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Tuesday, May 05, 2020


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the general theme of the PARASHAT. The general theme of the PARASHAT is contamination and the handling thereof. The instructions received by the NAVI MOSHE are IKARIM (principles) disclosing how to diagnose the contamination and the path to be trekked that leads to purification. The diagnoses is to be overseen by the KOHANIM as well the path that gives rise to purification. 

The SIDRAH begins with the contamination experienced at the conception and childbirth. At childbirth, both the mother and the child are contaminated. The contamination can be understood through what is termed HISTALSHELUT. The IVRI (Hebrew) transliteration HISTALSHELUT is descriptive of Causal Development. Causal Development has to do with the Thought of Creation and Its unfoldment. The Thought of Creation originated in HAMASHAVAH HA ELYONAH (The Supreme Mind). The Thought is that the INVISIBLE would become VISIBLE. In other words, the MIDDOT (qualities) of the Creator would become a visible manifestation. In order that ADAM RISHON (the human conscious experience) would have a part in the manifestation of the Creator’s Glory. ECHAD, Blessed be His Holy Name, employed the process of TSIM TSUM (constriction) thus creating a form that is opposite of His Supernal Qualities. Therefore the form revealed at childbirth is opposite of the MIDDOT of the Creator. This is why both the child and mother are contaminated at childbirth and in need of ATONEMENT. The OLAH (burnt offering) and the KATAT (sin offering) was to be given to both ATONE for the two as well as disclose the need for transformation, yea, in order to fulfill the Thought of Creation, the form must become equivalent to ECHAD. Since the SOUL that occupies the form is an individual aspect of ECHAD, the transformation need only occur with the form.

The SIDRAH goes on to reveal the IKARIM of how the KOHANIM are to deal with TZARAAT and the contamination that could be experienced because of it being HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS. TZARAAT is translated as leprosy. Because it is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS, the KOHANIM were instructed to quarantine the individual that was diagnosed with it until purification had occurred. To allow the METZORA to reenter the population without purification was to guarantee that the CONTAGION would spread. Thus strict guidelines were given to stop the spread. Likewise we are to follow these same guidelines. We are living in a time of a GLOBAL QUARANTINE. The QUARANTINE is under the HANHAGAH of ECHAD to give rise to the fulfillment of the Thought of Creation. For those who respond to the plan, we well experience ACHISHINAH, that is, acceleration. For those who react, BEITO, that is, the allotted time.

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