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Friday, January 15, 2021


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the GOAL of CREATION which rests upon the foundation known as HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH which is interpreted to mean the Supreme Thought. The Supreme Thought of the Creator is that the INVISIBLE would become VISIBLE. The nature of that which is INVISIBLE has revealed Himself to be PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS. PURE SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS is Eternal, Immortal and Invisible. When that which is Eternal, Immortal and Invisible become Visible, It will manifest as Physical Immortality.

In reality, there is nothing but G-d. This was revealed to the NAVI Isaiah in the following statement disclosed to him, “I am HASHEM and there is no other, other than Me there is no God, I will gird you, though you did not know Me in order that those from east and west would know that THERE IS NOTHING BESIDES ME, I am HASHEM, and there is no other.” Isaiah 45:5,6. From this revelation, we are able to discern that the CREATOR and CREATION are ONE. In other words, what is being experienced is either G-d revealed or G-d concealed, yea, Immortal man is G-d revealed; mortal man is G-d concealed. What is occurring is a process termed HITPASHTUT, that is, the development of G-dliness. In the Final Stage, mortal man becomes Immortal Man.

For this reason, ECHAD, Blessed be His Name, has raised up the Jewish People to both reveal Immortal man by becoming so and teaching the rest of the nations concerning the path of LIFE. The portion commences with the revelation of the name of G-d that had been given to the PATRIARCHS and now a new name to the NAVI MOSHE. The names of the CREATOR represent SUPERNAL MIDDOT (qualities) of the INVISIBLE that are destined to become visible in predetermined times and dimensions in space. Since there is nothing but G-d, these MIDDOT exist in all created things. Whenever a new name is revealed by a prophet, there is an announcement that will follow giving rise to the manifestation in that in which it is concealed. The name YHVH revealed to the NAVI MOSHE is announced in order to commence the unfoldment of an IMMORTAL NATION.

We are living in a time and dimension in space where the announcement of the name ECHAD has begun. This quality is one of ONENESS, yea, ECHAD means ONE in IVRI. The ONENESS is that of the SOUL of man, which is a DIVINE SPARK in the BEGED (clothing) thereof, that is, the physical body. The name that has begun It’s unfoldment is the final TIKUN (correction) engendering the manifestation of the IMMORTAL MAN, that is, PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY. The return of the reincarnated souls has occurred that have been given the assignment of both demonstrating and effecting the teaching thereof. Arise and Shine for your LIGHT has come.


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