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Saturday, January 02, 2021


Shalom Shalom. The final PARASHA in the book of BERESHIT is termed VAYECHI. The IVRI transliteration VAYECHI implies the idea “and lived.” It is a focus on the unfoldment of the CHAI (life) of YAACOV intermingled with the revelation of his NESHAMAH (Soul) designated by ECHAD as YISRAEL. The identification YAACOV is that of his BEGED (clothing) which is his physical body. The identification termed YISRAEL is the truth of his being which is eternal in nature, having neither beginning or end thus known as the DEATHLESS ONE.

The descension below the barrier (MACHSOM) is the place where the identification of the BEGED is developed. All created things have a purpose or KAVANAH, the KAVANAH of the BEGED is to reflect the NESHAMAH. The reflection of the NESHAMAH in the BEGED is the commencement of the unfoldment of HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH (the Supernal Thought) as well as the ending. At the completion of the unfoldment of HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH, the BEGED becomes a visible manifestation of the NESHAMAH which is described as physical immortality. The CHAI of YAACOV is a revelation of what is undergone in reaching the goal.

The one hundred and forty-seven years that YAACOV lived represents the times of the exile that is undergone in the 6000 year period allotted the unfoldment. They are the time, and times and half a time spoken by the NAVI Daniel. In the exiles OHR MAKIF (the surrounding light) provides the necessary challenges needful in the manifestation of the HIDDEN POTENTIAL of the NESHAMAH that effects the goal. In the effecting of the goal, a predetermined time for the appearance of a GOEL (Redeemer) has been appointed. The necessity of a GOEL arises out of development of the KLI, which is the desire to receive (AVIUT) causing the experience of GROSS DARKNESS. The GROSS DARKNESS is unlike any other kind of DARKNESS experienced in creation. It is one that renders its victim to a state in which LIGHT is incomprehensible. If not intervened with by the GOEL, the destruction of the BEGED becomes inevitable. The intervention is to guarantee that HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH will occur. The intervention is a revelation of HARISHON ELYON (the Supreme Will) disclosed as prophetic judgments.

In this final parasha of BERESHIT, the seeds of thought for meditation are given to cause the LIGHT of REVELATION to shine brighter and brighter. With the disclosure is a closure that gives a warning concerning the GROSS DARKNESS that will be experienced when failing to receive the LIGHT of the GOEL.


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