are necessary in achieving HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH (the Supreme Thought). The Supreme Thought is that D’MUT ADAM (the image of man) becomes B’TZELEM ELOHIM (the image and likeness of G-d). We were given volition in order that we might participate in the unfoldment of the goal. We are the potential of G-d concealed destined to become the manifestation of ECHAD revealed.

The components of the BEGED employed for the purpose (KAVANAH) in which they are given will give rise to the ascension into G-dhood in your present lifetime. In the PARASHAT TETZAVEH, there is a disclosure of the furnishing that when observed through the gift of HISTACHLUT PNIMIT (introspection) gives rise to ascension into ATZMUTO (the pure essence) of ECHAD.

Ascension into ATZMUTO is entrance into the higher dimensions of energy where omniscience is experienced. To ascend into that level, one must become conscious of the MIZBEACH (the altar) of incense that is within. The MIZBEACH of incense is to observe inward from the perspective of the KNOWER. There are three: the POWER TO KNOW, the KNOWER and that which is KNOWN. From the perspective of the KNOWER, like incense, one is able to ascend into ATZMUTO and observe from the perspective of the power to know. It is from the mechanic of ascension into ATZMUTO that one is able to participate in the transformation of D’MUT ADAM into B’TZELEM ELOHIM.


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