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Friday, October 30, 2020


Shalom Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the energy of this week’s PARASHAT (portion). The energy of the PARASHAT LECH LECHA is V’KOY ECHAD. The IVRI transliteration V’KOY ECHAD is translated into the phrase “and hope in ECHAD.” No doubt this is something to attain in a hopeless situation. 

We have entered into a season that the sages termed KAV HAMIDDAH. As noted in previous portions, KAV HAMIDDAH is descriptive of the DARKEST of DARKNESS, yea, it is a time in which CHAOS reigns. The reign of CHAOS is one in which the people mourn being filled with hopelessness. The LIGHT that once shined has been extinguished giving rise to the experience of groping in hopelessness with the expectation of tragedy. Hoping in ECHAD, Blessed be His Name, is positioning to see OHR HASSIDIM, that is, the Light of Kindness.

In the SIDRAH, we have a story revealing ECHAD’S reassurance to AVRAM (Abraham). The necessity of the reassurance from ECHAD was based upon a promise that He had made to AVRAM concerning his becoming a great nation. Years had passed since the promise had been made and AVRAM remained childless. It was a time of darkness, AVRAM and SARAI were growing older in age, and questioning began to arise as to how AVRAM’S seed would become a great nation when it was absent.

In response to the hopelessness, we find these words, “Suddenly, the word of HASHEM came to him, saying, That one will not inherit you (the Damascene Eliezer). Only he that shall come forth from within you shall inherit you… And he trusted in HASHEM, and he reckoned it to him as righteousness.” Genesis 15:4. To establish the words of reassurance, ECHAD cuts a BRIT (covenant) with AVRAM. The BRIT serves as a contract between the DEATHLESS ONE and AVRAM. This contract is guaranteed based upon the nature of the DEATHLESS ONE giving rise to It’s performance in generations to come and the resurrection of AVRAM into Life without END.

Likewise the children of AVRAM are affected by the BRIT. We are destined to ascend into the PROMISE LAND, ERETZ YISRAEL. These days of DARKNESS are to be responded to with V’KOY ECHAD based upon BRIT AVRAM. There is hope in the time of hopelessness that will give rise to ASCENSION out of DARKNESS into OHR HASSIDIM.


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