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Neo Hassidic - Letting HASHEM into our lives is what it's all about. We do it through our exuberance in our own ideas and acts in regard to dress, prayer, song, dance, and Torah learning. All this stimulates us to do "The Mitzvot " making this world a better place for ourselves and everyone else, Jewish or not.

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Friday, January 15, 2021


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing on the epiphany experienced by the NAVI MOSHE at the Mountain of God toward Horeb. The epiphany is described as an angel of ECHAD, Blessed be His Name, appearing to him in a bush that was on fire yet not consumed. From this bush, ECHAD spoke to MOSHE. Whenever G-d speaks to a man, He only needs speak but once, it is written in the book of Job 33:14. “For God speaks once, and sees no need for twice.” Yea, when ECHAD speaks what is uttered echoes for all eternity. One utterance will disclose the assignment, the instructions on how to unfold it and how to deal with the challenges in the process of becoming. The echoing of the UTTERANCE is heard at different times in space giving forth the idea that God is speaking more than once. All that was needful in the execution of the CALL of MOSHE came with the Light that was seen in the burning bush. This is the effect of the ENDLESS LIGHT (OHR AYIN) upon those whom He has chosen.


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