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Tuesday, May 05, 2020


Shalom, Shalom. We commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing our attention on the opening scenario contained within the SIDRAH. The PARASHA begins with a narrative descriptive of the unfoldment of the Priestly service. The Priestly service starts after Aaron and his sons, that is, the KOHANIM (priesthood), had undergone seven days of inauguration in which they offered the MILVIM (inauguration offerings). The KOHANIM represented the spiritual leaders of YISRAEL, who had attained the higher levels of consciousness of the SOUL where ATONEMENT is experienced. After the inauguration, a new system would be established which would aid the Jewish People in their ascension into a ONENESS with ECHAD, Blessed be His Name, and the establishment thereof.

The establishment of this new system began on the eighth day. The eighth day represents a new beginning. The new beginning is a new step in the levels of development unfolding HAMACHSHAVAH HA ELYONAH, that is, the Supreme Mind. The thought of the Supreme Mind is that ECHAD, who is invisible would become visible. There are three stages that ADAM RISHON (the human conscious experience) will undergo in the fulfillment of HAMACHSHAVAH HA ELYONAH. Those stages are termed ALEF, BET and G-MAR TIKKUN. The system was introduced by the NAVI Moshe and AARON and the KOHANIM where predetermined by ECHAD to administer the service. This occurred during the BET development of the Thought of the Supreme Mind.

The events that occur in the unfoldment of the development of HAMACHSHVAH HA ELYONAH are MEHUGA, that is, reoccurring. Just as a new system was introduced to aid in the BET development, which is horizontal, likewise a new system is being introduced now in this time. The new system that is being introduced is the PERFECTION of the system effected by the NAVI Moshe to be administered by the KOHANIM. The NAVI MALACHI gives a prophetic utterance disclosing the PERFECTION of the system. READ MALACHI 3:1-6. The perfection of the system aids in the G-MAR TIKKUN development, which is the final stage. In the final stage of development, death is eliminated and ADAM RISHON becomes a visible manifestation of ECHAD. The visible manifestation is termed PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY. The PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY is a state of regeneration whereas the experience is a constant state of improvement.

The revelation of the system that gives rise to ascension into the higher grades of the SOUL is to occur during GREAT TROUBLE. No doubt what appears to be a PLAGUE that challenges the entire world is the CREATOR putting pressure on us to effect our evolution into the next level of existence. Employing the new sacrificial system is how to respond, yea, it gives rise to the manifestation of the DEATHLESS ONE.

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