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Friday, January 29, 2021


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the thought of Creation. The thought of Creation is referred to in the pure tongue (IVRI) as HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH. Hamachshavah HaElyonah is translated as the Supreme Thought. It has been revealed to the NEVIIM (prophets) that the Supreme Thought is that the formless would become manifest as the form. Thus from the perspective of MISHKAHN DAVID, we refer to this as equivalence of FORM. When making reference to the human conscious experience, equivalence of FORM is the MORTAL becoming the IMMORTAL. This manifestation of IMMORTAL is to occur in the BEGED (clothing) of the NESHAMAH (Soul) fulfilling the Words of ECHAD, Blessed Be His Name, that “I will eliminate death,” as was revealed to the NAVI ISAIAH.

Death is KING of this present world system. It reigns with an oppression that breeds fear and effects an end of hopelessness. Regardless to the lifespan experienced by It’s captives, when death occurs, it is as though the individual never lived. In Deuteronomy 30, ECHAD discloses that both LIFE and DEATH are a choice. In LIFE there is no death. The deception is that DEATH is the two combined beginning with birth, then a lifespan ending in DEATH. As suggested when DEATH occurs, it is though the life never existed. Thus when ECHAD says to choose LIFE, it is a command to pursue a lifestyle in which DEATH is not a possibility.

The instruction disclosed in MISHKAHN DAVID are the revelation of the pursuit of the lifestyle without the possibility of DEATH. These instructions give rise to the fulfillment of HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH that was predetermined to be elucidated as the PATH OF LIFE during the END OF DAYS. The instructions disclose how to transform that which is MORTAL into the IMMORTAL. The instructions focus upon the observation of the unlimited potential latent in the SOUL to manifest in the BEGED.

Torah is a written code on how to effect the instruction. This is why it is referred to as ETZ CHAIM, that is, the TREE of LIFE. In the PARASHAT BESHALACH, there is a disclosure of some of the MIDDOT (qualities) of ECHAD that are latent within One’s Soul, that through the power of observation will transform the BEGED. It is essential to be submitted to a TEACHER that can aid one with the process of HITPASHTUT (the development of G-dliness) in order to fine tune. Without the TEACHER, the knowledge of the purpose of the TOOLS that are given will be absent. The absence of the knowledge will engender mistakes that will lead one to unfolding the GOAL, BEITO, that is, in the allotted time. The PARASHAT discloses that it is essential that one must fear ECHAD. Fearing ECHAD means to make HIM TRUE (manifest). To do so, one must believe in the LIFE THAT YOU ARE and IN THE PROPHET. Exodus 14:31


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