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Friday, October 16, 2020


Shalom Shalom. This week commences a new yearly cycle for the year 5781. According to the Jewish Timeline, ADAM RISHON will undergo a 6000 year cycle to unfold HAMACHSHAVAH HAELYONAH, that is, the Supreme Thought at which end we shall manifest PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY.

The Supreme Thought is the only Thought of Creation. That Thought is that the INVISIBLE will become the VISIBLE. In regard to ADAM RISHON (the human conscious experience), the Thought of Creation is the visible manifestation of the invisible MIDDOT (qualities) of ECHAD in the BEGED (clothing) of the SOUL. This gives rise to the MERKAVOT (chariots) which clothed the SOUL, that is, the OLAMIM (worlds) BERIAH, YETZIRAH and ASIYAH, being transformed into the SHEKINAH, yea, the SOUL is destined to be clothed in OHR (Light). This is what is implied by PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY.

PRIOR TO the beginning, what occurs is what is termed HISTALSHELUT. The IVRI term HISTALSHELUT is descriptive of causal development. Causal development is indicative of the unfoldment of the CAUSE becoming the EFFECT. The portion begins with the revelation of the creation of the clothing of the SOUL of SOULS. The clothing of the SOULS of SOULS is what is termed ADAM KADMON which is the WHOLE OF Creation. Before the WHOLE of Creation, the cause through TSIM TSUM (constriction) became the world of NEKUDIM. The world of NEKUDIM is the hidden world destined to be clothed by the five MERKAVOT.

The force TZUR TAK is what caused TSIM TSUM to manifest the WORLD of NEKUDIM. This Infinite Force is like unto a blacksmith taking a piece of hot iron and striking it with a hammer on an anvil causing sparks to fly. The force TZUR TAK caused a CHALAL (hollow) to appear in the INFINITE FIELD of UNLIMITED POTENTIAL producing a line and residue. This line and residue comprise 288 sparks that are Supernal in nature. They are the pure essence of the CREATOR, ECHAD, Blessed Be His Name, containing information in the form of MIDDOT that will unfold the Supreme Thought.

The Creation of the Universe is the covering that is the shell of this hidden world, making It a SEED. This is what will become a visible manifestation of ECHAD, yea, the world of NEKUDIM that is hidden by the clothing termed Creation will unfold. Thus what ECHAD has decreed will come to manifestation, that is, the earth (WHOLE of Creation) will be filled with His Glory.


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