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Friday, January 22, 2021


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the purpose of the plagues that unfolded in the liberation of YISRAEL from the bondage of MITZRAYIM (Egypt). It is essential in our discernment of the purpose of the plagues to note that they are the product of ECHAD, Blessed be His Holy Name, hardening the heart of PHARAOH. Indeed the heart, that is, the thoughts of the King are in the hand of the Creator, yea, all thoughts whether positive or negative are given by ECHAD. The purpose of one’s thought life is to provide an opportunity to aid in the GOAL of CREATION, which is the form becoming equivalent to the formless. When the individual responds to the thought given rather than to react, the result is one of transformation. Thus we are able to aid in our own transformation from that which is MORTAL unto that which is IMMORTAL by responding to the thoughts given by the Creator. Since the Creator is the maker of both good and evil, we may rest in the EMET (truth) that all thoughts are from the Creator purposed to aid in the unfoldment of the GOAL.

ECHAD discloses to the NAVI MOSHE that He hardens PHARAOH’S heart in order that HIS SIGNS would be in their midst. He further reveals that the SIGNS, that is, plagues were to be passed from generation to generation beginning with those who witnessed to them. The purpose of the plagues are to disclose the power of ECHAD to liberate BENEI YISRAEL. The liberation from the oppression of MITZRAYIM was to establish YISRAEL as the ETERNAL NATION. For this to occur required the aid of the SUPERNAL that would lead them across the barrier into a new dimension of BEING.

As Jews, it has been revealed to us that the unfoldment of TIME is cyclic. The Hebrew term for this is MEHUGA, yea, things repeat themselves moving in IGULIM, circles. Each time a revolution occurs, an ascension is to be made leading to the manifestation of the FORMLESS into FORM. Thus we are destined to have ERAV (certainty) in the process by looking into these stories that have been preserved from generation to generation. We may rest assured, that if ECHAD has done it before, HE will do it again. The liberation that is being effected by the events that are being undergone are that which leads to liberation, yea, the final liberation is the only liberation, to be free from DEATH. We can have certainty during this time of plagues being mindful that they have come upon the earth to unfold the IMMORTAL MAN who is free from DEATH.


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