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Friday, October 09, 2020


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by taking note that it is the final PARASHAT of the yearly cycle. The significance of it being the final portion of the TORAH discloses the nature thereof. MOSHE is a NAVI (prophet). The final utterances of a NAVI are weighty in that they are a disclosure of an EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS. Meditation upon such utterances serve as a gateway into MOCHIN D’GADLUT. Ascension into MOCHIN D’GADLUT is elevation into the ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE of the SUPERNAL giving rise to the revelation of the RAZ (secret) things of ECHAD, Blessed be His Name. This can be viewed as rising into the TRUTH of BEING, that is, the DEATHLESS ONE.

The unfoldment of this final utterance segue into the following revelation, it is written, “Indeed, You loved the tribes greatly, all the holy ones were in Your hands; for they planted themselves at Your feet, bearing (the yoke) of Your utterances.” Deuteronomy 33:3. From the ROOT LANGUAGE, the hands of ECHAD are descriptive of His Power. In other words, regardless of the appearance of the holy ones (HOST SOULS) to the five senses, they are visible manifestations of ECHAD’S ability to influence thought, opinion and behavior. It is further disclosed that from their predetermined position of being submissive to the NAVI, they are transformed into vessels that are filled with the SUPERNAL UTTERANCES that give rise to the manifestation of HAMACHSHAVAH HA ELYONAH, that is, the GOAL of CREATION, yea, just as CREATION was spoken into existence by SUPERNAL UTTERANCES, so is the manifestation of the GLORY THEREOF. The HOST SOULS have the predetermined purpose of effecting TIKKUN OLAM thru the power of SPEAKING. There is a SPIRITUAL PROTOCOL that is used to effect the PROPHETIC UTTERANCES. The protocol is submission to the NAVI predetermined by ECHAD to guard and speak that which flows from the CREATOR. Those that are chosen for this purpose are YISRAEL referred to as JESHURUN, yea, this is the nation that has received the RUACH that is upon the NAVI MOSHE. This is based upon two principles. The first being that the time comes in which MOSHE will be made a greater and mightier nation, READ NUMBERS 14:12. The second being that what ECHAD speaks will not return into HIM void but rather accomplished. READ ISAIAH 55:10-11.


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